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Takeya vs Hydro Flask: Which is Better?

When you are going to the gym, playing a sport on a nice day out, or simply going for a walk around the park, having a good water bottle is vital. You want to make sure you get one that is a good price, durable, and fits your lifestyle and what you need it for. […]

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Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen: Which Is Better?

You can’t talk about stainless steel water bottles without mentioning Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask. The two brands offer quality insulated stainless steel bottles cementing their spots at the very top of the market. Anyone who has owned either of these bottles can agree that they offer convenience and an effective way of storing iced water, […]

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The Best Coffee Tumbler to Keep Your Caffeine Dose Hot

To many of us coffee lovers, coffee is the elixir of life itself. Concentrated energy in its purest form. In fact, to most people, even the smell of coffee is enough to wake them up in the morning. So, as a result, you should have a great cup to hold this very important liquid. But, which one […]

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The Best Tumblers and Travel Cups

Tumblers can vary a lot, and while some are incredible, others break super easily or just simply don’t work. If they’re high-quality, some can maintain the temperature of a drink for up to 24 hours, but as you can imagine, a lot don’t work nearly as well. There’s a whole load of options to choose […]

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The Best Insulated Tumblers? Get The Most for Your Money

A sip of hot chocolate on a frozen lake. A cold refreshing beer sat by a sunny lake. No matter the season or the temperature it’s damn handy to be able to maintain the temperature of whatever you’re drinking. With insulating flasksnow becoming super affordable and loads of different types coming out often people get […]

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Hydro Flask Alternatives: Are The Knock-Offs Better?

Hydro Flasks are incredible right? But they’re so damn expensive. Well, what if you could get basically the exact same product but for a fraction of the price? There are different brands that have made some other really great insulating flasks but they’re often overlooked. So how to choose the best Hydro Flask alternative? That’s […]

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