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Microspikes vs Crampons: Which is better?

During my first winter hiking trip, some buddies and I traveled up to Isle Royal National Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I already owned a quality pair of microspikes that I had used when summiting some fourteen thousand foot peaks in the Rockies where snow and ice were common even in July and […]

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7 Top — Notch & amp; Best Rain Poncho Reviewed

Coming from a semi-nomad family, wondering the world is practically written in my DNA. I have checked outdoor camping, long rucksack mountain hikes, climbing, city tours and countryside bike rides off my “must do list“. Packing and unpacking is a matter of minutes for me because I always travel light. Plus, I take only items […]

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The 9 Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women

It is an interesting thought to contemplate our ancestors never walked. In the absence of roads, pavements and polished cities they hiked to reach the nearest water supply, or join forces holding spears around a mouthwatering deer. Hiking, though, goes far beyond our ancestral needs and reaches into the very core of our undying need […]

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The Warmest Socks for Winter Sports [Hunting, Skiing, And More]

For many outdoor enthusiasts, as soon as the days begin to shorten and the trees lose their leaves as signs of the oncoming of winter, the amount of time they spend enjoying the Great Outdoors begins to decrease. Subsequently, “outdoors withdrawal syndrome” ensues. Though medical professionals have not identified this rare condition yet, I can […]

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