I live in Brooklyn, New York, not exactly one of the most pristine natural spots our world has to offer. Most days I find myself indoors, in front of a computer screen, surrounded by the sometimes mind-numbing and monotonous atmosphere of office life.

If it wasn’t for the weekends, I would probably go insane. About a decade ago, a buddy of mine took me on a backpacking trip in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. While I had been on camping trips with the family when I was younger, there was something unique about carrying your sustenance on your back and staring into the dark, star-filled sky after a day of exploring pristine forests and meandering mountain streams.

Since that time, almost every weekend either finds me on a hiking trail, a ski hill, or on the top of a crashing wave. Getting outdoors literally saved me from the dullness of city life.

Why the Outdoors is Amazing

The comforts of our modern-day civilization are certainly nice at times, but embracing the vulnerability of camping during a snowstorm; feeling the adrenaline flow as you cut around a pine tree on a downhill ski slope; or relishing in the perfect break of a monster wave that you ride all the way into the shoreline should absolutely be a part of being human.

The great outdoors has something for everyone. If you are not a big fan of mountain climbing, for example, hiking might be for you. If you don’t like using your own legs, a quality mountain bike can take you just about anywhere. And with so many different types of enthralling, adrenalize pumping outdoors sports, you will never get bored!

Enjoying the Seasons

Apart from hitting the hiking trail, I love skiing and surfing. From my apartment in Brooklyn, I´m only an hour from the beach and an hour and a half from the nearest ski hill. Whereas the insulated environment of my office is the same year-round, one of the things I most love about being outdoors is how things change almost every month.

The same backpacking route can be completely different in March and in October. The waves during a spring storm give me much more adrenaline than during a calm, sunny day in July. And skiing during a blizzard offers a whole different encounter with Nature than during a clear day.

Depending on your interest, you can get outside and enjoy the natural world during any type of weather or climate. If you don’t like getting wet feet during a hiking trip in a rain storm, you can grab your surf board and hit the water where you will be getting wet anyways.

Come and Learn About the Great Outdoors with Us

In this website, you will find all you need to know about how to get the most out of the great outdoors. From top backpacking trips around the world, to the best gear, to some cool survival secrets we will do your best to help you live once and live wild!