Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS/GLONASS Watch Review

Everyone that has been out in the country hunting, in a huge lake fishing, or in a cabin on the forest enjoying a week off, knows their is nothing worse than getting lost in the woods.

Don’t underestimate the power of new generation watches. Nowadays outdoor watches are equipped with great features and tools as GPS, barometer, altimeter, sunset and sunrise alarms. Better yet, they are waterproof and made of stainless steel, which makes it extremely water resistant. If that isn’t enough, they have great designs that will complete your daily basis style.

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When shopping for a watch, you need resistance and durability; secondly, it has to be reliable; and third, you need a comfortable watch, that won’t get on the way of your adventures.

Lots of requirements, right? Luckily for us, Suunto launched a line of watches taking all these aspects into account. Let us tell you about our favorite models of the Suunto Traverse Alpha watches.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch Review Comparison

Suunto Traverse Alpha Review

Suunto Traverse Alpha Foliage

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This is our favorite from the Traverse Alpha line!

What is Unique About this Watch?

  • Easy use. After a couple of tries, you’ll know how to program it.
  • The Red Backlight to prevent night vision is extremely useful.

What do We Like About it?

  • Great style, it is a gear and an accessory.
  • You can look good and have a reliable instrument on your wrist.

Who’s it For?

  • Suunto designs watch specifically for hunting activities.
  • Versatile and stylish design, that can be used on a daily basis or a volcano eruption.
  • Someone getting into a great look or a great adventure.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Copper

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Now, let’s talk about something more “executive-looking”.

What is Unique About this Watch?

  • Mix elegant look with striking out features. Great Display.
  • Despite the fancy look its a really resistant gear.

What do We Like About it?

  • James Bond would probably use this watch.

Who’s it For?

  • The adventurous type that is an executive from Monday to Friday.
  • If you are getting late for your friend’s party from your hunting day, this is something you won’t have to change.

Features for Survival

The design of the GPS Traverse Alpha line of watches is flawless: great look, great tools. But the best thing about these smart watches is that their functionality is the priority, so you won’t have to worry about that the great looks sacrificing quality.

Stainless Steel


We’ve talked about this before, and it’s probably the less impressive feature of the Traverse Alpha watch, but it’s still important. Stainless steel has been used in hunting gear for years now, and the reason is that it can overcome harsh situations without compromising its integrity.

So, this it’s actually a basic characteristic of any survival tool, it was improbable that Suunto just passed by this. Yet, it’s nice to know that some old ways are still the best way.

Water Resistance

Even those who don’t go fishing know that everything you take to a fishing boat should be waterproof. But many tools that are supposed to be waterproof end up being disappointing. That won’t happen with a Traverse Alpha watch, these are designed to resist up to 100m/ 330 ft underwater, and the best part is that they actually do. The glass material is really great for diving.

With one of these bad boys, you can dive into the water without even having to give it a thought. A great and classy feature that will save you lots of worries.

GPS and Route Preview

Probably the main feature of the Traverse Alpha line is the GPS function. These models are designed around this function, that assures you an accurate and precise position. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important is to be sure, and I mean as sure as possible, of your location.


Another great feature of the Traverse Alpha is the Route Preview, this awesome watch allows you to upload maps and routes, and with the help of the super accurate GPS (as accurate as 3.5 m), it tells you exactly where you are in the route. A great tool if you want to get into unknown terrain.


How can something be a cool piece of gear without a compass? Another basic, so basic that even boy scouts learn how to build it if they gry lost. An essential, if you like to be out in the country.

Of course, Suunto added this extremely necessary tool to their watches, it couldn’t have been other way.

Backlight and flashlight

Traverse Alpha has two functions perfect for night use: Red backlight, designed to not flare your sight in the middle of the dark; and flashlight, because… Well, who doesn’t need a flashlight?

Storm Alarm

The Traverse Alpha watches are equipped with precise an Altimeter and Barometer that are constantly scanning the changes in the atmosphere. This way it can predict storms by reading the patterns and the changes in weather and alert you before the rain starts. Some years ago we just had our instincts to predict the weather in the wilderness, now we can have solid predictions while watching the time.

Who said mankind hasn’t evolved?

Sunrise and Sunset Alerts

Sunrise and Sunset Alerts

The super-duper accurate GPS of the Traverse Alpha gives you a super-duper accurate location. This same GPS determines the exact time of sunrise and sunset depending on your location. This a great feature that will help you create an exact itinerary and make the most of the time you have.

Traverse Alpha also has a moon calendar, based on the GPS location. This is especially helpful when you’re having a night hunt.

Hiking, Fishing or Hunting mode

One of our favorite features is the 3 sports modes: Hiking, fishing, and hunting. Actually, you can customize up to 5 sports modes using the Suunto’s software Movescount, but we’ll talk about these 3 predefined modes.

What’s so cool about these features? Every mode is programmed to record certain data, for example; hiking mode records time, steps, altitude, calories, and others. This is so cool because it allows you to keep an accurate registration of your advances.

Mobile notifications

Another great thing about Traverse Alpha. Remember all those times that you felt your phone vibrating but had your hands busy and couldn’t reach out, so you had the doubt of whether it was an emergency or if it wasn’t worth to be bothered by.

Are those annoying memories coming back to you? Well, Suunto proposed a solution to that problem. You can connect your watch to your phone using Bluetooth, receive your notifications and see who’s calling or texting.



Few will dare argue about the resistance and durability of the Suunto watches, and the Traverse Alpha line isn’t the exception. These gadgets are designed to endure lots of punishment before even scratching. This makes them a reliable and a ‘must have’ on your survival kit.


Who said you must sacrifice your style in order to get a war toy? Well, whoever said that, its wrong. And if you have any doubt Suunto will answer it. The design of these watches is cool-looking and comfortable to wear.

Looks like you can really have it all… at least when it comes to your watch. They can even give you the time!


FAQ Section

How do you set up time and date?

You can adjust your device settings in the Menu that displays by pressing the center button.

How to change the language?

You can change the language of your watch in the Menu, within the Format submenu.

What is fishing mode?

This is one of the preset sports modes of the Traverse Alpha.

Is the Alpha good watch for long-distance hiking?

Yes! The battery lasts up to 100 hours, and it has great features that will help you along the hike.

Should I have a smartphone to use some of these features?

The only feature you need your cell for the mobile notifications. All other features are independent of any other devices.

Is it useful for water sports such as diving?

These watches are waterproof, actually, it can resist up to 100m underwater and still be working just fine. So you don’t have to be afraid for them, just dive in!

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