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I hate having cold feet. In fact, I’d say that suffering from cold feet is about as miserable as going to the dentist to get a root canal and not having the anesthesia kick in the way it should. The problem, unfortunately, is that I love to be outside, and where I live, for at least half the year, it’s cold, bitterly cold, the type of cold where your toes go numb before eventually turning that strange bluish purple color.

I tried purchasing virtually every type of wool sock on the market. While they certainly felt nice and comfortable inside, after a couple of hours of hiking through knee-deep snow, I was cursing the sheep whose wool must have been of inferior quality. I even considered learning how to sheer my own sheep, spin my own wool, and weave my own socks so that I could make a pair as thick a parka. Perhaps it’s due to poor circulation or the fact that I can stand to be indoors for more than a couple of hours, but the only part of being outdoors in the Fall and Winter that I can’t stand, is cold feet.

Best Heated Socks Comparison:

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  1. Flambeau mens heated socks Kit Review
  2. Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks Review
  3. Rabbit Room Unisex Rechargeable Battery Electric — Heated Socks Kit Review
  4. Dainty Muse Winter Unisex — Battery Heated Socks Kit Review
  5. Dainty Muse Winter Unisex — Socks Review

1. Flambeau Men’s Heated Socks Kit Review

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One of the things that I most liked about this battery heated sock, is that it was made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and, get this, wool! Though I was a bit harsh on wool socks in the introduction, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to fibers, there is nothing better than wool to keep you warm. Add in a bit of battery powered technology, and you have a product that masterfully combines the natural insulation properties of wool (did you know that you can actually insulate a house with sheep wool) with state of the art battery heating technology. The best of the natural world and the best of our technological progress: these socks are a recipe for success.

On the technological side, Flambeau mens heated socks come with carbon fiber heating elements and are powered by two 3.7 volt li-ion batteries. You can actually charge up the batteries on these heated socks with an included USB cable. So imagine this, after 4-5 hours of hitting the slopes during a day (or two) of skiing, you can head into the lodge, grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the computer to check some emails or stream the game, and charge up your socks for an afternoon visit to the slopes. These socks were one of the absolute best heated socks for skiing/snowboarding.


2. Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks Review

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While I love pretty much every outdoors activity, hiking is my thing. If one buddy invites me out to snowboard and another has mapped out a killer hiking trail through the deep pine forest, I’ll come up with some lame excuse to offer to the snowboarder. The Lectra battery heated socks offered by the company Turtle Fur are branded as hiker boot socks. When I read that, I instantly ordered a pair wanting to find out how socks made especially for the hiker could incorporate battery heating technology. When they arrived, they certainly did not disappoint.

These socks look exactly like your normal pair of wool hiking socks, with the only discernible difference being a small battery pouch on this sock is connected to the upper part of the sock. During an eight hour day hike in blizzard conditions, one of the things I most liked about this sock is that it seemed to be directing the heat directly towards my toes. As you might remember, I suffer from cold toes, and one of my original worries with battery powered socks is that they would send  a lot of heat to my calves (not needed) while still leaving my toes cold. This sock actually has a recessed heating element, which helps to direct the majority of the heat to the toe area: an obvious major plus for me.


3. Rabbit Room Unisex Rechargeable Battery Electric — Heated Socks Kit Review

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I’ll be honest, what first caught my eye about this sock was the name of the company: Rabbit Room. I’m not sure what rabbits have to do with socks, but I suppose that a rabbit den is warm and cozy, and these Rabbit Room rechargeable battery heated socks certainly had a high performance standard. During a weekend long hunting trip with some buddies, I took along two pairs of these socks and can confidently say that these are the absolute best heated socks for hunting.

The 5-6 hour battery life was perfect for our excursions into the deep woods. Once we got back to camp and fired up the wood stove, I plugged in the socks and four hours later had a full charge once again for another 5-6 hours of late night, nocturnal hunting. Another major plus associated with these socks is that the battery pouch blends in well with the rest of the sock and is almost indiscernible. Since I didn’t want to bear the brunt of the jokes of my hunting buddies (comparing me to an old women needing spandex socks, you know), these socks were great at hiding my need for a little extra warmth.


4. Dainty Muse Winter Unisex — Battery Heated Socks Kit Review

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Another uniquely named company, the Dainty Muse Winter Battery Heated Socks offered another quality option to keep my feet warm during the winter. What really set this product apart from the rest was that it actually has three different temperature settings that can regulate the amount of heat produced by the sock.

While I hate having cold feet (as you should know by now), I’m also not a big fan of sweaty feet. During a mildly chilly fall day, it would be nice to have a little extra heat in the hiking boots, but not so much that I would feel as if my feet were slow roasting like a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. These socks allow me to regulate the temperature based on how long I’m going to be outside and how cold my feet feel. Without a doubt, this was one of the best battery heated socks I tried.


5. Mobile Warming Heated Electric — Socks Review

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Lastly, we come to the Mobile Warming heated electric socks. This was the last pair of battery heated socks I purchased, because really, how much differences can there really be in a pair of socks? After reading the best heated socks reviews, however, I was intrigued by the fact that these socks came with a remote. Did that mean that if I accidentally left the remote lying around somewhere, some mischievous kid who found the remote could be pumping heat into my feet while I was laying in front of the fireplace? I had to find out.

What I discovered was that these heated socks came with a small handheld controller which allowed me to adjust the heat to the socks (or completely turn it off) without having to pretty much take off my pants. This is useful especially for people planning on skiing or snowboarding, as those full-on snowboarding suits can be pretty difficult to get out of. Additionally, these socks have a unique texturing in the foot area that makes those tiny wires essentially invisible.

All that changed about a year ago when I happened to come across an ad for battery-heated socks. At first glimpse, I thought it was an invention designed for old women suffering from varicose veins or something like that; you know, like those thigh-high elastic stretch socks. But no, lo and behold, they were socks designed for outdoor enthusiasts like me.

Next thing that came to mind was that these socks must weigh a ton. When I head outdoors, I’m into ultralight backpacking and my number two pet peeve (after cold feet, of course) is having an unnecessarily heavy load burdening me while enjoying the trail. When I ordered my first pair of battery heated socks, however, even I, an ultralight backpacking nut who obsesses over a few extra ounces, couldn’t feel any noticeable difference.

And so, I’m hooked. While the wool socks are still a good companion during spring and summer hiking, I’ve transitioned into a full array of battery heated socks during the late fall and winter seasons. With these socks, I can stay outdoors almost around the clock, which is great for hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and pretty much any other winter activity. I offer some of my top picks for the best batter heated socks designed for different outdoor activities.

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