Best Coolers You Can Sit On

Outdoor coolers are designed to last long with their robust construction. They can survive being dropped, submerged, beaten or in some extreme cases, being attacked by wild animals. This also means that you can sit on any of these coolers. They have extra durable features while still giving you the main functionality of keeping the contents you place in it safe, cold and intact for few days. You need to bring at least one cooler when you do river or ocean fishing, hunting, and going on a white water adventure.

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Great adventure coolers are designed to keep the ice in its solid form for a longer time. The ice will not melt as quickly, and it will allow the cooler to maintain its cold temperature for longer. To fully harness the potential of the cooler, distribute the ice evenly inside so the items inside the cooler will have the same temperature.

Here are some coolers you can consider for your next outdoor adventures that you can sit on.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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ORCA Cooler 58-Quart

ORCA Cooler 58-Quart

This ORCA cooler comes with 58 quart capacity and is designed as a “Root Molded Cooler.” This American-made cooler is constructed as “roto-molded” and it comes fully-lockable. Buy it and you can enjoy the lifetime guarantee that comes with it. It features top-of-the-line insulation while being capable of keeping the food and drinks cold and can make the ice last for up to 10 days. Its carrying handles are padded making it easy to transport this cooler from one place to another. It has a great lid gasket and comes with extendable flex-grip handles for comfort. You will find a flow drainage spout so that you can drain the water inside without having to tilt it. Of course, since it is very sturdy, you can sit on top of it without having to worry that it will break. However, to enjoy all of the above mentioned features, be ready to shell out good money for this. More importantly, if you are concerned about wildlife, you should know that every ORCA cooler sold benefits conservation throughout the United States.

YETI Tundra 75 Cooler

YETI Tundra 75 Cooler

The cooler from YETI is designed to make cold temperatures last longer. This YETI Tundra 75 Cooler has a 75-quart capacity and can retain ice for days on end. It also keeps everything inside cool. Its insulation and lids are the key to achieve such cooling feats. The roto-molded construction makes it virtually indestructible – in fact, you can sit on top of it for a long time! It can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of weight on top. This can hold drinks in cans with a 2:1 ice-to-content ratio. The YETI Tundra Cooler features the PermaFrost insulation and FatWall design, Polyester rope and LipGrip handles. It also boasts of having heavy duty rubber T-Rex lid latches, BearFoot and non-slip feet that keep the cooler in place. More importantly, the freezer style ColdLock gasket works to lock in the cold, while the Molded-in AnchorPoint tie-down points works to secure the cooler if you use it with trailer, truck bed or boat. Another thing that makes it convenient to use is the Leakproof Vortex drain system. And, when it comes to durability, it is certified to be bear-resistant when locked. With all these features, the Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler is an investment that will cost you at the start, but worth it.

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Another great cooler that you can sit on and can consider an investment for your adventure needs is the Pelican Elite Cooler. This 70-quart capacity cooler comes with two inches of polyurethane insulation. This is coupled with freezer-grade gasket giving it ice and cold temperature retention for up to 10 days. This cooler was constructed with tie-down slots and molded handles with three inches of locking latches, anti-shear hinge system, and stainless steel bottle opener as well as a reinforced lockable hasp. It comes with a lifetime Pelican guarantee. Just like the other high end coolers, this Pelican Elite is something that can last for a longer time and will be a good investment.


Ice and coldness retention are the main features of coolers. However, the best coolers you can sit on usually come at a price because of the construction and technology used to retain ice for more than a week. It must also be resistant to wear and tear while on adventure. It is worth to have such coolers handy and they’re a good companion while on an adventure.

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