Best Porta Potties Reviews (Updated 2018!!)

Going on a long trip and not thrilled about “going” outdoors? Fear not, we threw together a list of the best porta potties & travel toilets) on the market today.

Let’s not waste another movement and dive in:

Best Travel Toilet Review & Comparison

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Camco 5.3-gallon 41545 Travel Toilet

Camco 5.3-gallon 41545

The Camco 41545 is among the leading travel toilets in the market today. It features an efficient flushing system and a height that best simulates the indoor restrooms; as a matter of fact, you’ll be used to it just as the indoor toilets. Alongside its sturdy design, the Camco 5.3-gallon measures approximately 16 inches in heights by 14 inches width and 16 inches in depth.

Since its inception in 1966, Camco has been in the forefront for producing not only plenty but also efficient outdoor portable products and other accessories.


  • The presence of a dark-colored beige that doesn’t attract unnecessary attention.
  • Presence of sealing valves to prevent leaks as well as odors.
  • Dedicated clean-water tank for flushing. Water and waste tanks are separate, each having calibrations that indicate the levels of their contents.
  • They come with scented deodorizing/cleaning agents that help you clean.
  • Easily detachable base.
  • Simple flushing due to the lever opening the hatch positioned underneath while the user is sitting.
  • Lockable and tightly sealable tank to prevent leakage of wastes and odors in the event of falling.


  • The cleaning agents they come with aren’t environmental friendly.
  • They are incredibly uncomfortable for huge users.
  • The small size of the 2.6-gallon model.

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Thetford 5.5-gallon 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

Thetford 5.5-gallon 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve

Thetford 92360 Porta 550E Curve and the Thetford 2.6-gallon portable potty best simulate home toilets, thus are amazing options when selecting portable toilets. The 92360 version features 5.5-gallon for wastes and 4-gallon capacity for water and a cute toilet paper holder and is more convenient for fishing trips, vans, and camping. The company’s business is to make mobile life more comfortable, exactly what we all want!


  • A battery-powered system to maintain the bowl hygiene. The toilet comes with a set of batteries to start off.
  • Clean water tank, supplying the battery-powered flushing system. The water depletes after approximately 56 flushes, but constant check up on the water levels is necessary
  • Thetford’s deodorizing agents for cleaning that come for your trial purposes.
  • Manual lever flushing system for back-up in case of the battery system crashes.
  • The separate water source for manual flushing, because the battery system draws water from the clean tank. Just like the Camco Travel Toilets, waste and water tanks are separated, with each container is calibrated to indicate the level of its contents, hence making it easy to know when to empty waste tanks as well as filling water tanks.
  • It’s relatively cheap.


  • Weak batteries; upgrading the cells gives high flushing pressure thus cleaner bowls.
  • Worn out pumps are costly when replacing. In fact, the cost of replacing one shoe is equivalent to the price of a new Thetford Curve, and this may force one to resort to manual pumping when funds are insufficient.
  • Tedious manual pumping when battery powered pumps are worn-out.

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Dometic 5.0-gallon 301097606 Portable Toilet

Manufactured by Dometic, a company that has consistently focused attention on RV market since 1968, the Dometic 5.0-gallon 301097606 Portable Toilet comes in a modern design that is ideal for its high portability alongside effective and efficient care of wastes. The company has earned respect and high reputation for previous products. The 5.0-gallon version may remain unnoticed due to its grey color, not unless much attention is employed.


  • Easy to lift even with the 5.0-gallon waste tank.
  • Dometic is eco-friendly as it requires only one point of water in every flush.
  • Short height and small size. It’s shorter than the Thetford as well as the Camco, making it unnecessary for those who need the larger models.


  • High risks of tanks leaking – the tanks need high precision during clipping, and worse still, one can’t quickly tell whether they’re adequately aligned or not. If they’re not correctly aligned, leaking will soak the floor.
  • The small 2.6-gallon is tedious to empty on a daily basis despite the fact that a single user fills it up within a day or two.

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Sanitation Equipment 2-gallon(8-liter) Passport Potty

Sanitation Equipment 2-gallon(8-liter)

The Sanitation Equipment 2-gallon(8-liter) Passport Potty is an ideal choice for those who nee absolutely small portable toilets, but it requires a huge tank. Adults, as well as children, can use me.


  • It’s ideal for small children and average-sized adults.
  • Sanitation equipment is available in varying sizes, and so it’s your choice to pick one that suits your needs, especially the 2.0-gallon which is less than one foot tall. More extended versions with big holding tanks are also available.The sizes are as follows;
    1. Sanitation Equipment Passport Potty 10 Liter (2.6-gallon).
    2. Sanitation Equipment Passport Potty 12 Liter (3.2-gallon).
    3. Sanitation Equipment Passport Potty 18 Litter (4.8-gallon).
    4. Sanitation Equipment Passport Potty 24 Liter (6.3-gallon).


  • Their small sizes possess serious challenge to large-sized adult users. They may mess around in the process of using the toilets.

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Coleman 5.3-gallon Portable Flush Toilet

Coleman 5.3-gallon

For campers, Coleman is the most convenient. While the regular version is a 3.5-gallon and is suitable for a single user, for a few days, the large, 5.3-gallon presents more comfort and a feeling of a full-sized toilet. The latter feature a regular seat that comfortably accommodates even large-sized adults.

The most prominent demerit of this unit is its inability to screw the top and bottom pieces due to its large footprints. So, if your arms aren’t long, you’ll be forced to cradle the whole thing for you to screw the parts together. Furthermore, its tanks are prone to leaking while on their course for dumping. It’s advisable to carry them by the handle, but not level.

Despite the two cons, Coleman remains the most affordable among the five portable potties above and again, its ideal for individuals who need full-sized toilet seated potties.

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