Best Toilet Tent & Pop Up Changing Room for Camping (Reviewed!)

The sun is setting over the mountain valley and you have found the absolute perfect backcountry campsite in the middle of some untamed wilderness. Before starting up the campfire to cook the fish you caught earlier in the day, you feel Nature calling and find a nice rock outcropping where you can enjoy the sunset while watching the sun dip below the horizon. Who could possibly interrupt you in this virtually untouched area of the world?

As always seems to happen, as soon as you get your pants around your ankles, voices appear around the bend and you have to struggle to pull your britches up before you are discovered defiling that perfect setting. Investing in the best toilet tent or pop up changing room will only add a few pounds and a couple cubic inches to your backpack, but usually ends up being one of the most important pieces of gear you bring around. There simply is no price for a little bit of privacy when you most urgently need it.

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If you have never heard of toilet tent or can’t imagine how a tent can double as a toilet, we have you covered (literally). Read on for our complete review of the ones we liked the best on the market today.

Portable Toilet Tent Comparison

Top Features Campers Look For:

Before we jump into the reviews of the top toilet tents and pop up changing rooms on the market, it is important to explain a few features that you should look for when shopping the market.

Easy To Open and Close

These devices need to be quick and easy to install and put away. You do not want to have to spend several minutes trying to figure out how to open the thing, especially when Nature is calling with a sense of urgency. Most all of these products are advertised as “pop-up”, meaning that you should not have to deal with poles or string or any other hard to use contraption. Rather, you simply untie some sort of string or take the tent out of its package and it should open up right away.

Similarly, a quality tent will also fold away with minimum hassle due to the flexible frame that will bend back into its resting or storage position.

Windows for Convertibility for Shower

A good toilet tent or pop up privacy shelter should also be versatile in its usefulness. While the shelter should offer protection for using the bathroom in the wild, many of the best models allow you to convert the product into a portable shower. This requires a small window flap in the upper part of the wall where a shower hose or solar shower hook up can be inserted. Furthermore, the top of the product should have some sort of flap where you can tie a rope to suspend the device a few feet of the ground to give you enough headroom to take a comfortable shower.

Ventilation with Roof Rain Fly

You certainly do not want to be stuck in a tiny, airproof space while you are using the bathroom. To avoid the “port-a-pot” smell, it is important that your changing room come with good ventilation. This is usually achieved by leaving an open space at the top of the tent that is covered with breathable, see-through mesh. However, you will also want protection when Nature calls during a rainstorm, so a roof rain fly should also be attached and allow you to easily cover or uncover the top part.

Internal Storage Options

While you will not want your tent to be a massive and heavy piece of gear that will take up too much space (and weight) in your backpack, you also don’t want it to be so tiny that you cannot move when inside. The better tents contain innovative storage options inside to allow you to feel more comfortable when showering, changing or using the bathroom. These storage ideas can include straps where you can hang your clothes (so that they do not get dirty on the bottomless floor) and small pouches where you can store your valuables while involved in other activities.

Stability and Privacy

Lastly, you want to make sure that you find a product that will deliver the privacy that you are paying for. Some products put an emphasis on breathability. While that can certainly be important, if the tent is somewhat translucent, it certainly defeats the ultimate purpose. Furthermore, you want a product that is lightweight, but that also offers enough stability so that you will not be blown away with even the slightest of breeze.

TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent Camping Shower Privacy Toilet Changing Room

TMS Portable Green Outdoor

What We Liked

This is certainly one of the simplest tents on the market, and sometimes simplicity is what you need. The U-shaped door is plenty large for easy entry and exit, and the high-quality zipper will prevent you from being stuck inside.

Furthermore, this tent easily folds up and stores in a ring-shaped carrying pouch that is secured with two simple to use straps. Four metal stakes are also included in case you need to use it in an area of high wind.

What could be Improved?

The super simple design of this tent means that there are no windows and no open roof. While this might not matter if you are planning to use it during cool, autumn backpacking trips, it might get a little sticky inside during the dog days of summer. The smells will most likely also be an issue unless you leave a part of the zippered door open.

Some Sweet Features

  • Waterproof polyester fabric allows you to use this for bathing and showering as well.
  • The four, heavy-duty stakes will certainly be helpful in windy areas.
  • 22-inch folded diameter will take up little space in your pack.
  • The simple design is reflected in the price, as this product certainly will not empty your bank account.

The Final Word: Why You Should Buy This Product

If the price is your main concern, this might very well be the best for you. Furthermore, if you want extra privacy, the closed roof and dark green fabric will make sure that no one will be able to interrupt your time to yourself. Lastly, this product is perfect for people planning to travel to cooler areas where high temperatures are not a concern.

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WolfWise Upgrade 6.25Ft Instant Privacy Tent with Sunscreen Fabric


What We Liked

This is one of the most complete pop up privacy tents on the market. It has several added features that increase comfort and ease whether you are using it as a shower, bathroom, or simply changing room. If you don’t like the thought of an open floor, this tent has a closed flooring along with four corner drains to help get rid of water should you use this product as a shower.

Other benefits of this product include a larger interior space, roof and window vents with an optional rain fly, an integrated clothesline and a hanging storage pouch.

What could be Improved?

It is worth noting that this toilet tent is considerably more expensive than other options, though you should expect to pay more for a product with several added features.

Some Sweet Features

  • An integrated clothesline and hanging pouch allow you to secure your belongings while attending to “business.”
  • The toilet tent is made with high quality, waterproof taffeta 190T nylon polyester along with a flexible steel frame that will protect you during windy conditions.
  • The mesh roof vents and window vents regulate the interior temperature and also help with interior odors.
  • The T-Style zipper on the door frame offers considerably more entry and exit space so that you do not have to duck down when going in or coming out.
  • The interior size gives you an almost four foot by four foot interior and over 78 inches of headroom.

The Final Word: Why You Should Buy This Product

If you do not mind spending a little bit more for quality manufacturing, this is one of the absolute best out there. It comes with a wide array of accessories, and the attached bottom cover will completely shield you from the elements, meaning that you will not have to deal with a muddy floor when showering.

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Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

Green Elephant

What We Liked

Unless you are a center in the NBA, this toilet tent (known as the “Utilitent”) should be plenty tall for you as it has almost seven feet of interior headroom. The mosquito netting at the top also has a small shower opening meaning that you can attach a hose or solar shower to the top of this tent and not have to suspend the tent in the air to get enough space to comfortably take a shower.

Furthermore, the Utility has a wide assortment of helpful accessories including the shower opening, a towel hanger, a clothes hanger, a toilet paper holder, a personal belongings storage pouch, and even place to hang your flashlight for those midnight trips to the bathroom.

What could be Improved?

This tent has an open floor (like most toilet tents). While this might not be an issue in most cases, it can lead to muddy conditions when hiking during a rainstorm or when you are the last person in line for a shower.

Some Sweet Features

  • This tent will withstand even the windiest of conditions because it comes with eight metal tent pegs and four guy lines complete with tensioners. If you are heading to the beach where stakes will not do much good, they also include four sand bags with easy attachment hooks.
  • It also has an added rain cover to cover the mesh top in rainy conditions.
  • Despite its height, it still only weight 5.5 pounds with a 24-inch bag diameter.

The Final Word: Why You Should Buy This Product

This one goes out of their way to include several accessories that will bring added comfort. The toilet paper holder is a luxury when you are setting up camp in the wilderness. Furthermore, if you are headed to a place where high winds are normal, this tent along with its stakes, guy lines, and sand bags will keep you firmly stuck to the ground.

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Enkeeo Portable Privacy Tent Pop Up Changing Tent

Enkeeo Portable

What We Liked

The portable privacy tent offered by Enkeeo is unique in that it is one of the only toilet tents that comes with an easy to remove floor. The removable bottom allows you to stay mud-free during those rainy camping trips and then easily remove the bottom when you want extra ventilation during drier times. Furthermore, the Enkeeo tent has a two-way zipper that makes for extremely easy entry and exit.

In terms of ventilation, the tent has two semi-circle vents on the walls and an open roof vent that is covered with breathable mesh. A rain fly is also available should you want extra privacy.

What could be Improved?

Folding this toilet tent up and putting it back in its case can be a bit of a challenge. While the metal frame is certainly flexible, it does take a bit of twisting and turning to get it secured back into the pouch.

Some Sweet Features

  • At only 4.4 pounds, this is certainly one of the lightest you will be able to find.
  • The two zipper windows allow you to choose between ventilation and privacy, depending on your situation.
  • The built-in bag and clothesline make it easy to change clothes and keep your stuff dry while showering.

The Final Word: Why You Should Buy This Product

This product is in the medium price range. While it includes several more features than the first product we reviewed, it does not quite have the quality of some of the other, higher priced options. If you want the comfort while also securing a deal, this is probably the product for you.

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PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Outdoor Pop-up Room Tent Camping


What We Liked

Almost all of the sanitary tents and that we reviewed tapered off significantly, in a sort of triangular design. This pop up changing room tent, however, is almost perfectly rectangular in shape, which adds a feeling of roominess on the inside. While the dimensions to mention a 10-inch taper from the bottom to the top, this is significantly less than other pop up tents.

Furthermore, the full panel opening makes for easy entry and exit. This tent is actually advertised as a studio-changing tent due to the ease of open and the extra space inside.

What could be Improved?

The open ceiling would certainly present a problem if you Nature called during a summer downpour. However, if you were wanting use this product as a shower, the lack of a ceiling would make it easier to adopt a camping showerhead.

Some Sweet Features

  • This one has a maximum height of 6.25 feet. However, because of the lack of a roof, any size person can easily fit in without having to worry about ducking.
  • The panel type door allows for the largest possible opening into the shelter.
  • You can easily secure this tent to the ground with the included stakes or with weighted bags. There are sewn-in pouches on the exterior of the popup tent so you can weigh the tent down with rocks, sand, or soil.
  • A heavy-duty elastic strap on the upper part of the wall will secure towels, clothes, and other accessories.

The Final Word: Why You Should Buy This Product

This is a quality product for people who want extra space and are not keen on claustrophobic spaces. The open-air top might pose a problem in rainy conditions, but it is perfectly functional for use as a shower, outdoor toilet, or changing room.

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Final Thoughts

Whether Nature is calling in the middle of the wilderness or you need to change out of your swimsuit on a crowded beach, each one of these five pop items will deliver you the privacy you need. While each of these delivers slightly different features, there is only about a $25 price difference between the cheapest and most expensive of the products.


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