5 Best Pop-UpTents — For Backpacking, Camping, and More!

The best pop up tent for camping or any other activity should be hassle-free. Remember the last time you went camping and spent hours tediously stitching together your ridge tent? On the other hand, Pop-up tents are perfect for those who do not want to sweat setting up a conventional tent and just want to but rather take it out of its bag and have it set itself up on its own. There are a lot of pop-up tents you can choose from, even a few with a built-in cot, and they range all ranging in price and features. These pop-up tent reviews will give you an advantage when picking which one to purchase

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

  1. BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent — For the Conventional Camper
  2. ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent — Perfect for Clear Weather Camping
  3. FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome — An All-Occasion Tent
  4. Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent and Sun Shelter — Kid-Friendly Tent
  5. Pop Up Tent by LingAo — Best for those with no Extra Money to Spare

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1. BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent – For the Conventional Camper

BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Cabana 2-3 Person UV Protection Beach Shade for Outdoor Activities (Green)

The extended sheet can be zipped up to close the tent if you are going to take a nap, change your clothes or to protect your belongings if you are going to step out of the tent. There are two built in sand pockets to keep the tent steady if a strong wind hits. In addition to the sand bags there are also six metal pegs you can bury in the ground for better stability.

The mesh window has a shutter so you can close it to keep sand from getting in if you are at the beach. The fabric is also coated with UV sun protection so you can stay outdoors without having to worry about the sun’s rays.


2. Zomake Pop Up Tent — Perfect for Clear Weather Camping

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person, Beach Tent Sun Shelter for Baby with UV Protection - Automatic and Instant Setup Tent for Family (Blue)

This tent can be set up within seconds – just throw it up in the air and it will set itself up. With two doors and two mesh windows, it offers the camper an unlimited view, and a great bonus is the sun roof. You can open the flap and watch the stars illuminate your night or use for additional ventilation during the day.

The poles are made from fiberglass so you are sure that they are durable and will not snap with the slightest pressure. It is also very spacious and can fit up to 4 people. When folded down in the carry bag, its diameter is only 31 inches, so you don’t have to worry about toting a bulky tent.


3. FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome — An All-Occasion Tent

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent (2-3 Person) - NO Assembly Required - Easy Setup in Seconds - Great for Fair Weather Camping, Families, Festivals

You can use this tent on the beach, for camping, picnics, outdoor festivals or as a backyard playpen for kids. It can accommodate up to 4 persons and can easily be lugged wherever you are going to set it up. Mesh windows are situated on both sides so you can let the air in while keeping bugs and insects out. There are pockets you can stash your valuables in and hang loops where you can hang your light.

The windows can be made into a rainfly by attaching guy lines and securing them on the stakes a few feet away. You don’t have to feel stuffed when it rains as you can still let air in through the mesh windows without letting rainwater in.


4. Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent and Sun Shelter — Kid Friendly Tent

Shade Shack Beach Tent Easy Automatic Instant Pop Up Camping Sun Shelter - Blue/Yellow - Large

One of the favorite brands of adventurers and survivalists is the Big Agnes because it provides them the materials that are high-end and top quality. Also, this tent is lightweight with carefully thought-out storage consideration that includes the internal mesh pockets that allow the users to plug their headphones to their smartphones or tablets. This tent is also a better option for those looking for something to bridge the gap between car camping tents and backpacking tents.

There are many variants of Big Agnes that many adventurists and survivalists like and these tents do come cheap. This tent can be used for three seasons except for the winter. Its weatherproofing capability is what most campers, backpackers and adventurists like the most.


5. Pop Up Tent by LingAo — Best for those with no Extra Money to Spare

LingAo Beach Shelter with UV Guard,Automatic Pop Up Tent for Camping/Hiking/Fishing/Garden/Outdoors Sport,3-4 Person Tent (Blue)

This is the best pop up tent among the others in terms of price. Although this tent is smaller compared to others – accommodation only 2 adults and 1 child – this is perfect for a small family or a couple going on a camping trip. The door is big enough so you can get in and out of the tent without difficulty.

Tent material is made from 210D Oxford and can withstand 3 seasons. You can go camping any day of the year except during the winter using this tent and you will be sheltered just fine.


What Makes a Great Pop-up Tent?

Finding the perfect pop-up for you requires you to consider several factors that set this style of tent apart from the more traditional ones. Great pop-up tents have durable, yet breathable material so you don’t feel claustrophobic. Another reason campers flock to these products is that they’re easy to set up, long-lasting, and extremely portable. Below are the key features that contribute to the quality of a pop-up:


When it comes to the material of pop-up tents, it needs to be durable, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. For the highest quality shelter, you should buy a product made of polyester or nylon fabric. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning it resists water and won’t spoil with mildew. Consequently, this material acts as a natural barrier and keeps moisture out. Similar to polyester, nylon also keeps water out and is notably dependable. Both nylon and polyester are light fabrics and easy to haul on your camping trips. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between nylon and polyester:

  • Polyester will dry faster than nylon if you’re caught in a rainstorm
  • Nylon is softer and will make for a more comfortable tent
  • Although both are strong, nylon is slighty more durable
  • Nylon will retain moisture longer and make the pop-up less breathable


If you’re camping in the heat of summer, the last thing you want is your shelter to feel like an oven. Most tents are equipped with mesh screens that let in air but keep out mosquitos at the same time. These mesh screens not only let in fresh air, but they also promote air circulation to keep you cool throughout all hours of the day. In addition to the screens, pop-ups have multiple large doors. You can leave the doors open during the day to take in the view, and come night, seal them closed for maximum privacy. While some claim that the water-resistant material hinders breathability, manufacturers have circumvented that by designing tents with ample ventilation. You can say goodbye to folding tents with just one door and no windows.


Not only are pop-up tents easy to setup, but they’re also easy to lug around on your camping trips. Due to their clever design, most of them fold down into a cylinder shape and fit in a small carrying bag or come with a strap to secure the tent. Unlike ridge tents, you can conveniently store pop-ups in your trunk, closet, or even your backpack. When you’re ready to set up camp, simply take it out and let the magic begin. The product unfolds by itself and is ready to go in just a few seconds.


Along with their portability, these on-the-go shelters are also incredibly lightweight. With a weight averaging between four to six pounds, these tents won’t break your back when you haul them around. You might be thinking, “won’t my campsite blow away?” The answer is no. These products come with pegs, so you can secure them into the ground. When it’s time to go, the pegs will can be put back in your portable bag until your next adventure. In addition, tents specifically designed for the beach have sand pockets that will keep them from blowing away. At the end of the day, you’ll have a lightweight dwelling without having to sacrifice stability.


Similar to basic ridge tents, pop-up shelters come in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. While most pop-ups have room for two to four people, some can house up to six people at a time. The typical tent is between 3.5 to 5 feet in height, so shorter campers can stand up in them comfortably. On the other hand, the width can range from 4 to 8 feet, depending on the tent’s capacity. In case it’s hard for you the visualize the size of the product, manufacturers detail how many people can fit in a specific pop-up in terms of adults and kids. Whether you’re a solo-traveler or part of a large group, you can find a tent that will suit your next camping trip.

Easy to Setup

The major reason that campers and outdoor enthusiasts use pop-up tents is because they are a breeze to set up. Like any tent, you need to find a flat surface to establish your base. After you find the perfect piece of grass or beach, you can take the product out of its bag and let it pop open. To secure the tent, there are pegs that you need to hammer into the ground at a 45-degree angle. Since pop-up tents are very lightweight, its crucial to use the pegs so your campsite doesn’t blow away. After the pegs are hammered into the ground, the last step is to secure the guy lines. Getting a pop-up tent ready should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Once it’s all set up, it doesn’t require irritating upkeep and maintenance that other tents do.


Whether you’re in a hot desert or on a tropical beach, pop-ups can handle almost any type of weather except for the snow. The fabrics used to construct them, polyester and nylon, are two of the toughest on the market. In addition, the metal frame keeps the shelter structurally sound and decreases its vulnerability to outside forces. There’s no doubt that these tents are built to last and will withstand several years of use.


There’s no doubt that these are 5 of the best pop up tents on the market. With the five options at-hand, you can certainly find one that will suit both your needs and budget. Remember, buying the first product you come across is not a good move because there may be better ones out there. Take your time and carefully think about what features are important to you, whether it be portability or space. Reading reviews of different brands will help you make an informed decision and avoid making a purchase based on impulse.

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