Our 7 Best SUV Tent Reviews: Camp Anywhere

An SUV tent allows you the liberty of convenience, efficiency, and functionality. With one of these portable shelters onboard you can create a sleeping area at virtually any location. Best still, squirmy campers can rest peacefully because these outdoor abodes offer an elevated sleeping area off the ground. 

These types of tents comes in different models, makes, and designs, but most of the selection of these tents can fit several of these vehicles. You still have to wonder what elements collectively make the best SUV tent. That is what this guide is all about, and it can help you find your next portable vehicle tent. 

Best SUV Tents For Camping Comparison

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  1. KingCamp Awning Auto Canopy
  2. Explorer 2 SUV Tent — Top Pick For Minivan Camping
  3. Texsport Spinnaker Auto SUV
  4. Napier 5 Person SUV Tent 
  5. Dome-To-Go Tent
  6. DAC Full – Size Truck Tent
  7. ShadeSox Universal Car Window Shade

SUV Tent Reviews

1. KingCamp Awning Auto Canopy

[amazon fields=”B0732VFM6B” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0732VFM6B?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

A Few Key Features:

  • The roof to creates a 60 to  76+ square ft shade.
  • It features a 210T ripstop polyester construction.
  • A 1500mm PU coating makes it anti UV and waterproof.
  • It is flexible functioning both as a ground shelter and rooftop.
  • The canopy matches to most vehicles via strong hooks and bungee cords.
  • At 9.7 lbs its extremely lightweight and portable.
  • There are two color options available.

The Best Tent Roofto

The KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter creates an instant canopy at virtually any location you please. It creates a very spacious covered area enough to shelter tents, chairs, and kids away from the elements. A 210 ripstop polyester construction coupled with 1500 mm PU coating makes the rooftop cover highly weatherproof. 

Meshed side windows and apex vents keep the air flowing within the shelter. It can function as a low-profile ground shelter with the help of steel poles. The fact that it is one of the lightest SUV shelters makes it extremely portable and easy to store. 

Who Should Buy This Vehicle Rooftop?

A family that makes regular trips to the beach will find the KingCamp awning quite helpful. It does create a spacious enough shaded area to accommodate chairs, tables, and even tents for a night out on the beach. 


2. Explorer 2 SUV Tent — Top Pick For Minivan Camping

[amazon fields=”B0001WTY0E” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0001WTY0E?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Notable Features:

  • Really one of the Best SUV tent we looked at.
  • It comes with an easy-setup using hooks and bungee cords.
  • The outer door panel ties back and folds up as needed.
  • Two-way zippers offer easy access.
  • It uses a rear-panel installation design.

Best SUV Rear Hatch Tent

The Explorer 2 SUV Tent is what you need to have an outdoor shelter set up in a matter of minutes. It comes with a simple design that fits over the rear panel of your car creating a spacious enough area to rest for the night. The vehicle tent can fit into minivans and SUVs that have a 67″ wide liftgate rear panel. However, the car should not have an external tire. 

It sets up by hooking the bungee cords and plastic-coated hooks to the tire wells. Two-way zippers offer easy access to the created sleep area, and the outer door panel folds up and ties back as required. A no-see-um mesh combined with a T-layout it effectively keeps bugs away.  

Who Should Buy This Rear Hatch Tent?

Anyone with a minivan or SUV that has a rear liftgate panel can consider this portable vehicle shelter. 


3. Texsport Spinnaker Auto SUV

[amazon fields=”B001ASICZ6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001ASICZ6?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

A Few Noteworthy Features:

  • It is an SUV auto shade with a side room.
  • The vehicle shade attaches to a vehicle via straps.
  • It is flame-retardant.
  • The Texsport Spinnaker offers UV protection.
  • The package includes stakes and a carry bag.
  • It measures 126 by 92 inches.

The Recommended Texsport SUV Tent

The silver-colored auto shade comes designed to strap onto the side of your vehicle. It creates a shaded rain room which also provides UV protection. The vehicle shelter has one see-um mesh window that closes with the help of a zippered storm flap. 

Shock-corded fiberglass poles and a pin and ring system give the side tent its stability. It attaches to your vehicle’s luggage rack using straps and comes with the stakes needed to anchor the portable shelter. It is also flame-retardant 

Who Should Grab One of These Vehicle Shades?

It works with just about any SUV with a luggage rack and even walls or tents that can support the shade. The vehicle shade is an excellent option for anyone who needs an auto tent for sporting events or backstop. Truly one of the best SUV Tents.


4. Napier 5 Person SUV Tent

[amazon fields=”B004O74Z0G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004O74Z0G?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Our Highlighted Features:

  • It is a ten by ten-foot vehicle shelter.
  • A seven by six-foot floorless screen room offers an extra room.
  • It attaches to the cargo area of your vehicle via a sleeve.
  • The portable shelter can also function as an independent ground tent.
  • One person can set up the shelter.
  • The package comes with an expandable carrying bag. 
  • Its dimensions are 10 (L) by 10 (W) by 7.25 (H) feet.

The Best SUV Tent With A Screen Room

The Outdoor Sportz portable shelter comes with a floorless screen room offering additional storage room. It attaches to the cargo area of a minivan or SUV creating an auto shelter that can accommodate up to six people. The covered cargo area also offers extra space for two.

It uses a fiberglass and steel pole construction with easy-to-attach taffeta sides and a waterproof polyethylene floor. Each window has a storm flap which provides both privacy and protection. It can also function as a ground shelter when detached from the vehicle’s cargo area. An expandable carrying bag makes it easy to transport the portable tent.

Should You Buy This Vehicle Shelter?

A family or group of friends who need a convenient portable shelter that they can pretty much set up anywhere should consider the Napier Outdoor Sportz tent. 


5. Dome-To-Go Tent

[amazon fields=”B0016DBTNC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0016DBTNC?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

A Few Noteworthy Features:

  • The tent attaches to vehicles via a cargo sleeve.
  • It can function as a standalone ground tent.
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles give it a quick set up.
  • A full-length rainfly and taped seams offer extra protection.
  • The tent comes with a six by six shaded awning.
  • Two entrance/exit ways and three mesh covered windows offer ventilation.
  • It also has a gear loft and two inside storage pockets.
  • Its dimensions are 8.5 (L) by 8.5 (W) feet.

Our Favorite Dome-to-go Tent

The Sportz auto tent converts your vehicle’s hatchback into a comfortable sleeping area. It attaches to your car via a removable zippered sleeve wrap, and the portable shelter can also function as a standalone ground tent. The auto tent can sleep four people with extra space at the cargo area.

It sets up quickly with the help of shock-corded fiberglass poles. A full-length rainfly and taped seams provide added protection from the elements. The portable shelter also comes with a six by six awning offering an additional sheltered room for relaxing. 

Who Should Buy The Dome Tent?

A group that often travels together will find the Sportz Dome tent a worthwhile investment. 


6. DAC Full — Size Truck Tent

[amazon fields=”B007WT1GYQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007WT1GYQ?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Key Features:

  • It attaches to vehicles with a tailgate or rear that raises up and out.
  • The tent fits flat back and high back camper tops. 
  • It installs over a vehicle’s airfoil or rack.
  • Its packed dimensions are 11 (W) by 11 (L) by 6 (H) inches.

The Best Option For The Back Of SUVs

Setting the DAC tent is as easy as raising the rear window, lowering the tailgate, and placing it over the opening. plastic-coated hooks and elastic shock cords anchor the truck tent against the body of your vehicle. Two no-see-um mesh windows and an inverted T dor with a 2-way zipper provide ample airflow. 

The polyester coated roof and walls make the vehicle tent weatherproof, and it is also fire retardant. 

Who Should Buy One?

The DAC full-size tent is one of the most functional rear vehicle shelters. Anyone with a tailgate larger than 58 inches in width or rear that raises up and out should consider this tent. 


7. ShadeSox Universal Car Window Shade

[amazon fields=”B00YI3IGA6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YI3IGA6?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Notable Features:

  • It is incredibly easy to install over car doors.
  • The 40D Nylon stretchy mesh used to construct it is breathable.
  • It is perfect for the backseat windows to keep the car cool.
  • The package includes two pieces of car window shades. 
  • An eBook also comes with the package.

The Best Car Side Window Shade

The ShadeSox offers a solution to keep kids all cool and occupied when traveling with parents in the back seat. High temperatures and direct sunlight can bother the little tots which also makes them fussy throughout the trip. The side window shade shelters the occupants of the back seat from bright sunlight and protects them against sunburns. 

The car window shades feature a 40D Nylon construction, and the stretchy fabric fits just about any car door up to 44.3 by 20 inches. Its breathability makes it possible to get some airflow in by rolling down the window. Best still, the package comes with an eBook with ten helpful tips and tricks to keep kids occupied when riding in the backseat.

Who Should Buy The ShockShade?

It is a worthwhile investment for just about anyone who owns a car, but parents who often travel with kids will find it particularly helpful. 


What Types of Tents Attach to Cars?

Auto tents come in a range of styles with some attaching to the side, rooftop, or rear-end of the vehicle. They further come in diverse designs including canopy-style shelters, domes, screens, and hatchback options. Some also feature a multi-functional design allowing the tent to function as a standalone shelter when not attached to a vehicle. 

Interestingly, some of these vehicle shelters come in a one to ten-person tent designs. Most even come with screened awnings providing extra space to store gear or a shaded area to relax. While most of these auto shelters can customize to fit your vehicle, there are specific vehicle tents made for different car models and makes for a better fit.

How Do They Connect?

Most vehicle shelters attach to your car via removable cargo area sleeves or straps that tie over the luggage rack. They often also come with stakes to make sure that they get proper anchoring to give them maximum stability. Most come designed to deploy quickly and are much less of a hassle to set up. 

best suv tent - different views

Top Factors To Consider When Buying An SUV Tent

Much like shopping for regular tents, auto shelters come in an array of options. A few guidelines can point you in the right direction when buying these portable auto shelters. 


You will come across different tent brands offering vehicle shelters in selections of styles, and it just comes down to preference when choosing one. The dome-shaped tents are similar to the free-standing variety only with the modification of coming with a removable sleeve for attachment to your vehicle. They are further available in selections of a hatchback, rooftop, rear-end, or side-extended installation.  

Canopies install over the rear rooftop of your vehicle and create a shaded area for your beach adventures. Screens can either come in the form of a meshed awning or window shade. Choosing a screen comes down to just how much shielding you prefer and your intended use. 

Are They Comfortable?

The whole purpose of getting the best SUV tent is to create an instant space where you can sleep comfortably. Most of them build outdoor shelters that function much like regular tents and accord you the maximum level of comfort. Several added features such as a waterproof floor, adequate ventilation spots, and utility storage pockets enhance the comfort you get from the outdoor shelter. 


When you have a tent set up outdoors, even with the comfort of being attached to your vehicle, you want to know that it can offer adequate protection from the elements. The material used to construct the vehicle tent has a hand in determining its performance under varying weather conditions. 

Beyond featuring a durable fabric, you want an auto tent that is waterproof as well. Thing such as polyester-coating and taped seams indicate that the outdoor shelter has gone through adequate waterproof treatment. Look out for the inclusion of a rainfly too for added measure.  


Naturally, even if you are shopping for a vehicle tent, you want one that can accommodate a desired number of occupants. At the same time, you want to keep the auto shelter within a reasonable and convenient size. The great thing is that these portable tents come in varying sizes with some able to accommodate ten or more people. 

Final Words

Finding the best SUV tent is not always easy and should have given you an idea about the kind of vehicle shelter that you need. The biggest take home is to match up your needs with a suitable portable outdoor shelter. For instance, if you regularly make trips down to the beach with your family the KingCamp canopy would suit you best.

However, for a long road trip with stopovers at the end of each day, the Explorer 2, DAC, Sportz Dome, and Napier tents are worth considering. On the other hand, the ShadeSox is not exactly a vehicle shelter but it creates the right conditions for backseat occupants to enjoy a more comfortable ride. 

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