Best Multi-Room Tent Reviews: Camping Large With Friends & Family

When you want a big enough outdoor shelter for your family or just a spacious one that provides some camping luxury then a multi-room tent is what you need. Going for one of these might sound like giving up on the outdoor spirit of adventure, but it does mean gaining some extra privacy.

Regardless, you cannot go wrong investing in a spacious tent for your future group camping trips. They can fall on the heavier side and tend to be somewhat pricey, but with this guide we have you set up to find nothing short of the best.

Tents With Rooms Comparison

Best Multi-Room Tents Reviews

1. Ozark Trail 18 by 18′ 14-person Tent

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Some Key Features:

  • Three queen airbeds can fit inside.
  • It features a mesh roof, three doors, and eight windows.
  • The tent divides into three rooms.
  • It comes with a front screen porch.

Our Favorite Giant Tent

The 14-person Ozark Trail family tent offers three rooms and a front screened porch that can also double up as the living area. Three airbeds can comfortably fit inside the outdoor shelter, and the 18 by 18′ space offers enough room to accommodate other desired camping gear. The tent also comes designed to withstand the elements with taped fly seams as well as a water-resistant floor.

Eight windows, three doors, and a mesh roof keep the tent well ventilated. For better organization, the tent features a media pocket, three bottle holders, three utility storage pockets, and an E-port.

Who Should Buy This Giant Tent?

Groups of campers or a family in need of an unusually spacious tent will appreciate this multi-room camping shelter.


2. CORE 12-Man Instant Cabin 18 by 10 Tent

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A Few Highlights:

  • The tent sets up instantly and accommodates 12 people.
  • It features an adjustable ground vent and water block technology.
  • Two room dividers convert it into a three-room tent.
  • A gear loft and utility pockets provide convenient storage space.
  • A fully closable electrical cord access port comes with the tent.
  • The package includes tent stakes, rainfly, and a carry bag.

Best Waterproof Option

The CORE tent offers an 18 by 10″ footprint which is spacious enough for a group of 12 people to sleep comfortably. Amongst its main highlights are the two dividers accompanying it which make it possible to convert the outdoor shelter into a three-roomed tent. Large double doors located at the front and back of the tent provide access as well as flexibility in choosing a camping spot. The windows have zippered closures offering more than enough ventilation when needed.

Another highlight of this tent is the fact that it makes use of the CORE H20 Block Technology including a sealed and fully taped rainfly. That makes it as waterproof as they come, and a gear loft that comes with the tent provides off-the-ground storage. Its pop up set up makes it a stress-free experience to put up and to break down the outdoor shelter.

Who Should Get One?

This waterproof shelter is a suitable option for a large group of regular campers who need the extra space and also could use the privacy of a partitioned tent.


3. Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

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Some Key Features:

  • The cabin-style tent sleeps 8.
  • It comes with built-in shelves, a closet, and a hanger bar.
  • An E-port provides access to electrical power inside the tent.
  • Its fast pitch design gets the outdoor shelter up in 9 minutes.
  • A room divider converts it into a two-room tent.
  • The Coleman WeatherTec system makes the tent waterproof.
  • It offers a 13 by 9-feet floor space with an 8-foot center rise.

The Recommended 2-Room Tent

The Coleman Tenaya provides adequate space and a couple of stand out features making it also a luxurious option. It comes with built-in shelves, a closet, and hanger bar making it convenient to keep items organized inside the tent. An E-port allows for access to electrical power and making it accessible inside the outdoor shelter. For its size, it sets up quite quickly with a fast pitch design and just about 9 minutes required to erect the tent.

A room divider comes with the package transforming the shelter into a two-roomed tent for added privacy. The tent also makes use of the Coleman WeatherTec technology including inverted seams and welded floors to keep the outdoor shelter dry. It also folds up into a portable wheeled carry bag making it comfortable to transport and also store away.

Who Should Buy The 2-Roomed Tent?

The spacious and highly functional tent is suitable for a group of campers who need some form of luxurious outdoor shelter.


4. Ozark Trail 14-Person 4-Room Tent

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Some Noteworthy Features:

  • It’s a cabin-style outdoor shelter.
  • Room dividers convert the tent into a four rooms
  • Tapes fly seams and reverse slope windows make it weatherproof.
  • It has four doors providing access to each of the created rooms.
  • Storage pockets make organization of items more manageable, and an E-port brings power access to the tent.

Great Tent With A Porch For Those On A Budget

The Ozark Trail Base Cabin offers four rooms providing enhanced privacy and camping luxury. It comes with a top mesh covering each room as well as multiple windows making it perfect for summer camping, and the fly cover helps to keep the wind out whenever necessary. One main entrance leads to a sheltered porch giving access to the center room. The porch can function as a storage area or an additional room for more people.  Three other side rooms have independent entries with zippered dividers creating the separate spaces.

Each room can comfortably accommodate a queen mattress with the long sides placed against the wall. The tent also comes with storage pockets making it more convenient to store items in an organized way. An E-port brings electric supply within the tent, and a carry bag also comes with the package.

Who Should Buy The Ozark Trail Base Cabin Tent?

Given its size and luxurious four-room design, the tent is practically a steal with its price starting at $231. It’s worth the investment for the budget buyer who wants a big enough multi-room tent.


5. Semoo 9-Person Water Resistant Tent

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A Few Notable Features:

  • The 6-foot high tent can accommodate nine people.
  • It features four D-style meshed doors.
  • Mesh windows and a roof vent enhance ventilation.
  • It is a 3-room tent that stands up well against the rain.

Our Family Pick

The extended dome style tent comes organized in three separate rooms with the help of removable dividers. Shock-corded fiberglass poles accompanied by set up instructions make it a fast process to get the tent standing in no time.

It also comes with a 190T polyester fly with a polyurethane coating that can resist water up to 1000mm. The tent has four doors with two located in the central room and the other two at each of the side rooms.

Who Should Get This Tent?

It is a family-style tent and would work for a couple with two to three children. Its also works for a group looking for a summer camping tent.


What Makes A Great Multi-room Tent

Just like you feel most comfortable in a house with different rooms for various functions, the same applies when camping outdoors. It even becomes much of a priority to get a multi-person tent when you regularly camp out with friends and family. Splitting the internal space also accords you some much-needed privacy. Some of the other reasons why you’d want to go for tents with rooms include:

  • You get several functional areas for different applications.
  • You can fit in more camping gear without feeling cramped up.
  • The ability to have a convenient camp kitchen solves your meal arrangments.
  • Everyone can have individual rooms or fewer people have to share one large space.
  • There is always enough room to accommodate a relative or friend tagging along to your camping trips.


Most tents use dividers or separators to transform an outdoor shelter into a multi-room tent. Some might have the dividers permanently sewn into the tent’s wall, but a majority come with removable separators. Naturally, these giant tents come in different models designed to meet the equally differing needs of various campers.

2-Room Camping

The two-room tents best suit anyone who does not need that much space but would not mind having their space partitioned. Most of these tents often come with one divider that separates the tent right in the middle into two rooms.

3-Room Camping

The three-roomed varieties come with two dividers that can transform the available space into three separate living areas. The center room is often more massive in size than the others and functions as the focal area with a central door giving access to the outdoor shelter.

4-Room Camping

The four-roomed tents are considered a luxurious option, but it’s possible to find several decently priced ones. They also tend to be the larger of tents that can sleep a group of 10 or more people. These tents also have a focal area with the main entrance, and the other rooms located to the sides have independent doors and windows.



All tents come designed to withstand the elements, but not all of them are built to stand through torrential downpours. It’s essential to look into the features that make a particular shelter waterproof particularly if you plan to use it under unpredictable weather circumstances. Elements such as the outer shell fabric, taped seams, reinforced floor, polyurethane coated shell, and a rainfly come with the package all go towards waterproofing a tent.

With porch

It always helps to have a tent with a sheltered porch area because it can function as a storage space or an extra room to accommodate more people. It’s usually the larger three-room or four-room tents that have this helpful feature. Most also feature meshed doors for enhanced ventilation, and in most cases, the porch leads to the central room.

The Setup Requirements


A lot of people might think that multi-room tents come with complicated setup requirements but most feature an instant model. However, the more rooms and larger the shelter the more likely that it requires staking which might take a bit more time to put up. Generally, when following the setup guidelines, it should not be a problem to erect these tents.


Why are multi-room tents so great for large families?

When camping out with the family, usually the sleeping capacity matters most. However, when you bring kids into the mix, then it helps a lot to have separate bedrooms for the adults and children. The larger the family, the more beneficial it is to get a tent with three or four rooms. It also gives everyone the privacy they deserve and divides the internal space into separate livable areas for different functions.

Do large tents take longer to set up?

The general belief is that the bigger tents take a significantly longer time to put up because they are generally heavier. There is some truth in it, but typically, most come in instant/pop-up designs which makes them quicker to erect.

What are they made of?

Most of these tents feature a polyester construction, but you can find them in a diverse selection of fabrics. Several also come with a polyester rainfly that is polyurethane coated protecting the tent from the rain. Other features like taped seams and a fully sealed rainfly also enhance the rainproof-ness of a tent.

Can it be washed?

Regardless of the fabric used to construct a tent, they are generally not washed but rather wiped down to clean them. Some mild soap and lukewarm water are enough to give the shelter a thorough wipedown. However, avoid detergents and tossing the tent in washing machines or dryers which can damage their seams and protective coating.

Are tents allowed on outer banks beaches?

Generally, camping isn’t permitted on any Outer Banks beaches unless it’s within a designated campgrounds zone. The National Park Service maintains a couple of oceanside campgrounds, and one is on Ocracoke Island and the other near the Frisco Air Strip.

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