5 Of The Best 10 Person Camping Tents — Pack The Summer Fun!

Camping trips have always been a big tradition in my family ever since I was young. Now that I have a family of my own, I decided to keep the tradition alive and regularly take my family out to the great outdoors. However, the family has grown with four young ones, my wife, my brother and his wife, and two beloved Maltese terriers who always tag along. It became apparent that we need to upgrade to a 10-person tent.

We have always used an old 6-man tent that I inherited from my parents, and my brother would come with a 2-man shelter for him and his wife. The old tent is just about giving in, and my brother’s wife always complains that their tent gets too hot at night. With an upcoming camping trip, it only makes sense to invest in a group-size tent to solve our accommodation issues once and for all.

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My research bore fruit, and I was able to narrow down on five of the best 10-person tents out there. I decided to review them to help anyone else who is in a similar situation, and the reviews factor in size, features, and what others had to say about the products. Let us get right into it.

Best 10 Person Camping Tent Comparison & Reviews

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  1. CORE 12 — Person Cabin Tent
  2. Ozark Base Camp Cabin
  3. Ozark Trail 3, Room 10 — Person Tent
  4. Wenzel Great Basin Tent
  5. Coleman WeatherMaster

1. CORE 12 — Person Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10' …- Dark

Top Pop Up  Tent

When out camping, you want to make sure that you have a shelter set up in record time. A pop-up or instant tent solves this problem by coming with most parts already pre-fitted. With our research, we determined that the CORE 12-person Cabin is one of the best pop-up shelters you could buy.

Our top pick.

What we like:

  • A fast set up.
  • It is a spacious 12-man cabin tent.
  • The camping cabin comes with two dividers.

Who should buy it?

  • A family with pets who need the extra room.
  • A group of camping friends or relatives.

The unwritten rule of thumb with tents is always to go a size up to get enough space plus the extra. This 12-man shelter is what you need because it can accommodate ten people plus gear and luggage comfortably. The two dividers included can also transform the cabin into a 3-room tent if required.

Concerning issues that might make you look for other options, the only foreseeable problem is the tent’s hefty price.

Some Notable Features:

  • Get this camping shelter set up in just a matter of two minutes because of its instant pop-up model.
  • The cabin accommodates three queen-size air mattresses.
  • Two included room dividers can form three separate rooms and transform the cabin into living and sleeping spaces if desired.
  • The construction features water-resistant fabric with windows and door seals, a tapered rainfly, and sealed seams.
  • The CORE H20 technology provides adjustable ground venting.
  • Large double doors create entry/exit ways at the front and back of the cabin.
  • Wall storage pouches and a gear loft built in the shelter provide a solution to store items neatly and safely off the floor.
  • The tent also features an electrical cord access port that closes when not in use.
  • The package also included a rainfly, stakes, and a carry bag.


2. Ozark Base Camp Cabin

No products found.

Our highlights:

  • It is a 14-man tent.
  • The cabin features a removable roof fly.

Who is it for?

  • The traveling group in need of extra space.
  • Families

Most Awesome Family Tent

The goal is always to get a tent that comes with all the bells and whistles at a relatively affordable price. If you are looking for such a shelter, the Ozark Base Camp Cabin fits the bill.

This 14-man tent is what a group of ten travelers need to get a home-like comfort when out camping. It features a cross base design with a central converging area. Three sewn-in dividers can transform the cabin into four livable spaces.

It does fall on the heavier side and can cause some packing challenges.

Some Awesome Features:

  • It is a 14-man tent which offers enough room to sleep a group of ten plus lost of extra space for any application.
  • Three sewn-in dividers transform the cabin into four livable areas in a cross/plus design. The main entryway leads to a converging point at the center.
  • Storage pouches on the walls offer a solution to organize your items away from the ground.
  • Each of the created rooms has an individual entrance for added privacy and can accommodate a queen air mattress comfortably.
  • It comes with an electrical cord port access.
  • Removable roof flys leave a mesh opening allowing you to enjoy a view of the sky when sleeping and it also enhances ventilation.
  • It does assemble quite quickly for such a large tent.


3. Ozark Trail 3, Room 10 — Person Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

3-Room Family Tents

Much like the CORE 12-man cabin, several family-sized tents feature sewn-in or removable dividers. The role of these separators is to transform the space within into segmented liveable areas. The Ozark is a 3-room camping shelter worth checking out.

What we like:

  • The tent includes two removable dividers.
  • It comes with twin and queen air mattresses.

Who should get it?

  • A group of frequent travelers.
  • Families

The Ozark 3-room tent would suit a group of frequent travelers, for instance, three of four sets of couples who often travel together. The shelter is roomy enough to fit three queen air mattresses as well as all the gear you take with you on camping trips.

Worth mentioning is that the state of California restricts the purchase of this product. The unit also slopes towards the ends and robs you of potential storage space around the corners.

Some Notable Features:

  • The all-season shelter comes with one twin and one queen air mattresses.
  • It features water-resistant construction.
  • The unit features a center entryway and two side doors.
  • Six mesh windows with zip closure offer excellent ventilation.
  • A taped fly seam construction prevents water from getting into the tent.
  • The package includes a zippered carry bag.

4. Wenzel Great Basin Tent

Wenzel Great Basin Tent - 10 Person

Wenzel is a well-known camp gear producer, and they do have a selection of quality family sized tents. The Wenzel Great Basin is worth checking out if you want a durable and quick-to-assemble camping shelter.

Our highlights:

  • It divides into two inner rooms.
  • The package includes hanging pockets and a gear loft.

Who should get it?

  • Families.

A family would find this Wenzel camping shelter a suitable abode. The inner space divides into two separates areas to offer much-need privacy.

Its construction shelters you from the rain, but it does not hold up too well in stormy weather.

Some Cool Features:

  • The tent sets up quickly with the help of the fast feet and pre-fixed fiberglass shock-corded poles.
  • Ridgepoles under the front door flyover and rear window offer weather protection.
  • A hanging separator curtain forms two inner rooms for added privacy.
  • The shelter has a single door with a zippered flap, three mesh roof vents, and four mesh windows for enhanced ventilation.
  • The integrated gear loft allows you to hang your flashlight or headlamp for better illumination.
  • The package includes two hanging storage pockets, stakes, a gear loft, and storage duffel.

5. Coleman WeatherMaster

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Camping Tent, Large Weatherproof Family Tent with Room Divider and Included Rainfly, Strong Frame can Withstand Winds up to 35MPH

Coleman is yet another well-known outdoor gear manufacturer, and they also specialize in producing group-size camping shelters. The brand carries out rigorous tests on their products guaranteeing that they can hold up well through the toughest of weathers. Their cabin-style WeatherMaster is a suitable option for camping groups.

What we like:

  • The spacious tent can withstand harsh weather.
  • Color-coded poles make set-up a quicker process.

Who should buy it?

  • A group of campers.

Families and group traveling together will find this 10-man tent quite comfortable. Color-coded poles facilitate quick assembly, and an included rain-fly provides added protection from the elements.

The stakes that come with the tent may prove a bit flimsy, and you might have to get replacements if you intend to camp out in unfavorable weather.

Some Noteworthy Features:

  • It features a polyester taffeta construction with PU coating.
  • The cabin-style tent can accommodate three queen air beds.
  • It also features Coleman’s WeatherTec system with inverted seams and wielded floors offering maximum protection from the weather.
  • Two entry/exit ways at the front and back enable access. The front door features a hinged design, and the back door has a zippered closure.
  • Color-coded poles make the set-up process hassle-free and quicker.

What Makes A Great 10 — Man Tent?

Camping out with the family presents a few accommodation challenges, with the question being whether to go for several individual tents or a group-size option. There are several arguments for either choice depending on the characteristics of the campers.

Say your group includes small kids or a mixed group of people, you may want to consider privacy issues. Individual tents could offer the needed privacy, but if your group camping trips are frequent, then a larger unit becomes more practical. One group-sized tent is more manageable to transport and set-up considered to several smaller units.

Therefore, it does make sense to settle for a family-sized tent as a long-term investment.

Is It Comfortable With That Many People?

We all enjoy our personal space, and it is one of those liberties we want to keep even when couped up in a tent with family. The solution lies in getting a large enough tent to accord you this liberty.

While most camping shelters feature guides regarding how many people it can accommodate, usually this is a tight-squeeze estimate. It means that you are better going a size or two up to get the amount of comfort you need. Therefore, even all the 10-person tents may not give you an accurate representation of the comfort level, and you should instead make a note of the square footage.

When considering space for such a group of people, you want to factor in the ability of the shelter to accommodate your sleep and camping gear and still leave enough room for everyone to move around without having to crouch or bump into each other.

We say it is best to go for a 12-man or even 14-man tent if you want a camping shelter that can accommodate ten people. That gives you enough room to set up your aid mattresses/ air beds with enough room left to wiggle around as well as store your gear.


If only we could predict the weather, but we cannot which makes it wiser to go for a waterproof tent. Just because the unit is humongous does not mean that it outrightly can withstand the elements. Your best bet is to get an all-weather tent or one that can at least stand through the harshest of winds and rain.

Two crucial words to watch out for when looking at different products are the words “water-resistant” and “waterproof.” Water resistance refers to the product’s ability to resist water penetration up to a certain degree. Waterproof units are 100% impervious to water.

Naturally, you want a 100% waterproof tent with a waterproof rainfly for added measure.

What Is A Cabin Tent?

As much as there are different selections of tents available, you will come across a wider variety of designs. As implied, the cabin-style tents come in a design similar to the wooden permanent camping shelters that we know. These permanent camping shelters feature taller and roomier inner spaces making them ideal for larger camping groups.

Now, most people become even more confused when it comes to differentiating between cabin and dome tents. They come with several similar features, and several cabin-dome hybrids exist. The primary distinction is that cabin-style models come with straight poles creating almost vertical walls. The dome-style options feature curved poles.

Another distinction is that the almost vertical walls form a perfectly square floor allowing you to use every single inch. Dome-shaped tents might curve the edges which prevent you from using the spaces around the corners.

So why go for a cabin-style tent?

  • You want more room and to make use of the spaces around the corners of the tent.
  • The taller than the average person will appreciate the added height that comes with cabin camping shelters when standing upright.
  • These tents also tend to come in larger sizes in comparison with similar tents in different designs. For instance, a 10-man dome is markedly smaller than a cabin model. The additional room allows you to set up other camping furniture in addition to your air mattresses/airbeds.
  • If you camp out for extended periods of time, these portable shelters offer a close to home-like comfort.

However, they tend to be the heaviest and do not hold up too well against the elements. They also require a bit more effort to set up. All this depends on the particular brand.


If you have ever been inside a tent when it is pouring outside you may end up having to deal with the extreme heat inside. What happens next is having to suffer through the rain dripping in from the mesh windows/roof because you just have to let out some of the heat.

The construction and number of doors/ windows a tent come with determines the ventilation. For instance, you want mesh doors/windows with zippered closures and outdoor awnings to offer protection from the elements. Two doors are better than one, and a large-sized tent should have at least four or more windows.

The material of the tent itself should be impervious to water while still maintaining a high level of breathability. The seams are equally important when it comes to making sure that the shelter offers maximum protection from the elements.

Most family-sized tents will come with removable roof vents or mesh flys which for enhanced ventilation. Proper ventilation can save you the money you otherwise have to spend on a camping air conditioning system.

The Final Verdict

I do hove that my roundup of the best ten-person tent reviews proved helpful to you and that you now have a better inkling of what you need. Once again, remember that you want to shoot for a bigger sized tent that will come with the right amount of space to house a group of ten or more.

You can imagine that you will have ten people holed up in the tent at any given time. You do not want to keep bumping into each other or barely have enough room to move around. I once again say go for a 12-man to 14 person tent if you want a camping shelter that is roomy enough for a group of ten with room to spare for your gear.

I nominated the CORE 12-person tent as the best out of this list because it checks all the boxes. It is adequately ventilated, sets up quickly, comes with two room separators, offers enough space, and comes at a fair price. The other four options are worthy adversaries from some of the top outdoor gear brands, and you will make a good investment with any of them.

With that said, happy shopping and do enjoy your future family camping trips.

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