Best 12 Person Tent Reviews [For Family & Friends!]

Anyone looking for a 12-person does so because they want the extra space. It is often not about finding an outdoor abode to accommodate 12 or more people, but the possibility does not hurt either. That is why we did some research and came up with the best 12 person tent reviews.

These larger tents also present the possibility of maintaining some privacy in the great outdoors with the multi-room options. Remember that a camping crib functions as your sleeping quarters, chill out spot, and the place where you store your gear.

We settled for five that meet the space, privacy durability, and quick assembly criteria. Let us get right into it.

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12 Person Camping Tent Comparison and Reviews

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  1. Tahoe Gear 3-Season 12-Man Tent
  2. CORE 12-person Cabin Tent
  3. Eureka Copper Canyon 12-Man Tent
  4. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch
  5. NTK Super Arizona XL Camping Tent

12 Person Tent Reviews

Let us jump right into the reviews, and by no means are these five the only 12-man options but the ones we feel warrant your attention. The selection of five top their respective categories and also made it to this list based on their quality, versatility, and value.

1. Tahoe Gear 3-Season 12 Man Tent

No products found.

What we like:

  • It offers the perfect blend of affordability and functionality.
  • The set up is relatively quick.
  • It includes a zip-down divider that acts like a door.

Who should buy it?

  • A group of hikers.
  • Camping families.

Our Cheapest & More affordable Pick

By cheap, we do not mean quality but rather the best value for your money. Sounds like something far-fetched when shopping for a humongous camping shelter to house a group of 12 or more.  This tent takes this slot because it is by far the most affordable product on our list and a great option if your thinking to buy a large family cabin tent.

The Tahoe Gear Prescott tent is quite roomy and holds up well when pitted against other similar camping shelters. It meets the interests of a group of 10 or more campers looking for a spacious option. It is lighter than most 12-person camping shelters and would best suit short-term campers or a camping and hiking groups. Its made from an excellent waterproof material to keep the tent -and you- dry.

  • Excellent weather resistant material to keep you dry

Its simplistic design could also be its undoing because it lacks the most basic of add-ons that come with similar tents such as storage pockets and hooks and loops to hang lanterns.

Some Valuable Features:

  • The 31-pound lightweight construction makes it what you want to take with you on a group excursion or weekend family getaway.
  • It rises 6 foot by 6 inches high at the center making it comfortable to move around within the shelter.
  • Fiberglass shock-corded poles allow for a quick and simple assembly.
  • A taped fly seam system reinforces the construction and offers protection against the elements of nature, including bugs.
  • A fly with guy ropes provides further protection in windy weather.
  • It comes with a sewn-in zip-down divider that transforms the outdoor crib into two separate rooms.
  • The tent is available in two multi-color selections with predominantly blue and green options.


2. CORE 12-person Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10' …- Dark

Our highlights:

  • The outdoor shelter features a sizeable floor space.
  • It includes storage pouches and a gear loft.
  • It includes two dividers and a ground vent.
  • It includes a rain fly to keep its roof dry.
  • It’s freestanding, so you can pitch it in any surface.

Who should get it?

  • A camping group that makes trips to the great outdoors frequently for extended periods of time.

Our Top Rated Pick (And Why)

This Tent has the most consumer reviews and highest rating amongst the 12-person camping shelters on this list. It does not hurt that it is an instant model and this spacious camping abode gets the top spot for its diverse functions and features.

A group of 12 hoping setting out for a couple of days or weeks should consider the CORE Instant 12-person Cabin. The cabin-like style makes it the most liberal when it comes to space. Two room separators come with the package and instantly create three rooms helping to enhance privacy. It includes two vents near the floor for better air circulation.

The poles that come with it are prone to breaking, and the tent does take a beating during harsh weather, so it’s not good for every season.  Also at 53 pounds, this outdoor shelter best serves a group that pitches at one location for the duration of their camping trip.

Some Notable Features:

  • This 12 person instant cabin sets up in just about two minutes.
  • The family tent accommodates three queen air mattresses comfortably.
  • The cabin rises a decent 80 inches to the ceiling up at the center.
  • Two removable room separators transform the tent into a 3-room outdoor abode.
  • Every room includes a loft over your head and storage pockets at the sides
  • A gear loft and built-in wall pockets provide off-the-ground storage spaces.
  • An electrical cord access port comes with the package, and you can tuck it away out of sight when it is not in use.
  • The innovative CORE H2O Block technology keeps the water away using rain resistant seals to avoid your camping gear and accesories from getting wet, and an adjustable ground vent enhances the unit’s overall breathability, which is helpful, especially in summer.
  • A rainfly, stakes and carry bag come with the package.


3. Eureka Copper Canyon 12

Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent, Orange

Eureka is one of the greatest brands out there. It produces the Copper series of outdoor shelters delivered in cabin dome designs. The spacious camping tents comfortably accommodate airbeds and cots with enough room left for your gear. It may not have the greatest color or most pompous design, but their Copper Canyon 12 is worth checking out for the group-sized tent shopper.

What we like:

  • It rises 7 feet up from the ground.
  • The inside of the tent is roomier compared to other similar outdoor shelters.

Who should buy it?

  • The family with an annual camping trip for having fun and playing outdoor sports slotted on their calendar will appreciate the Eureka Canyon.

The spacious outdoor shelter offers an impressive 168 square feet floor space. It also comes with a removable divider with a zip which can help create two inner rooms for added privacy. It has a strong pole structure and mesh ceiling.

It can be assembled by a single person, but two or three will get the job done much quicker.

Something awesome is that it includes a power port for your electronics. On the other side, part of the rain fly is made of plastic allowing enjoy the view of the stars at night and aiding ventilation.

Close to being a dealbreaker is the lack of an canopy awning at the entrance. It means that you cannot leave muddy items outside during a downpour.

Some Cool Features:

  • The Canyon comes in a 9-pole cabin design with a spacious 14 by 12-floor space and 7-foot rise.
  • A removable zipper separator forms two inner rooms for enhanced privacy.
  • Two D-style doors provide multiple entry and exit ways, and they also feature large windows for enhanced ventilation.
  • All the walls also feature mesh windows, and a full-mesh roof promotes better airflow while reducing condensation.
  • An E-power port is part of the parcel with a zippered flap giving access for extension cord connection
  • A fly with guy pints secures the tent against unfavorable weather conditions, mainly during the winter.
  • Also included are two gear lofts, stakes, tent poles and a carry bag.


4. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch

No products found.

What we like:

  • The pre-attached poles presentation give it a quick assembly.
  • It comes with a nice looking and impressive porch at the front entrance (you may even want to start living there).

Who should get it?

  • A traveling family with kids who want a 3-roomed spacious camping crib for added privacy.

Our Top Instant Tent Pick

No one wants to spend hours pitching up a tent for camping, and an instant/pop-up model can solve this problem. This one is a tent easy to assemble, and one of the greatest in the tents market. The larger of portable camping shelters have a terrible rep for coming with complicated set-up requirements.

However, a fair share including the Ozark Trail come in instant designs for a quick assembly. You just need to unfold the Ozark Trail and extend its attached leg poles, and it’s good to go.

The Ozark Trail comes in a 16 by 16 cabin design offering plenty of room to sleep a group of 12. It can accommodate three queen airbeds comfortably or up to 12 sleeping bags. It is easy to fold, and fits in a car easily. Also, it has the greatest look of all the cabins we checked.

Worth noting is that you might have to upgrade the guy wires and stakes for added reinforcement so that the structure can stand through harsh weather and wind.

For better rain protection it is made of 68D-coated polyester fabric. The rain fly is waterproof and it resists hard rain. It has multiple skylights to allow the light to pass, acting as a roof window and allowing you to enjoy the view at night. Its seven windows with mesh screen can be closed and opened to regulate the air circulation inside the tent.

The biggest problem is that it doesn’t have any attached storage space for your equipment, shoes, or clothes. This means the space may be too tight, or small. So, it fits -ideally- a smaller amount of campers. 12 campers can fit easily if they will only spend their nights at the tent.

Some Standout Features:

  • The 16 by 16 cabin does not come with complex assembly requirements because it comes with pre-attached poles.
  • Large closable mesh windows line up all sides of this outdoor shelter allowing for proper ventilation.
  • An amply sized awning at the front forms an excellent shaded porch area.
  • Three queen airbeds comfortably fit inside, and two room dividers form three separate rooms within.
  • An oversized groud vent enhances ventilation, and it can also accommodate an air conditioner for added measure.
  • Factory taped and sealed seams keep this camping shelter dry and free from leaks.


5. NTK Super Arizona XL Camping Tent

NTK Arizona GT 12 Person Tent for Family Camping | 20.6x10 ft Camping Tent with 2 Rooms, 2 Doors, 100% Waterproof Dome & Breathable Mesh | Outdoor Tent | 2500 mm Warm & Cold Weather Family Tent

Our highlights:

  • It comes with a bathtub-style base to keep the water away.
  • The tent comes packed with several helpful features including a mosquito mesh and UV protection.

Who should buy it?

  • A family with kids will find the Arizona XL very spacious and comfortable.

Our Sweetest Pick

Some tents are just too sweet to resist because they come packed with all the coolest features you want from out of a portable outdoor crib. The NTK Super Arizona is the biggest brother of a variety of tents built in the same style.

It comes with all the right bells and whistles making it one of the irresistible options due to the fact that it sleeps up to 12 people (following the backpacking principle).

The NTK brand is not that well-known, but their range of 12-person camping abodes are worth checking out. Their Super Arizona XL, in particular, offers a sweet deal for family-sized tent shoppers. It comes bundled up with a super thick floor and rainfly guaranteed to maintain a dry-zone within.

All good things have a hidden flaw, and the NTK Super Arizona comes with subpar quality zippers and metal stakes. While you can always upgrade these elements, at its price point it is a bit disappointing.

Some Sweet Features:

  • A detachable room divider creates two livable spaces inside.
  • Two D-style doors and three windows with mosquito mesh allow for better airflow.
  • The tent set up is quicker with the help of color-coded poles.
  • The 20.6 by 10.2 outdoor shelter rises 6.9 feet up creating enough room to move around upright. At 39.7lbs it is surprisingly lightweight.
  • With a double-layer polyester construction, the shelter is 2500mm polyurethane laminated making it as waterproof as they come.
  • The sealed seams keep water out, and the tent also offers UV protection.
  • Utility pockets on the walls and a gear loft provide storage spaces.
  • The heavy-duty antifungus polyethylene floor with an inner silver coating keeps things dry.
  • A heavy-duty carry bag with an ID label and compression straps and NANO-FLEX shock corded rods come with the package.

What Makes The Best 12 Man Tent?

Most people do not go out camping with so many people, which means that the market for 12-man tents is quite slim. But sometimes, for big family camping these options are excellent to have.

But the thing becomes even more complicated because we all know that a 12-man option would ideally suit a group of 10/11. That means that you should always go bigger if you want to accommodate 12 or more people comfortably.


Sometimes, you might just want one of these bigger outdoor abodes for the extra room and not feeling trapped in a small interior space and not because you plan to camp with 12 people. The sizing guide slapped on these products usually acts as a guide, and it gives a tight-fit estimate. Therefore, getting a size or two bigger is the way to go if you are looking for ultimate comfort.

The height and floor size should be of paramount interest because the available space is what determines just how many people you can squeeze into the tent and how comfortable you’ll be. Naturally, these portable sleeping shelters pack on the weight and are not what you would take on a hiking trip.


Most camping shelters feature a polyester construction with a polyurethane coating but it is entirely possible to find tents made out of assortments of other materials. The seam sealing is equally important because it contributes to the waterproof abilities of the structure.

Generally, an easy setup without many complicated poles for the tent is a must when looking for a 12-person tent. That’s why there is an instant cabin tent market. While some might come with color-coded rods for quick assembly, it is wiser to pay attention to the construction of the stakes. The poles determine whether the camping crib can stand against harsh weather or if you might have to upgrade them.

The number of windows and doors contribute to ventilation, but you want to make sure that the no-see-um mesh type comes with a convenient and rain-proof closure.

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Some extra features can seal the deal for anyone shopping for a 12-man outdoor abode. For instance, an awning that creates a front porch proves helpful when it comes to offering protection from the elements and creating a shaded chill-out spot.

However, some add-ons are standard with most of these units including a rainfly, stakes, and a carry bag. Just keep an eye to make sure that the tent you are looking at comes with them.

What is The Advantage Of Multi-room Tents?

When you think about it, 12 people are just a lot of people to have holed up in at any given moment. For the most part, it means that you have to give up your privacy, at least until you go back home. Multi-room tents allow you to take the comfort of maintaining some semblance of a home-like experience outdoors.

Usually, the multi-room tents feature sewn-in or removable dividers creating separate liveable areas within the camping abode. Most come with one to three of these separators creating a two to a four-roomed structure. It can prove quite useful when camping out with kids or a mixed group where several people want to maintain some privacy.

The dividers can come down when needed and leave the unit as one vast open space which proves useful when accommodating a larger group of people.

Are They The Biggest Camping Tents?

Multi-room tents are not necessarily larger because they only create the separate rooms with the help of dividers. In fact, dividers can transform virtually any outdoor shelter into a multi-room abode.

Do You Need A Massive Sized Tent?

Going back to the argument about size, the need for one of these enormous tents is purely subjective. More than often, the people who buy them just need the extra room to create a home away from home and not necessarily to host a huge group or 12 or more people.

If you camp out with a lot of gear or your trips last for a couple of days or more, then you should consider getting one of these “house” units. However, keep in mind that their weight confines you to pitching up at one location and staying there for the duration of your camping trip.

How Tall Are They?

It does help to also take note of the rise of the tent from the center up. Combined with the floor space, it gives you an idea of the ability to move within the structure comfortably without having to crouch or bump into one another. The cabin style selections tend to feature the highest rises up at the center.

7-Foot Tall?

Yes, you can come across units that rise 7 feet up at the center, and they accord the tent a roomier internal space. Keep in mind the challenges that may come with assembling such a tall shelter, but the scores of instant/pop-up models take care of this problem.

The Final Verdict

We are sure that our list of the five best 12 person tent reviews has helped you figure out your camping accommodation needs. We went a step further and covered products that are topping different categories to meet specific individual needs.

To wrap it all up, the Tahoe Gear takes home the top slot because of the value it offers against its relatively affordable price. The CORE tent follows as a close second runner-up, and it is currently the top rated on Amazon under the 12-man category.

The NTK might not be that well-known, but we say give it a shot because it offers the best bang for your buck. Otherwise, you cannot go wrong with either the Eureka Copper or Ozark Trail options because we made sure that the specific products can meet your big-tent needs.

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