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Thinking back to the last car trip I took with my family; we were running late to get to a KOA before nightfall. With a three-year-old and five-year-old in tow, we had to make numerous stops along the way every time the kids had to go. All the beverages we were downing were not helping the situation because the kids had to go and when they had to go we had to stop. At that point, I remember thinking that if we had a portable toilet at hand it would have shortened the pitstops we took and we would not have been so late.

That was years ago, and we finally got around to buying a recreational vehicle for your our annual family road trips. Top of the list was making sure that the RV was comfortable enough to see us through those road journeys. I thought back to our past car trips, and I knew that I had to get the best RV toilet aboard. We love to travel, but we also love our privacy… Hence us making an article about this product to help you along your search and make the rigth choice.

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Research enlightened me about the various options available, and I believe it could be helpful for someone in the same position looking for an RV toilet.

Best Toilets For RV

The below affilate links will bring you to

  1. Porta Poti Curve By Thetford
  2. Thetford 34429 Magic-Style Toilet
  3. Pedal Flush Aqua-Magic Toilet
  4. Thetford Aqua-Magic Hand Flush Toilet
  5. Aqua-Magic Bravura Toilet
  6. Thetford 19766 Electric Flush Toilet
  7. Dometic 310 Low- profile w/Toilet Spray
  8. Dometic 320 Standard Toilet

RV Toilet Reviews For Your Flushing Pleasure

RVs needs toilets designed to offer high function and withstand the stress of a moving vehicle. In fact, it is no longer debatable whether or not you need a porta potty in recreational vehicles. It is a worthwhile and great investment and offers a comfortable solution to answer to nature’s call when on the road.


Thetford is one of the leaders in the mobile sanitation production industry. They produce selections of self-contained portable loos with the flexibility of applications. The Porta Poti and 34429 are some of their best toilets for RVs.

1. Porta Poti Curve By Thetford

Thetford Porta Poti 92360

Top Rated.

Our highlights:

  • It is a top-of-the-line award-winning RV toilet.
  • The portable design makes it ideal for flexible use.
  • It uses a battery-operated flush system.
  • Great for the money.

Who should get it?

  • Recreational vehicle users including RVers.
  • Truckers and vans.
  • Medical and regular campers.

The Thetford Porta Poti is one of the best sellers, and it is popular with both RVers and campers. It comes with a comfortable height design making it suitable for just about anyone. An optional hold down kit available holds it down securely and prevents it from toppling over in a moving vehicle.

Its curved design works against it because there is no room created underneath to allow you to tuck your legs in for added comfort.

Some Luxurious Features:

  • The Thetford toilet comes in a curved design measuring 17 5/8 (H) by 17 3/4 (D) by 14 1/4 (W) inches.
  • It comes with a 4-gallon freshwater and 5.5-gallon waste water tanks.
  • An integrated toilet paper holder keeps your tissue paper within reach.
  • Hidden holding tank indicators alert you to refill the fresh water tank and empty out the waste tank.
  • It is the only Thetford porta potty that comes with an electric flushing system. Six AA (1.5V) batteries can offer 500 to 700 flushes.
  • An easy pour-out spout with a cap makes the process of emptying the unit more comfortable.
  • An option hold-down kit can help secure down the portable potty when on the road.

2. Thetford 34429 Magic-Style Toilet

Thetford Aqua Magic 34429

What we like:

  • Simple to use.
  • It comes in a contemporary home-like design.
  • The RV loo uses a full-size antimicrobial seat.
  • A single-pedal flush provides 100% bowl coverage.

Who needs this porta potty?

  • Recreational vehicle users who want a permanent style portable toilet.

This Thetford porta potty looks and functions much like your home toilet. It comes with a comfortable full-size sea making it suitable for most people.

While it does meet most expectations you want from a portable toilet for an RV, its small lid is unproportionate to the seat, which is not the biggest of deal breakers.

Some Cool Features:

  • It features a china design similar to your residential unit.
  • A single-pedal system provides a vigorous flush that covers the entire bowl for a cleaner wipe.
  • The full-size antimicrobial seat prevents the growth of mold and odor-causing bacteria.
  • It is available in high and low profiles and white and bone colors.

Aqua Magic

The Aqua Magic line is a premium collection of Thetford’s lightweight toilets. Delivered by a company with a strong track record in the RV toilets business for more than 50 years, this selection of portable potties provides quality performance. I found three options that make excellent choices for RV bathrooms.

 3. Pedal Flush Aqua-Magic Toilet (31672)

Thetford Aqua Magic 31672

Wha we like:

  • It comes with a front-placed pedal flush.
  • Low and high size options are available.
  • Its plastic construction makes it lightweight and highly portable.

Who should buy it?

  • Recreational vehicle users.

The residential design of this porta potty helps you take the comfort of your home bathroom to the road. It features a comfortable setup making the installation process relatively hassle-free.

Its thin bowl is one of its main setbacks, and its tendency to stain is also another minor flaw.

Some Cool Features:

  • The foot pedal flush makes it more hygienic. A halfway press adds water and pushing it down completely flushes the toilet.
  • It is available in high and low profiles, and in parchment and white color options.
  • The textured lid resists scuffs and sheds water giving it an even more homely feel.
  • At just 9.4lbs and with plastic construction, the unit is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • An optional hand sprayer can help reduce water consumption and offer a solution for a quick hand rinse.

4. Thetford Aqua-Magic Hand Flush Toilet (31667)

Thetford Aqua Magic 31667

Our highlights:

  • It features a classic toilet style.
  • A single-hand system adds water and flushes.
  • It comes in a lightweight, plastic design.

Who is it for?

  • RVers looking for a flexible, portable loo that they can permanently install or use a mobile unit.

This unit is another version of the 31672 and comes with most of the same features. However, it only comes in a standard size option which features a high profile seat. It also comes with a height boost and is two inches taller than the 31672.  Another difference is the hand flush system the 31667 uses as opposed to the foot pedal flush used by the 31672.

The most prominent concern is the pretty low profile despite it coming with a two-inch boost compared to the 31672.

Some Awesome Features:

  • A single-hand flush system allows you to add water to the bowl by pressing it halfway and flush by pushing it all the way down.
  • It also comes with a textured lid with scuff resistance.
  • The plastic construction makes it lightweight.
  • An optional hand sprayer can help you reduce water consumption further.

5. Aqua-Magic Bravura Toilet

Thetford Bravura 31085

What we like:

  • It comes with a dual function pedal flush.
  • A pulse flush model provides full-bowl.

Who should buy it?

  • RV owners who want a portable loo that allows for a permanent installation.

This porta potty comes in a contemporary design and can fit right in any recreational vehicle. Its curved design also works against it because some people would prefer a toilet with a regular residential seat.

Some Sweet Features:

  • The toilet comes with a single-pedal flush system. It takes a dual function by adding water to the bowl and flushing.
  • A pulse flush provides full-bowl coverage.
  • A cover pod and an easy-off seat give access for cleaning and service.
  • The unit can also work with an optional hand sprayer.
  • It is available in white and parchment color options.


Electric portable toilet systems often come with a battery-powered flush system. These models also usually use a push button flush system much like regular home systems.

6. Thetford 19766 Electric Flush Toilet

Thetford 19766

Our highlight:

  • It comes with a push-button electric flush.
  • The toilet features an elongated and deep bowl.

Who should get it:

  • RV users who want the luxury of having an RV toilet that is as close enough as the one they have a home.

The Thetford 19766 is not one of the portable units you will find in too many recreational vehicles. However, it is suitable for the RV user who wants a high-end toilet much like the one at home.

Toilets using electric flush systems can become even more expensive after the initial purchase because of the reliance on batteries.

Some Cool Features:

  • It comes with an electric push-button flush system. Even a child can easily use it, this makes a big difference.
  • A pulsating flush model offers a superior washdown while reducing water use.
  • The toilet also features an elongated and deeper china bowl which enhances comfort.

Dometic 310 Vs. 320

The Dometic portable toilets help you take the comfort of home on-the-go. The brand is well-known, and they produce top-rated bathroom products. Their selections of RV toilets are easy to install and maintain.

7. Dometic 310 Low- profile w/Toilet Spray

Dometic 310

What we like:

  • It uses a pedal flush with a vortex pattern.
  • An optional hand spray is available
  • The bowl is stain-free and scratch-proof.
  • Great Value

Who should buy it?

  • RV users who spend a significant amount of time on the road.

The ceramic construction of this portable loo makes it as close to the one you have at home. In the standard 18″ height, it is comfortable for most people.

While the overall toilet features quality construction, the toilet seat it comes with is not the best. However, the ability to swap it with one from your local hardware store does not make it too much of a deal breaker.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Low-profile and standard height options are available with optional hand spray models in both heights.
  • The tasteful euro design and porcelain construction give it a similar look to regular household loos.
  • A foot pedal flush sends jets of water flowing through in a swirl motion for a cleaner rinse.
  • Set it up in a matter of time with the help of the two-bolt installation.
  • Available in bone and white choices.

8. Dometic 320 Standard Toilet

Dometic 320

Our highlights:

  • It comes in a residential size.
  • The loo features an elongated bowl.
  • It comes with an upgraded enameled wood seat.

Who is it for?

  • RV users who could use a loo with an elongated bowl.

The taller man will appreciate the markedly longer bowl this porta potty comes with compared to the 310 model. It also comes with a full-size seat making it as comfortable as the one back home.

Given that it is an upgrade to the 310 and addresses most of its flaws, there are not too many noticeable issues with the 320. The only problem would come when you need to replace it falls on the expensive side.

Some Notable Features:

  • Like the 310, low-profile and standard height options are available with optional hand spray models in each size.
  • It features an elongated bowl with a deep ceramic bowl.
  • An ergonomic foot pedal enhances hygiene with a hands-free flushing model. It also promotes efficient use of water because you first press it partially to add water to the bowl and compress it all the way down to flush.
  • The 360-degree rim wash gives it an even cleaner rinse.
  • It is also available in bone and white color options.
  • Good for the price and safe.

When it comes to the 310 versus the 320, we would recommend the 320 because it addresses the flaws of its predecessor. The 320 comes with an elongated bowl making it even more comfortable for the taller person. It replaces the 310’s seat with a comfortable enameled wood seat which is another welcomed upgrade. It also has some great accessories.

However, the differences between the two models are barely noticeable which makes either a worthwhile investment for your RV bathroom or detachable.

Buying Guide for RV Toilet Systems

There are several types of RV toilets designed to meet the demands of different mobile vehicle setup.


The portable designs are by far the most common, and their mobility makes them very suitable for recreational vehicles. Most feature plastic-made bowls which makes them as lightweight as they come. They usually come as either a single unit (bucket loos) or as self-contained units with two tanks. You are free to pick anyone you want, but be sure to pick a good one that is easy to remove. Dont make the mistake we did with our first one.

The two separatable tanks are a waste and freshwater tank, and they often feature a latch mechanism holding them together. However, most require some form of grounding to keep them from toppling over aboard a moving vehicle.

Gravity Flush

The gravity flush toilets have been around for years, and the most traditional you will find in RVs. As implied, the loos use a gravity flush model where the contents of the bowl drop down to a holding tank directly beneath it.

In addition, most portables use this model and the two tanks separate for emptying, cleaning and maintenance purposes. 

Vacuum Flush 

Systems that use the vacuum flush push the contents of the bowl through a storage macerating vacuum pump and vessel to a more massive holding tank. The setup is not self-contained, and the holding tank is usually a distance away from the toilet. 

The model allows for flexible placement of the toilet within a motorhome or camper.

Macerating Flush 

The Macerating RV loo uses a motor-powered macerate pump which converts the waste into a viscous slurry before sending it to the holding tank. Here is a great tip, the model also supports separate positioning of the toilet and holding tank.

These systems support a more efficient and eco-friendlier waste disposal model.


The cassette porta potties are most suitable for use in caravans and campervans. It features a permanently installed toilet bowl hooked to a removable cassette waste tank accessible through a service door outside the vehicle.

These RV loos works much like the gravity model. When the waste tank becomes full, the cassette-style holding tank is manually removed from the service door to dispose of the waste. The cassette is then re-installed in the same way to continue using the toilet.

Such loos can only work in mobile vehicles that come factory designed or retrofitted to accommodate the unique system.


You cannot talk about toilets and fail to mention hygiene. Afterall, the purpose of a bathroom is to enhance sanitation which is an essential aspect of maintaining cleanliness. Therefore, you want to pay close attention to the flushing model of any porta loo you intend to buy. 

Naturally, you want one that provides a 360-degree full bowl and under rim coverage. Also, the seat should ideally come with antimicrobial abilities to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. These elements also help to keep odors at bay and prevent unpleasant odors from leaking to the surrounding air.

You still have to make sure that the unit gets a thorough clean-up using the right tools as frequently as necessary. Using treatment liquids helps to curb unpleasant smells. 

Also, consider the process of emptying the waste tank as a part of maintaining cleanliness. Gravity-flush systems dispose of waste in mound form making it difficult to clean them out.

Macerators pulverize the waste and cleaning such waste tanks is markedly more comfortable. Also, using biodegradable tissue paper prevents the likelihood of blockages caused by wads of regular toilet paper lodged in the waste tank. 

Length Of Use and The Users

For those long trips, if you are a frequent RV user, or traveling with your family, then you want an RV loo that comes with amply sized freshwater and waste tank capacities. Longer trips do not accord you to chance to discharge waste frequently and you, therefore, want a unit with a large size to take care of this situation. The best convenience for long duration trips comes from a cassette unit.

The same applies to the freshwater tank; you do not want to keep refilling it too often. Similarly, go for a toilet with a large enough freshwater capacity. 

Another consideration is who will use the RV toilet, whether it is just you and perhaps a spouse, a family with children, a family with elderly travelers, or just a bunch of adult friends traveling together. The RV loo like your home toilet will get a lot of use, and you want to make sure that the unit is comfortable for everyone. 

Avoid low-profile models even if you have children because you have to install it on a raised platform to make it comfortable for all users. These loos also prove uncomfortable for the elderly because it is more difficult to sit down and rise from the seat. Also, avoid foot pedal flush systems when traveling with the older family members or people with disabilities.


Even while you are on the road, you want to make sure that you are using water and energy efficiently. If you choose to go for a toilet using an electric flush mechanism you can hook it up to your RV electricals or use it as a battery-powered system. 

Vacuum toilets using foot pedal electric flush systems prove to be low-power units. Likewise, foot pedal units consume the least amount of water for each flush. They also help to control the amount of water used per flush with most featuring a dual-function. Partial compression the foot pedal adds water to the toilet bowl and holding it all the way down initiates the flushing process.

Gravity-flush toilets use the least amount of water followed by the vacuum models.


Recreational vehicles come in differing sizes, and this directly affects the amount of space available to accommodate an onboard toilet. Most brands offer their selections of loos for RVs in a variety of different sizes. You want to start by measuring your available space so that you get a correctly sized unit. 

The cassette models best suit the mobile home with an insufficient amount of space. Low profile toilets suit tight areas and do not feel uncomfortable when used in such setups. 

However, if you do not have restrictions regarding space, then you should go for quality and comfort. In this case, a high-profile premium toilet with a full-size seat similar to residential designs works best. 


It does not hurt to want a little luxury while on the road and with toilets it means getting one that gives you that home-like experience. Most people find high-profile loos with full-sized seats the most comfortable. Some models come with optional hand sprayers to help with additional bowl rinsing when needed.

Models with full-size toile seats allow you to personalize them like you would with your home toilet. There is also the option of replacing such toilet seats with slow-closing or enameled wood options for added comfort and better odor sealing.  The full ceramic premium models also deliver that luxurious experience.

After a weekend spent researching and reading through reviews, I was able to come up with this list of the best RV toilets on the market.

No matter where you are going, via trailer or rv, you gotta provide your guests with the best for their temporary living space.

How To Replace a Toilet

Replacing an existing RV toilet depends on the one you already have hooked up and the vehicle layout. The first place to start is figuring out the type of system your mobile vehicle uses and look for a similar replacement. 

Knowing the type of Rv toilet system, you are working with is also important because it affects issues such as repair and maintenance. Again, depending on the kind of system you need, you can install the toilet personally or need professional help to set things up correctly. 

First, let us consider why you might need to replace an RV toilet:

  • You want to replace an ill-suited or uncomfortable RV loo.
  • Perhaps you want to upgrade to a premium option.
  • You have finally decided to ditch an old porta potty that has seen the best of days.

Obviously, you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to replace a mobile toilet when you can fix the one you currently have. Therefore, if you have a leak problem, you should try to fix it by replacing the rubber seals in the water tank.

If you are sure that you need a replacement, then you should go ahead and get a replacement.  Services to repair them are often more expensive than getting a new one. Plus, you don’t want a broken toilet getting in the way of your outdoor adventure.

Get The Right Tools

Even the simplest of portable toilets require proper installation so that they can serve you well. It means getting all the necessary tools you need to hook up the loo including an installation kit. Most porta potties come with an installation kit, but you should also have a screwdriver, wrench, and rags to get the job done.  Also get the right parts, nothing worse then rv toilet paper won’t getting stuck.

Turn Off The RV’s Water Supply

Before you start removing an old unit or replacing a new one, you should turn off your RV’s water pump. Flush the loo to empty out the water in bowl and lines. This is assuming that you have a permanently installed system. 

In the case of portable units with a waste tank positioned beneath, you want to empty out the waste tank and cleaning. Follow through by cleaning the bowl using rags or old towels.

Unscrew The Nuts and Bolts And Remove The Toilet

There should be a plastic wrap at the very bottom of the toilet covering the nuts and bolts. Remove it to expose the nuts and bolts holding down the toilet. Once again, this is assuming you have the permanently installed model or a portable unit secured using a hold down kit. 

Unscrew all the bolts and nuts, and this should expose a hose connector at the back. You should goa head and disconnect the hose too.

At this point, you can remove the toilet. Lift it straight up and rock it loose if it seems stuck. Set the old unit out of the way on newspapers or rugs.

Install The New Toilet

The installation kit should include a gasket (cone-shaped) that seals the loo to the floor. Remove the old one, and you may have to pry it out with the help of a screwdriver. Once the old one is out, clean the area and place the new gasket. 

You can then position the new porta potty making sure to line the bolts appropriately so that they go correctly into the holes at the bottom of the toilet. Tighten the nuts that go over the screws using the wrench but do not over tighten them.

Test to see whether the loo is snuggly grounded by sitting on it and adjust the tightness it wiggles. Reattach the hose at the back of the unit and give everything a look over to make sure that they are in place.

Turn the RV water supply back on and flush to see if you have successfully installed the new toilet correctly. Also, make sure you get the right gallon for your use and one that is easier to use. The thing is, you don’t want a young kid to not know how to turn on the power or program it wrong. Get one easy to use and make your life a bit more easy.


Final Words

We are sure that all this information has given you a better understanding of the process of finding the best RV toilet. We have also reviewed some of the best options out there based on their functions, features and customer reviews. They should guide your decision, and after getting the right one, our installation guideline should help you set up the unit within no time.

Worth pointing out is that you also need to consider the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your RV loo. You risk having to deal with unpleasant smells just by installing these porta bathrooms in your recreational vehicle. With the right cleaning tools including treatment liquid, you can keep those unwanted odors at bay. 

Also, go the extra mile and teach your family members how to use the mobile bathroom to ensure water efficiency and the maintenance of high hygiene standards. Hope it was a good read! Come back to learn more.

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