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Before purchasing anything, it is advantageous to read several reviews from other users and experts. Doing this will allow you to gain information about the features you will prioritize and the things you can compromise and of course, the budget you will allot for it. The same goes if you are in the market for your first or new camping tent for your family of six. To help you along, read the best 6 person tent reviews.

Let’s take a look at some of the six-person camping tent that are well-accepted today

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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Coleman Sundome Tent – the tent from a trusted brand

This tent is constructed using high quality polyester having center height of six feet and this height is enough to provide users with the freedom to walk and move around with ease inside the dome-shaped design. The pole of this tent measures 8.5 mm in diameter and made with fiber glass. This makes it tough enough to handle high velocity winds and it can withstand incoming winds especially if you prefer to camp on high altitude sites.

In addition, the floor of this tent is made from 1000D polyethylene that keeps users dry even with the onset of rain and it is possible to fit two queen-sized mattress inside. Of course, the tent is weather proof and can be used for three seasons, except the winter.

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Coleman Weather Master 6-Person Tent – good for tall campers

One of the problems of tall campers is finding the right and best 6 person tent that has level height all throughout the tent. Enter this tent from Coleman – a six-person capacity that has six feet ten inches height at the center with 153 square feet of floor space giving users enough room vertically and horizontally. Of course, this tent is designed with the highest quality of materials that Coleman uses with their tents and camping and outdoor gear.

The tent has screened windows in order to keep the air flowing continuously through the built-in Variflow adjustable ventilation system designed with it. It comes with two well-ventilated rooms with the entire tent being water and weatherproof.

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Wenzel Evergreen Tent – highly resistant to any weather

Wenzel Evergreen Tent – highly resistant to any weather

This tent is designed to be separated into two rooms. This high-quality and durable tent features its trademark Weather Armorpolyester fabric that is coated with polyurethane. This tent is also highly resistant to any weather and is also waterproof. The pole is made using fiberglass and comes with shock-corded laces that gives it added durability that can withstand high velocity wind

This tent can be put from ground up as well as remove in just under 20 minutes solely. It also has three closable mesh windows designed to keep annoying bugs and insects away. At the same time, its mesh roof provision allows continuous air passage and a cooler interior.

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Kelty Trail Ridge 6 – one of the best dome-shaped tents

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 – one of the best dome-shaped tents

This is one of the best dome-shaped tents currently available in the market and it features a rigid but smooth polyester fiber with six feet of center height giving comfortable room for taller persons. This tent comes with four poles that have differing diameters and are made with strong and durable and shock-corded aluminium that is able to withstand high velocity winds. The variation in pole diameters makes it possible for the frames to expand to a spacious room and make the most of the effective space.

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Big Agnes Flying Diamond – good for year-long camping

Big Agnes Flying Diamond – good for year-long camping

One of the main features of this tent is that it can be used for any season, including the cold months during winter. This means you only have to purchase this tent and you can enjoy year-long camping. This is a sound investment for adventurists and survivalists – to have a single and best 6 person mountain tent in their arsenal.

This tent is spacious inside and six person can be accommodated comfortably - plus their camping gear and equipment. The entire tent is made using thick polyester fabric that is lightweight and it is designed to be weather and waterproof.

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In order to get the best camping tents that you will use for your camping and hiking adventures, read the best tent reviews you can find. Allot time for this exercise so that you will have a good idea of what you need and what you can compromise at the price you have set. There are plenty of helpful and in depth product reviews that discuss the merits and disadvantages of different tents being sold online.

Have you considered what tent to invest in?

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