What are the Best Family Tents?

Camping is one of the most fun and exciting activities that you can do with your family and loved ones. Camping can be synonymous to being close to nature and having a reliable family camping tent will be a great investment. You will find several camping tents available in the market today. Choosing the one that is suitable can be complicated at some point, but it should be a straightforward process. This article can provide assistance to buyers in selecting the most appropriate and the best family tents.

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Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent – Good for Big Family

Coleman is well-known when it comes to camping gear and in many family tent reviews, Coleman always tops the list. This is a great choice for individuals needing big the space at reasonable price point and if you have lots of people coming along, then this is an excellent pick. This Coleman family tent is a monster tent that is 17 x 9 big and can accommodate up to 10 people or equivalent to three queen-size airbeds and has center that is 6 foot and 8 inches in height and thus, most adults can stand upright inside the tent with ease.

It is equipped with durable door hinges that is capable to withstand the regular and frequent use and it also features the Rainfly technology of Coleman that provides the users with sufficient protection against the weather and also comes with mesh roof allowing sunlight to come in and it comes with floor that is made to keep the moisture out.

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – Lightweight but full of features

This family tent from Mountain Trails has dimension closely similar to the Coleman Weathermaster, but the biggest selling point of this camping tent is its ability to be rolled up like a duffel which makes it is easy to bring along. This camping tent weighs around 21 pounds overall making it one of the best lightweight family camping tent products and it is the good option is you need to hike a long way before reaching the camping site. The tent offers 170 square meters of floor space, which fits comfortably for a group of seven plus some space for the camping bags and gear and it has standing height of six feet.

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Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent – Tent with Extra Space for lower price

Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent is another great family tents that can accommodate up to 10 persons comfortably but with affordable pricing. Its main feature is that it has two partitions inside giving you with three rooms or cabins – one huge center area and two side rooms separated by dividers. The tent features improved ventilation so that the natural flow of the air is not stale inside and the entire floor space can accommodate up to three queen-size airbeds.

This tent weighs about 32 pounds. It can be folded to like a duffel bag that can be carried as you hike. Setting up the tent is quite easy with the straightforward instructions.

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Coleman Red Canyon Tent with Three Room Divider – an easy to setup tent

Another family tent product from Coleman is the Red Canyon, which can accommodate eight people. This tent is easy to setup in which even a single person can do the job with ease. This tent comes with huge floor space, which is about 17 x 10 feet, comes with rain fly to keep the users dry during rainy days with the flooring being sealed to prevent moisture. Its main feature is the addition of two dividers giving it two additional rooms aside from the center room.

Although it is marketed for eight people, six people will be able to sleep on it comfortably plus their camping bags. Assembly can be done with ease thanks to color-coded poles and shock cords.

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Wenzel Klondike Tent with Two Room Dividers – sturdy option with great value

This Wenzel Klondike gives you an impression that you are living more in a residential house rather than camping in the wild because of its homey design. The walls of this tent are close to vertical and it has a huge mesh-sided sunroom located on its front. Its main compartment is a tough dome tent with the sunroom that can be zippered so that it can be converted into a second enclosed space.

One of the best features of most reliable and best family camping tents is its headroom. This tent has six feet tall of headroom almost uniformly.

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When choosing the best tent for family camping, there are several factors to consider such as the floor space, the tent’s weight, the weather protection it can give, and additional doors. Of course, as the users, you have to give priority to your comfort and protection. Make sure that you set your priorities straight before getting one.


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