Best Carry on Backpack for Laptops

21st century travel means bringing electronic gadgets with you. In this regard, you need a laptop that can safely hold your device. We’ve scoured some of the best carry on backpack for laptops to help you choose the one to buy. They offer padded straps to save your back and shoulder from the extra load and complete protection for your gadget. It’s also worth noting that the laptop compartment should not be too big for your laptop to be safe enough.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

  1. SwissGear SA1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack — Best Bang for your Buck
  2. High Sierra Access Backpack — More Affordable Option
  3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Pack of All Trades — Best Value

1. SwissGear SA1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack — Best Bang for your Buck

Swiss Gear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets

You will get the best bang for your buck in this TSA approved backpack. By being TSA friendly, you do not have to remove your laptop from your bag, thus saving time and not risk losing your device. It features ScanSmart technology that allows screeners to see what is inside the bag. Built for convenience and functionality, it makes a great bag for business travels or daily commute.

The bag has padded adjustable straps to fit various sizes of laptops. It is designed with an airflow back system for ultimate support and comfort. It has a pocket for your mobile phone and side pocket for water bottle. The interior has divider pockets that keep your gear neat and organized.


2. High Sierra Access Backpack — More Affordable Option

High Sierra Access Laptop Backpack, Black, 20 x 15 x 9.5-Inch

Priced at around $50, this one is a budget-friendly option with lots of great features. It is ideal for travels for it fits airlines’ carry on requirements and has plenty of storage space. It is large enough to allow you to bring a week or two’s worth of gear but is strategically designed to ensure your comfort.

The laptop compartment is fully padded to prevent damage due to high impact. It also includes a dedicated tablet sleeve and smaller pockets for your other personal electronics. Carrying heavy loads is made comfortable by the adjustable straps, suspension system and waist belt. Weight is distributed around your torso so the pack feels lighter. It also comes with a rain cover to keep all contents dry and the bag clean.


3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Pack of All Trades — Best Value

Kenneth Cole REACTION Pack-Of-All-Trades Triple Compartment Multi-Pocket 17” Laptop & Tablet Backpack, Charcoal

The pack of all trades offers good value for your money as it is designed to hold different gadgets securely. It offers extra pockets for smaller laptop and a tablet, aside from the 17-inch laptop compartment. The middle compartment holds your personal items or clothes while the zipped side pockets are for water bottles or umbrella.

The ergonomic backpack is designed for your comfort. It has adjustable, padded straps, padded handle, mesh back panel for natural air flow and sternum strap that closes in front, keeping the load stable.


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The Digital Nomad’s Travel Needs

A buddy of mine recently left his office job as a software developer in order to travel the world. After a couple months, however, he realized his bank account balance was quickly dwindling, and he began to search for work. After some searching online, he realized that he could continue to do software developing works for remote clients across the world. All he needed was a good laptop and a Wi-Fi signal and he could travel the world, enjoy exotic beaches and beautiful mountains while still continuing to make a living and finance his urge to discover this world. He told me that as a digital nomad, the most important piece of gear was his computer. Thus finding great backpacks that incorporated essential travel features while also offering needed protection for his laptop was absolutely essential and the main need of people for whom traveling and working are one and the same.

SwissGear SA1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack- Best Bang for your Buck


The use of backpacks for travel is more practical than bringing a suitcase especially when considering budget airlines’ luggage weight rules. Tech-savvy travellers now have better options when choosing a carry on backpack for they can choose the ones with smart features, excellent organization and superb style. It pays to read reviews and compare key features before buying.

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