Best Daylite Series Backpack (Our Top Travel Picks!)

When a company comes out with an ‘upgraded’ version of one of their already popular products it can be difficult to tell whether the new one is really worth the higher price tag it comes with.

The Osprey Daylite is a wicked bag that has been popular for a long time. It’s super compact, portable and easily attachable to Ospreys bigger packs.

Osprey is one of those companies that’s always trying to improve their products and they did this by coming out with the Daylite plus.

An all-around great new upgrade to an already great bag.

Daylite Series Backpack Comparison

  1. Osprey Daylite
  2. Daylite Plus

Daylight Series Review

1. Osprey Daylite

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Cheapest and lightest

Ospreys reputation as an innovative backpack producer that leads the market has definitely been proved again with this bad boy.

It’s designed so that you can easily attach it to one of Ospreys larger bags and can also be used as a smaller daypack if you don’t want to lug around your big bag with you.



The dimensions are 18x10x9 inches with a 13-liter capacity. It’s not huge but it’s definitely got enough space for a little day trip.


Weighing just 1 pound, it’s incredibly lightweight.



The main body of the pack is made from 210D Double Diamond Ripstop Nylon which is well-known for being a lightweight material that’s still hella durable. The inner bottom is 400HD Nylon Packcloth which is also super durable so you don’t have to worry about this bad boy splitting.

Hydration Slots

It has a singular external hydration slot, which is great for keeping either a water bladder or tablet in.

Hip straps

Adjustable hip straps mean you can distribute the weight from your shoulders onto your hips, making carrying big loads much easier.


This guy has pockets stashed all over him. As well as your main internal pocket, which you can get to easily through a large zip opening, there are also meshed side pockets, which are great to keep a bottle of water or an umbrella in and a top organizer pocket which zips shut and has a mesh organized inside it.

Unfortunately, the Daylite doesn’t have a front stash pocket, so you’ll have to keep your stuff organized in just the two main compartments. Don’t worry though there’s still loads of space on these two and there’s even a pocket on the inside to store your laptop in.

Front zippered compartment

Spacious and easily accessible, it’s pretty solid for such a small bag.

Who is it ideal for?

Who is it ideal for?

If you’re looking for backpacks that are small and cheap then this is it!

Super portable and cheap as chips, it definitely does the job.

What are the available colors?

With loads of colors to choose from, no matter your style they’ve got the right look for you.

If you want a dark color there’s black, purple, grey, or blue. Or if you’re looking for something a bit brighter they also come in red, orange, white and teal.

Some other sweet features

  • The back panel has a center stiffener inbuilt which makes it super comfortable to carry and distributes the weight evenly.
  • Only cost about 50 bucks, super cheap for such a high-quality bag.

2. Daylite plus

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Most durable and lightest

Osprey has done something great here.

They’ve got one of their most popular attachment bags and just upgraded the hell out of it.

It’s bigger, better and doesn’t cost too much extra whatsoever.


  • Size – With the same dimensions as the Osprey Daylite it is 18 x 10 x 9 inches. However, through redesigning the layout of the bag, they’ve managed to increase the overall volume to 20liters, which is much bigger.
  • Weight – Just as incredibly lightweight as the original, weighing 1 pound.
  • Material – All of the Daylite series bags are made with the same durable, lasting nylon fabrics.
  • Hydration slots – A interior sleeve is perfect for fitting either a hydration bladder or tablet into.
  • Hip straps – Comfortable hip straps distribute weight evenly.
  • Pockets – Loads and loads of pockets make it easy to keep your gear well organized.
    There’s your main large inner pocket, a top organizer pocket, side mesh pockets, a front stash pocket and loads of interior organizer sleeves. With more pockets than the original, your spoilt for choice really.
  • Front zippered compartment – Spacious, easily accessible and pretty big!

Who is it ideal for?

Who is it ideal for?

If you want a bit more space and don’t mind paying an extra ten or fifteen dollars than this is without a doubt the one for you.

What are the available colors?

Just the same as the original there are over 8 different colors to choose from, so you can find the look that’s just right for you.

Some other sweet features

  • Shoulder straps are made with spacer mesh which is crazy comfy.
  • The back panel is covered with a mesh coating that has a slot which a piece of foam can slide in for added comfort.
  • Cost less than 70 bucks so it isn’t too much more expensive than the original.

What are the differences?

There are three main differences between these daypacks.

The capacity, the front stash pocket, and the price.

The Daylite plus has a 20-liter capacity rather than a 13liter, so you can fit much more gear inside. On top of that, you’ve got the additional stash pocket which is great for storing any stuff you need easy access to.

For that increased size and extra pocket, it costs 15 bucks more. Not much at all for what is ultimately an all round better backpack.

What are the shared features?

Pretty much everything aside from the stash pocket, extra capacity and cost.

They’re the same size, same design, and attach to your main Osprey bag in just the same way.

They’re both super comfy and both come in the same selection of colors.


Both are compatible with the same Osprey bags which include all of the following: Aether/Ariel Series + Volt/Viva Series + Ace 75 + Shuttle Series + Sojourn Series + Farpoint 80 + Porter Series.


Are the Daylite series bags waterproof?

While the Daylite series aren’t waterproof they are extremely water resistant.

So, unfortunately, you can’t take your pack swimming with you but if you find yourself caught in heavy rain, don’t panic, as long as your not out in it for hours your kit should stay dry.

How do I wash the backpacks?

It’s recommended not to wash these in the washing machine, but no worries they’re still super easy to clean.

First, brush out the entire bag to get any bits of dirt or dust out of there. After this has been done, whack it in a sink and fill that bad boy with warm, soapy water. Then get scrubbing!

Use your brush and scrub scrub scrub. The inside, the outside, the zips and the buckles.

Drain the soapy, now grim looking, water out and wash out with cold clean water.

Hang outside to dry and just like that you have yourself a sparkling clean pack.

How do I attach the Osprey Daylite bag?

It’s super easy to connect them onto one of the compatible bags.

There are four adjustable clips on the straps of the bag and they feed through the loops on the front of the bag.

It can be attached easily in less than a minute.

Both are compatible with the same Osprey bags which include all of the following: Aether/Ariel Series + Volt/Viva Series + Ace 75 + Shuttle Series + Sojourn Series + Farpoint 80 + Porter Series.

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