Best Wheeled Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Back then, it was only businessmen who needed to carry mobile phones and gadgets whenever they travelled. Nowadays, bringing your laptop and your gadgets while you travel is a necessity. This is why travel backpacks now have a padded compartment for laptops of varying sizes. In fact, even the wheeled backpacks were designed to have such compartments. This simply means you do not have to bring an additional laptop bag to keep your laptop and precious digital files and data. Since most backpacks are designed to be carry-on bags during flight transport, you can have your laptop with you during the flight and/or bring it anywhere you go.

Here are some of the best wheeled backpacks with laptop compartment that you can consider for your next trip.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

  1. High Sierra AT7 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack
  2. Samsonite Luggage Mvs Spinner Backpack
  3. Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22 Inch Carry-On Luggage
  4. Osprey Ozone Convertible 22″/50L Wheeled Luggage

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High Sierra AT7 Outdoor Wheeled Backpack

The High Sierra AT7 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack is affordable, and offers value for money for computer backpacks. It is large multi-compartmented and capable of keeping a laptop and a tablet in separate compartments. It has a dedicated “Tech Spot” sleeve for tablets, as well as large side pockets for beverages and other gears. The recessed handle telescopes to full length with a proprietary locking mechanism. As a backpack, it has padded straps hidden in a zippered panel at the back of the main compartment. The “Sure Grip” handle is on top of the compartment and is flush to the body when not in use. Added stability and durability is provided by the unique unibody designed wheel housing. You can carry this backpack for extended periods and not feel any discomfort.


Samsonite MVS Rolling Backpack, Black, 19-Inch

The Samsonite Luggage MVS Spinner Backpack is equipped with four spinner wheels, allowing it to be more maneuverable than most luggage bags. Designed for functionality, ease of use, and convenience, this backpack can also withstand the pressures of commercial travel where you would expect the bags to be handled roughly. Made of nylon and Ripstop polyester also makes this strong, lightweight, durable as well as highly resistant to travel’s wear and tear. Inside are various compartments to organize your clothes and things, including a padded laptop compartment with additional side openings. The main compartment is secure and spacious. This is a great backpack to invest in, especially if you’re a serious traveller.


Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22 Inch Carry-On Luggage

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22-inch Carry-on Luggage is designed to be lightweight while maintaining maximum durability. It is a wheeled backpack which works well for traveling adventures. It has an “Equipment Keeper” to strap your gear on top of the bag, with lash points for expandability. Another unique feature is the “Porter Key bottle opener”. The bag is built with an Exo-Skeleton and 450D Geo Ripstop, as well as 450D Helix Poly materials. The wear points are reinforced for additional durability. The bag comes with the Eagle Creek “No Matter What Warranty”, which is both a lifetime warranty but also a full replacement coverage and repair if the bag does not live up to expectations. The bag is an all-around performer with the safety of your laptop assured. Lug it with you on business trips or even the wildest travel adventures. This bag can take a beating!


Osprey Ozone Convertible 22'/50L Wheeled Luggage, Black

Osprey’s Unisex Sojourn 22″/45L is the best companion to travel and pack light. It is a great stroller as well as stowaway AG inspired backpack style with its suspension expanding the trips horizons. It is constructed to fit most carry-on size requirements. This wheeled backpack can also be converted as a regular backpack. The Sojourn’s quick deploy AG inspired ventilated backpack suspension lets you to carry this bag with ease and comfortably. In the rolling mode of this wheeled backpack, it features the dual-tube extended handle which gives control to you in unwieldy loads and you have a smooth control even when the going gets rough. It has multiple padded and molded handles allows easy to maneuverability. Its padded laptop compartment makes your gadget safe even if you travel on rough roads.



Traveling with a wheeled backpack that has a padded laptop compartment makes it is easy for business people as well as the serious adventurer because they are ensured that their digital files are safe. Most of the available wheeled backpacks today are designed with padded compartments for the laptop. Take note however, that this compartment will not take up much space at all. Depending on your budget, you can find the right and the best wheeled backpack with laptop compartment out in the market. Just check out online reviews and keep your eyes peeled for special discount offers.


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