What are the Best Waterproof Backpacks?

People these days use only a bag to hold their valuables. Be it family vacation or a weekend outdoor adventure, backpacks should be durable and reliable. It should securely keep your items and provide protection even from the rain. Investing in the best waterproof backpack is a smart thing to do especially for adventure seekers. We will make things easier for you by reviewing five well-rated waterproof packs.

Out Top Picks At A Glance: 

Outlander 20/33-Liter Lightweight – Best Value

This is the perfect daypack if you have a limited budget for it is low in price, but not in quality. You’ll get high value for your money for this bag is lightweight, compact, roomy and durable.

This minimalist yet stylish and waterproof bag is very light and durable. You can use it every day or for occasional use. It is compact as it folds into inner pocket that fits anywhere. Do not be fooled by its size, for it has several pockets that store many items and keep your bag organized. Use the spacious main compartment for clothes, the two zipper pockets in front for smaller things and the internal compartment for valuable items. This bag even has side pockets for your umbrella or water bottle. It is durable, for it is made from water resistant, highly rip nylon fabric and comes with built-in stress points with bar tracking.


Outlander Packable 35-Liter – Awesome for the Price

Another waterproof bag from Outlander makes it to the list and it offers more room for your items without making you pay a lot. You’ll only add around $1 if you want your pack bigger and still get the other qualities you need for a reliable bag.

Outlander backpack makes it to the list and it offers more room for your items without making you pay a lot. You’ll only add around $1 if you want your bag bigger and still get the other qualities you need for a reliable bag.

This foldable lightweight backpack boasts style and comfort. It is an ideal companion whether you’ll be going to the city or hiking on the mountains. The details tell you how it differs from other hiking backpacks. It is a bag built with a double layer bottom piece and breathable mesh shoulder straps that makes it comfortable to use. The bar tacks at stress points make it durable. The pack's multiple compartments and pockets provide more space for your things and allow you to keep them organized.


Bago Lightweight Waterproof Collapsible Rucksack – Best Bang for your Buck

Another great option if you want a top performing waterproof bag at a low price. This is an all-around bag made with a water resistant material to protect your gear from spills or rain. It has the qualities you would want to see in a companion-lightweight, spacious, convertible and durable.

This waterproof bag is designed for convenience each time you’re out to hike or stroll. Weighing only 0.7 pounds and designed with adjustable, wide mesh shoulder straps, this bag is very comfortable to carry. With its multiple pockets, there’s no need to dig for small items. It is foldable, so you can just unfold it and use as a carryon bag to avoid paying for excess baggage. It is made of durable nylon material and has quality, easy to pull zippers, carrying handle and sturdy loop.

Bago Lightweight Waterproof Collapsible Rucksack

Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack – Light in Weight and in the Pocket

A perfect companion for trips, this backpack is for bargain hunters on the lookout for waterproof, compact yet durable pack. It is low in price but high in quality.

The bag is made from water resistant material, abrasion resistant metal zippers and is reinforced with bar tack process. It boasts three zippered pockets for more storage and organization, and two side stretch pockets for your water bottles. It is convenient and easy to use. Just unfold it if you need an airport hero to avoid overweight charges.

Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable – Best in Class

Your search for a reliable, durable yet affordable backpack ends with Venture Pal. At a moderate price, you’ll have a stylish yet top performing bag that keeps your items secure.

The durable and waterproof bag is made with tear and water resistant material that makes it strong and long lasting but not heavy. It is capable of carrying more loads with its two-layer bottom piece. There are quality two-way zippers that make it easy to open on each side. You can carry it comfortably because it’s designed with adjustable mesh-padded straps. Multiple pockets give enough space for your items to keep them organized.


Final Thoughts

When searching for the best waterproof backpacks, think about your needs including your activity, destination and the things you want to bring. To decide on the one to buy, the buyer should take the following in consideration:


When buying a bag, look for the one that will last longer and can hold heavier loads without tearing or losing its shape. How will you know if a backpack is durable or not? A bag's durability depends on the materials the backpack is made from. You may look for high denier bags, or bags with a high fiber firmness measurement. 


The buyer must ensure that the bag provides enough comfort before buying it. Some backpacks have padded straps and padded back panel which gives extra comfort during your trip. It's always a good idea to look for those bags when buying a new one.


This one is important especially if you're planning to use your bag for carrying loads of stuff during your trip. Choose the bag which can hold all the valuables you need to bring with you. 

Most backpacks today have lots of compartments and pockets to help you organize your stuff and provide you with great storage. Some bags also feature a padded sleeve specifically for storing your gadgets like laptop or tablet. 


A heavy backpack with nothing in it doesn't sound so good. You should look for lightweight bags so that your gear will acquire most of the weight you will carry.

With that being said, have you thought of the important parameters to pick just the right backpack for your need?

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