The Best & Stylish Travel Backpacks For Ladies / Women

Women can find the right backpack that suits their style, size, and carrying capacity. Factors to consider include panel access, features, price, and size, which are almost the same as when guys look for their bags. Good thing there are bags designed with the woman’s body in mind. Manufacturers consider a woman’s wider hips, and shorter, narrower torso.

It’s not always the smaller bags that work for women. Let our hot picks help you decide in choosing the best travel backpack for women.

Travel Backpacks For Women Comparison:

If you have decided to give up your designer suitcases, you should know that there are differences between the ones designed for the fellas and those manufactured for women.

Thus, you have to identify a product that suits your size, strength, and body shape. Also, pay attention to panel access, specific features, resistance, price, and style.

The Proper Length

You need to be careful with the dimensions of your bag. Measure the length of your spine from the base to the c7 cervical vertebra. If you choose wrongly, then all the load will fall on your shoulders and not on your hips.

Finding the right size for your body might be the most important aspect when buying a bag because it will ensure your comfort through any trip. Plus, the right fit can also help you secure your gear and protect it properly. Having your stuff bumping around as you hike is both dangerous and painful.

The Right Volume

The capacity of this equipment is measured in liters. If you want to travel light, then opt for one that is around 40L or 50 L. The models with an extendable top come in very handy because they provide you with some additional space.

Your choice will depend on the kind of plans that you have, but here’s a good guide for reference:

  • A daypack is at or below 40L.
  • A weekend bag will go up to 65L.
  • For weeklong trips, the bag will be between 65 and 95L.
  • For more intense expeditions, there are bags above 95L.

Your needs will vary according to the weather, so even the same place in different seasons might mean different bags; your lifestyle plays a role as well: if your daily commute includes a gym trip, then you might need something bigger than a regular daypack. If you’re going camping, but have a big car, you can easily use a smaller sack and keep most of your things in the car. So really pay attention to your needs and all of these variables when choosing a piece it will guarantee that you come up with the right choice and save you money in the long run.

Recommended Shape

Believe it or not, the form of your sack/bag plays a decisive role in correctly distributing the weight. The best ones have a rectangular or a square aspect. The more aerodynamic types are for hiking trails.

The sack should fit comfortably on your back, allowing you to freely move your arms; you should also be able to maintain proper posture while wearing it, and it must end on your hips to guarantee that the weight is properly carried. Don’t forget that narrower sacks are better for women!

Straps and Frames for Comfort

To prevent back pains, you need wide, curvy, padded shoulder straps and a soft, angled belt-like one against your hips. The chest strap must be adapted to a woman’s silhouette. Compression bands and internal aluminum rods are necessary to keep the burden close to your body.

Easy and Rapid Panel Access

There is nothing worse than a huge backpack with a tiny zipper which makes it so uncomfortable to get stuff in and out.

There are tons of options when it comes to how to access your sack: drawstrings to pull, like those duffel bags we all know; clamshell styles which open 180 degrees horizontally, similar to how a suitcase works; wide zippers which let the bag open in different ranges, up to 180 degrees vertically; roll-down closures, which might reduce the storage capacity a bit; lids to cover the opening, usually accompanied by drawstrings, which can even have extra storage besides being able to hold things like your umbrella or raincoat; the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to this feature, and your choice will really depend on how you organize your stuff and how you would like to be able to reach it while on the go.

No matter what kind of closure you prefer, you should consider one with a wide opening which allows quick packing. This feature will make it so much easier to organize all of your belongings and keep them safely distributed so the weight will be even, which will make carrying your gear more comfortable. Plus, you will immediately find a blouse that is hidden under layers of T-shirts and trousers.

Useful Compartments

The way a backpack’s capacity is distributed is super important to ensure that it really is useful for you. Comfortable compartments allow you to organize your things properly.

Keep in mind the kinds of things you will be packing and when you would like to be able to access them. Extra pockets on the outside are great for travel documents, while side pockets are great for bottles or maybe an umbrella. If you must have technology around, purchase a product with a padded laptop sleeve and a camera holder and maybe elastic bands to hold everything in place. Stash pockets are the best place to keep your phone and chargers. The pouch sections are ideal for toiletries and makeup as well as jewelry or other small, important things.

Accessories and Particular Characteristics

During your travel, there will be different situations where you will probably find it useful to have different ways to carry your bag, especially after long walks, which is why it is nice to have alternatives for carrying your stuff around. If you get hot easily, it might be great to have a comfortable strap to carry your sack on your hands so that your back can have a breather; same if you’re in a crowded market and would like to keep an eye on your stuff, or if you’re shopping and would like to have your stuff easily stored instead of carrying multiple bags. Some bags even come with multiple built-in styles for your carry-on, such as removable shoulder straps to carry as a backpack and a longer one to carry as a messenger bag.

Strap attached rings help you relax your hands while walking long distances. Depending on your environment, you might want to consider some anti-theft features to ensure added safety to your belongings. Some of these features could include slashguard materials and hidden compartments for your gadgets or other valuables.

The lockable zippers were projected to keep safe your belongings.

Ventilation meshes protect against excessive sweating. Hydration systems take the form of plastic recipients with flexible tubes, which can be filled with water or energizing drinks. This is especially helpful for the more athletic trips like hikes, but having easy access to your water is a big plus, even in the city.

Waterproof and Durability

To avoid having your clothes soaked, buy an item made of waterproof material, which must also be resistant to rips, scratches and solar radiations. This type of voyage gear should last for several years and numerous hikes.

Color and Material

In case you love pastel shades, you will have to make a compromise and go for darker colors when choosing your backpack. Dirt and dust are not so visible and you will worry less about the cleanliness of your equipment.

You should also think about the construction of your sack. There are several commonly found fabrics:

Canvas: The Classic

Usually cotton or a blend, very resistant and durable, generally cheap, and can be found in tons of colors and prints. It is a material that dries very quickly, and can sometimes be water repellent, but it isn’t typically waterproof.

Leather: What You Need to Know

A very long-lasting material, but generally more expensive, leather is another classic in luggage. It does tend to be heavier than more current alternatives, but it’s classic for a reason. Another con with leather is its care: you will need special products, or maybe even a trip to a professional, to clean your leather luggage.

Cut-proof fabrics: For City Dwellers

Usually found in anti-theft equipment, these fabrics are extra resistant to sharp objects like fences, loose nails, and even knives if you encounter this situation. Cut-proof fabric usually comes with a metallic mesh intertwined in it which will prevent the contents from spilling out by keeping the pieces together.

Nylon: For Weather Resistance

Coming in different densities, nylon is one of the top choices for outdoors and athletic gear for many reasons: super resistant to regular wear, sometimes treated to prevent tears, and very waterproof, are some of the top characteristics of this material. Plus, it is generally very easy to clean and very hard to get dirty because, compared to cotton, it doesn’t absorb moisture and dirt quite that well. There are different kinds of nylon and each brand should specify which one they use in their product, so always check for instructions on care.


As it is with all other merchandise, prices range from very low to astronomic. Our advice is not to take an impulse decision but one based on your exact needs. Select a brand that offers a lifetime warranty.

To help you with your purchase, we have come up with a list of frequently asked questions, each followed by the correct answer.

Kelty Women’s Redwing 40-Liter Backpack – Best Value

One of the most popular travel packs for women, this bag is ideal for those who want a smaller bag at a moderate price. It is large enough to carry your things if you’re going on a hike or short trip, but small enough to use as carry on if you’re taking a flight. With the suspension system, you don’t have to worry about carrying much weight.

With so many different compartments, this top loader 40-liter backpack will help you have everything you need and still manage to have an organized bag. The U-zip is designed for easy access to the main compartment. You can use it to bring a hydration pack, making it ideal for a long day of recreation. A sleeve in the main compartment allows you to bring your electronics but without the discomfort, as the bag is made of Air Mesh straps.

This model also features side compression straps to help reduce its size if you don’t fill it to max capacity; an internal frame made with aluminum and high density polyethylene or HDPE, a super strong and versatile plastic; and the body is made with poly 420D Small Back Stafford, and reinforced with Poly 75x150D Tasser Coal.

Kelty Women’s Redwing 40CHECK PRICES

Osprey Farpoint 40-Best Bang for your Buck

The price and features make this one a choice for the best travel backpack for women. It is the perfect partner for a weekend getaway to the city or the outback and is a great choice. Comfort is ensured by the padded shoulder strap and harness system that transfers weight from the harness to hip belt.

Access and organize your belongings through the wide opening that lets you peel off the front to have a full view of the main compartment, similar to a suitcase. Compartments include an outer zippered pocket with sewn windows for additional gear. Small items can be stored inside mesh pockets. With its featured side handle, which is also padded for comfort, you can carry on top or on the side, but whichever way you choose, load is stabilized by the dual compression straps. You can also secure the bag with a lock since for the zippers are built with loops, and there is a special laptop compartment that is individually lockable for extra security.
This model is made with Ripstop, which is a fabric made out of Nylon and interwoven with super resistant threads to prevent it from ripping or tearing.

Osprey Farpoint 40CHECK PRICES

Tortuga 44 Liter Carry-On-Sized 

Awesome for the Price

Measuring 22X14X9, this bag is excellent for those looking for a sleek, smaller bag for the price. It is made of 100% nylon and it allows you to bring your travel essentials without checking in. This one might be the best travel backpack for women who enjoy the convenience of backpacks but not the huge size of most hiking packs.

You don’t have to worry about comfort, for this 44-liter bag is designed for comfort. It has a fixed hip belt that gets most of the bag’s weight from the shoulders. It is ideal for women for the torso length can be adjusted from 18 to 22 inches. It has a laptop sleeve so you don’t have to hesitate to bring your gadget, locking zippers for your security, interior pockets for organized storage and air mesh back padding for easy carrying.

Tortuga 44 Liter Carry-On-Sized Travel BackpackCHECK PRICES

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible – Most Affordable

Sold under $100, this is the best travel backpack women if you aim for a lower-priced option. Despite the cost, you can’t underestimate what it can do for you. It is light, weighing only 3.7 pounds, but it reaches nearly 60-liter capacity when the expander is unzipped, making it perfect for any outdoor adventures. The size is great for any length of trip. The back features a padded air mesh panel for extra comfort and to help you keep cool.

The bag is convertible, built with padded straps that unclip and zip inside. It can be carried on the side or with the shoulder straps. The interior can keep as many items which you can organize using packing cubes or the optional divider, and the clamshell opening style allows for really easy organization. Quick access is offered by the grab and go pocket, while the laptop slot lets you go techie in your trip.

Other features include a bright orange lining in every color option, which is designed to make organization, packing, and spotting things easier; the zippers have lockable rings which are always handy, but especially when using this as a suitcase as opposed to the backpack style of this convertible piece; and the mesh compartment on the lid, which is great for the smaller stuff or those items you don’t want flying out every time you open your sack.

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender ConvertibleCHECK PRICES

Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SL Backpack – Best in Class

For less than $200, this women’s bag gives you everything you need for a travel pack. At 60 liters, it has a bigger capacity, and it can be expanded up to 70 liters.

This model also has an ultralight and flexible internal frame made out of crossed aluminum stays that adapt to your body’s shape and movement, making it super comfortable for its capacity. It is hydration system compatible and weighs only 4 pounds and 3 ounces.

This could be the best lightweight backpack for women for it is not too heavy when in full capacity and is designed for a smaller back. It features hip adjusters and multiple compartments, but the size is not too overwhelming. Anyone could practically wear this pack since you can easily adjust the length. It has secret and wet pockets and an air contact back system that actually pumps the heat away from you with its large pore structure, which keeps you comfortable using it for longer hours.

Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SL BackpackCHECK PRICES

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose a backpack over a suitcase?

For convenience reasons. When you descend a steep slope or walk around a bustling bazaar, you need to move with ease and have your hands free. If you have a small pack, you can take it with you on the plane and you won’t have to spend precious minutes waiting at baggage claim.

It is also easier to use public transportation, and just commute in general, if your gear can be easily picked up. Of course, this depends on your needs and plans, but, in general, backpacks give you way more freedom to move around.

2. What size should I pick?

The size depends a lot on the length and purpose of your journey.

  • The 20 L ones are great for short trips lasting a maximum of two days, or even your daily commute.
  • The 30 L ones are perfect if you intend to explore inhabited areas or go on weekend trips.
  • The 40 L ones are designed for longer escapes and for mountain adventures where you will need some more gear and maybe changes of clothes.
  • The 55 L ones are ideal for an outdoor weekend or for getaways lasting several weeks.
  • The 70 L ones are necessary only if you want to take your tent and spend several days in the wilderness. They are quite problematic when touring around cities.

3. What does liter mean in terms of hike packing?

Liters or cubic inch numbers give you an exact idea on how much you can actually tuck inside your gear. This measure is taken by filling the bag to capacity with 20mm plastic balls and then measuring their total volume in either liters or cubic inches/centimeters.

It is the standard practice because it is a practical way to reach a number that is easy to remember and use across all brands and kinds of bags. It is important to notice that this number should only refer to compartments that can be fully closed with zippers.

4. How heavy should the backpacks be?

For practical reasons, go as light as possible. Ideally, the burden on your back must be equal to 20% of your body weight.

In case of one-day explorations, or even your daily commute, your sack should not exceed 10 % of your corporal mass. Anything heavier than this can cause issues with your posture and cause back, neck, or shoulder pain; plus, it is just uncomfortable.

However, factors such as climate, excursion duration, and even your style may determine you to pack more or less.

5. How can I test the comfort of my bag?

Put your selected item on, strap it and ask the shop assistants if they have got some weights to put inside it. Walk around the store for about fifteen minutes to identify any potential problem. You should feel that the gear is safely stored and not bouncing around hitting your back all over, and the bag should fall nicely against your body. Another important aspect to consider in order to make sure that it is a good match is the size: a correctly sized bag will make all the difference in your experience. The straps need to adjust to your shoulders and be the right length to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly as you carry it.

6. Is there any difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

Yes, there is. If you buy a bag made of water-resistant fabric, you can walk carefreely in light rain, but not during massive downpours. While with a waterproof product you can face the heavy monsoon rains up to a certain limit. While waterproof is always a good thing, keep in mind your purpose for the bag: heading to the rainforest is different than going on a road trip to the desert.

7. What can I do to reduce the pounds of my luggage?

Make a realistic analysis of your trip necessities. Take with you only objects that you cannot do without and leave behind things like hair straighteners or ten-inch-high heeled shoes. Go as minimalistic as possible and buy lighter equipment. Learn how to pack effectively.

8. Where should I buy my female travel backpack from?

We also suggest you check out our all gender travel backpack picks, we put together a super complete list we think you will love and come to rely on for all your future backpacking decisions!

The best solution is to visit the showroom of a reputed producer and try what they have on display. It is not always a good idea to go for an obscure brand (that you never heard of!) which might not offer proper customer service, may be off the market in a few months, or worse, it breaks in the middle of an important trip.

9. Is wheeled back luggage useful?

Obviously, there are both pros and cons related to this matter. If you are in an airport or on a wide street you can put your back at rest by pulling the bag after you. Also, they are pretty stylish. However, they are not a good option for trekking and the wheels add more pounds to your baggage. In the end, it all comes down to what your trip is about.

10. Do I really need a solar panel rucksack?

Yes, especially if you are in a remote area with no possibility to recharge your smart gadgets. Unfortunately, these products are heavier because of the panels.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the price, the size of your backpack is a determining factor when choosing the product to buy. The main thing you want to keep in mind when choosing a new bag is your intended use, because it won’t be the same to buy a bag for you commute than one for a trip to Machu Picchu. You can narrow down your choices by checking out the backpacks under the same size or capacity, and then look at the smaller defining characteristics on each option.

What kind of a traveler are you? This determines your bag of choice.

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