The Top 5 Spots for Fishing in National Parks

A warm sunny day; the perfect shady spot underneath a large weeping willow with roots deeply dug into the sides of a crystalline river brimming with rainbow trout whose quick, darting movements make the river literally shimmer with life; snow-capped mountains in the horizon whose snow melt is bringing life to the river where you now sit peacefully in a comfortable chair with your line baited and waiting in the river in front of you: for many people this is the essence of joy and bliss.

Fishing is perhaps one of the most relaxing sporting activities out there. Our nation´s national parks are easily some of the most beautiful, pristine natural areas our world has to offer. When you combine the two, you´re in for an experience you won´t soon forget. Below we look at the top five spots to fish in our extensive and diversified national park system.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

lake McDonald


There is something truly stunning at the site of crystal clear mountain lakes with jagged, perpetually snow-capped mountains rising literally right off of the lake´s shore. Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park is just one of the impressive lakes that this beautiful park offers. While the scenery would be enough of a consolation prize, the fishing is excellent as well. Fishers from all over the country come here to try and catch the infamous bull trout which has some of the best coloring of any trout in the world.

Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Imagine standing knee deep in a cool mountain river while casting your fly fishing rod. A couple hundred feet upstream a herd of wild bison cross the river. Warm gasses from a nearby geyser escape from the riverbank coating the entire river in a mystical fog. This is the essence of fishing at Yellowstone. Many people come to try and catch the native Yellowstone Cutthroats, an absolutely beautiful fish and complicated catch.

Low Water Canals, Everglades National Park, Florida

Florida’s Snookflickr/myfwcmedia

One third of this national park is covered by water, meaning that there is no lack of fishing opportunities. The peacock bass, snook, and redfish are some of the most prized fish in these waters, though you can find dozens of other species. One of the best places for fishing are any of the dozens of canals during low water times. The Interceptor Canals is a particularly beautiful area to spend the day fishing.

Crane Lake, Voyagers National Park, Minnesota


There is no shortage of water at Voyagers National Park in northern Minnesota, and fish are also in abundance. Crane Lake, especially where the Vermillion River enters the lake, is perhaps one of the best spots at the park to catch walleye, northern pike, bass, muskie or panfish. You could also take a several day (or week) canoe or kayak trip throughout the interconnected lake system to explore the beauty of the park.

Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Maine


One of the best parts of fishing at Acadia is that you can do both freshwater and saltwater fishing in the same day. There are hundreds of miles of rivers and streams running through the national park that are teeming with yellow perch and largemouth bass. The shoreline offers several coves that will let you try your luck at catching land stripers and blue fish while enjoying the impressive views of the iconic rocky coasts of Maine. Of all the quality fishing spots at this national park, you might want to check out Mount Desert Island which has great freshwater lakes while also offering nearby coves for ocean fishing as well.

The Beauty of Fishing the National Parks

Unlike the small creek running behind your home, you will most likely be looking at a hefty fine if you don´t take the time to get the proper licenses to be able to fish in our nation´s national parks. Since these areas are actively protected by rangers and other environmental agencies, it is essential that you stop in at the nearest visitor´s center to learn the requisites regarding fishing in the national parks. Fortunately, most of the national parks make it rather easy to get a simple fishing license which will allow you to truly enjoy a magical experience in the lakes, rivers, and coas

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