GoPro vs DSLR: Which Won The Debate — Guide!

Getting a digital camera is a joy for many people. Whether you are buying one for professional reasons, or as a hobby, for home use or travel, it is good to make sure that you do ample research to know what you are buying. This is especially important as a digital camera can cost as much as thousands of dollars, making this no low-cost investment.

Some are waterproof or resistant, while others are not, and this can cause serious issues when it comes to traveling with it. So definitely buy one that suits your lifestyle best.

GoPro or DSLR Comparison

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  1. GoPro Hero 6
  2. GoPro Fusion
  3. Nikon D850
  4. Canon EOS
  5. FujiFilm X-Series
  6. Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5
  7. Pentax K1

Awesome camera reviews

1. GoPro Hero 6

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What we like about it.

It has a good 4K60 resolution, although each picture is only 12 MegaPixels. Now while this may not be a major issue, it can cause some issues. It also has 3 microphones, which is generally less than the standard 4 but still provides some pretty good surround audio.

If you want to take it with you swimming, it should be noted that it is waterproof up to 10 meters. This makes it perfect for heavy rains and underwater filming. The GPS that comes with it also makes it good for people who are more out and about. The fact that it only weighs 4.2 oz also makes it a great choice for anyone who is going hiking or mountain climbing.

Another great feature is the fact that it comes with wifi capabilities. This helps a ton in getting the pictures off of the camera to use them wherever you desire. No more USB cords to deal with.

Who should buy this?

Anybody who is into sports or being out in the elements will be able to fully use this to their advantage. However, one big drawback is the fact that it uses 2 AA batteries. This these batteries only last 1-2 hours, you will have to bring a fair amount of batteries with you when walking.

Voice commands also make it better to use when out and about, and this camera comes with great video stabilization, on the off chance that you want to put it on a bike as an action camera. It makes for some good footage to put in the background when vlogging.

This one is the best GoPro for not only filming videos but also for travelers as well. Since you can attach it to a stick, it also works well for taking selfies, which is something that is incredibly hard to do with a DSLR.


2. GoPro Fusion

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What we like about it.

The most notable part of this one is that it provides a spherical lens to give more unique perspective for videos and pictures, especially those for landscapes. It has 5.2K for videos and the photos it takes are as high as 18MP. Albeit, to use it, you need 2 high-performance microSD cards, to make sure that it can hold a large amount of space the pictures and videos take up.

It is a waterproof camera up to 5 meters, which is good for the beach or a swimming pool, but you definitely do not want to go scuba-diving with this. It is also good for low-light or time-lapse videos and pictures. The 4 microphones on it allow it to be able to record great audio. So this makes it a good choice as a travel camera and is fairly easy to use.

This guy also has wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. This allows it to be able to upload photos and videos seamlessly and easily.

Who should buy this?

This is great for people who want a 360-degree view around them in a video or picture. However, it might not be as good for people who don’t want that feature. Also, some have complained that it was not a perfect 360-degree camera. So take that into account if you are planning on getting this.

It has a GPS and since it is waterproof, makes it great to use for hiking, mountain climbing, or camping. So if you are an adventurous type, this might be the one for you. It also has a longer lasting rechargeable battery, much better than the previous entry. It helps even more that this one is only 8 ounces, making it light enough to carry with you. It is a high-end GoPro, but the setbacks might turn some people off.


3. Nikon D850 

[amazon fields=”B07524LHMT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”″ image_class=”ais350″]

What we like about it.

One good thing about this is the fact that the screen tilts. This may seem like a small thing but it allows someone to be able to see what they are pointing at, without having to place the camera at their eye the whole time. So it’s great if you want a wide variety of different angles. This guy has autofocus as well but does not have a manual focus option, which can turn some people off.

It also weighs just 2.02 pounds, which is heavier than the previous two, but it is still pretty light for a digital camera. There is no waterproof function on this, however, so don’t plan on using this in the rain or underwater.

Although there are no wifi capabilities, it does utilize Bluetooth in order to upload video and photos directly to your phone or tablet.

Who should buy this?

This digital camera masterpiece boasts a 45.7 MP max camera. This makes it a great choice for professional photographers. However, the general public might not have much to say about it. It is a good camera for sharp up-close photos if you need some for natural light portraits or taking pictures of a bride and groom on their wedding day.

The D850 also allows this high-end camera to take video upwards of 120 FPS, as high as 1080p videos. It has fantastic video quality and will work great if you want to sell your photography for a living.


4. Canon EOS

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What we like about it.

This camera has a lot of great features, like built-in wireless connectivity. This is important because attaching your camera to your computer or phone vis a USB device can be irritating.

It also comes with full-HD filming, which makes this great as a hobby camera. It is also a good camera if you want to take pictures of children and their parents. Although some people have complained about issues with the autofocus feature.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who is going taking night photos will adore this camera. It’s ISO speeds of 16000 which is expendable to 25600 is great for when it is dark outside. It’s hard to find a camera of this caliber when it comes to taking pictures in the dark. Its 24.2 MP picture size also makes it great when saving picture quality as well.

It does not have GPS functionality and it also is not waterproof, making it a hard camera to take with you in the elements. The 4.5-pound weight to it also can make it a burden to carry with you when hiking or camping. Although the battery does last long as is rechargeable.


5. FujiFilm X Series

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What we like about it.

It is a fairly lightweight and diverse camera that is great for some pretty sharp-looking video clips. It also has a rechargeable battery, which can save some money on purchasing batteries. One issue is that it is not waterproof, meaning that you should not take it outside in the rain.

The biggest issue is that you cannot upload pictures and video to your phone or tablet wirelessly unless you have their specific app. This can be an irritant for some users, as many believe that such an app is not necessary. It is, however, the cheapest and most affordable camera for those with a budget.

Who should buy this?

This one is 24.3 MP and has video as high as 4k. It also has autofocus, which is great for those who may not be that good at manual focus. This makes it a good hobby camera and allows for someone who might not be a pro at photography to get in some photography skills and work out some tips until they can move on to a more professional camera.


6. Panasonic Lumix CD-GH5

[amazon fields=”B01MZ3LQQ5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”″ image_class=”ais350″]

What we like about it.

The Panasonic has 20 MP photos and 180 FPS 4K video, making it a pretty good camera. If you are planning on using it a lot for long periods of time, it has 2 SD card slots for additional storage. It also has wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to upload your photos to your phone or tablet easily and seamlessly without having to fret with a USB cord.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery, which helps to save money and stress. However, some people have had an issue with the fact that the charger light is green when charging, and off when done. It is a minor issue but could have been expressed better.

Who should buy this?

This camera is great for people who want to get into street photography, as it can be highly accessorized. It is also water resistant, and some of the lenses are as well, allowing it to be used in a light rain. Since it weighs 3.5 lbs, it should not cause you any issues so long as you are not taking it hiking or camping. However, it is not that good in low-light conditions.


7. Pentax K1

[amazon fields=”B01BL6L3G6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”″ image_class=”ais350″]

What we like about it.

This is the second powerhouse camera on this list, boating a 36.4MP camera with 1080 video resolution. This guy is definitely a camera that can handle video well. It also has a tilted display, which, as mentioned previously, works well when it comes to angling the camera without having to angle your body as well. It comes with wireless uploading capabilities and a rechargeable battery.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who wants to use this outside for street photography would have a good time. It is not only resistant to the elements, but it also has GPS functionality. This can help keep you from getting lost and can allow you more of an ability to explore other areas you might have overlooked. Since it only weighs 2 lbs, it might be good to take with you camping, but not when it is pouring down rain.


Specifications to keep an eye out for

Picture quality

Picture quality comes in the form of pixels. If you have ever taken a picture with your cell phone, chances are, you’ve seen picture quality like 12 MP. These are the number of pixels the camera uses up and down and left to right. This may also be called a MegaPixel. The higher the MegaPixels, the higher the photo clarity. However, you still have to keep the camera still and take good shots.



The GoPro does not have any adjustable lenses. This means that the quality that you buy is the same quality that you will always have. However, a DSLR camera can have a variety of lenses and effects that help you to be able to use it in a variety of areas. This can include whether you need to take a picture up close or very far away.


This is a special effects lens that helps to improve the quality of some photos to give it a more spherical look. For instance, this lens makes objects in the middle look very close, while objects that are farther away look even farther. It is a great effect to have if you want to make an otherwise average photo look more stunning.

Low light conditions

How the lens captures light is known as the ISO setting. This means that higher the ISO is set to, the better it will be able to render low-light areas. While some cameras may be able to do this automatically, it might be best to learn how to adjust it yourself for the best picture quality.


If you are planning on traveling anywhere, having a good camera that does not weight a lot is always a plus. The thing about the GoPro is that it is a small camera that weighs about a 4 oz. However, in its small casing holds a lot of firepower. A DSLR camera is different, as it comes with many components, like an interchangeable lens, and the like. As a result, these can weight upwards of 4-5 pounds.

That may not sound like a huge issue, and for many people, the tradeoff is worth it for the increased usability and alterations. But for others, this can be a deal breaker. Especially if you plan on traveling or camping.



When it comes to finding a great camera, one of the most important things to look out for is video quality. I mean, that is one of the main reasons for getting a camera, right? Video quality is also noted through MegaPixels These are shown in the number of pixels rendered. For instance: 2048 x 1152. Lately, 4K60 has been growing popular, which is thus far the highest video quality we have commercially available.


Audio quality can be determined in a variety of ways, such as speaker quality. However, another indicator of good quality is the number of speakers in on the device. The more speakers, the more surround audio can be recorded, and as a result, the higher quality of sound. This helps a ton when it comes down to finding an awesome camera that provides great sound.


While there really isn’t much that you can do with a GoPro in terms of accessories, you can add a bunch of fancy new products to a DSLR. This includes a variety of different lenses, as well as flash diffusers and protection for your phone. There are hundreds of different accessories to choose from that you can make your camera your own.



Credit @Lauren Richard on Flickr

The GoPro is generally waterproof to a certain amount of meters. You will not be able to take these cameras scuba diving, but if you plan on taking videos or photos underwater, this is the camera to shoot for. The competition, however, is not waterproof at all. No camera that has a detachable lens is waterproof, however, they can be weather resistant. This means that they will be able to resist rain, but it is preferable not to get it wet at all.

What are the differences?

The main difference is due to usability. DSLR Cameras are generally take higher quality photos and video, are more professional and are highly alterable. This is due to the fact that you can change the lenses, accessorize them, and provide better audio.

However, the GoPro is mainly used for traveling. This includes attaching it to a bike, or an article of clothing as you are hiking or climbing a mountain. This is something that just cannot be done with a typical heavier camera. At least not without a lot of duct tape.

How to choose between GoPro and DSLR Camera

The differentiation is pretty easy, as a GoPro is meant for people who want to take a camera traveling. They are a cheaper one that provides great picture taking and video skills, but are not as up to par with DSLR cameras when it comes to picture and video quality.

You have to choose the camera that best fits your personality as well as your lifestyle. You definitely do not want to go to someone’s wedding as a photographer with a GoPro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a GoPro Hero 6 take pictures like a DSLR?

It can, but the pictures are generally of much lower quality in MP as a DSLR, which can easily provide over twice as many.

Which one is the best camera for diving?

GoPro cameras are the only ones on this list that are able to be used underwater. I would use any in the Hero series if you want to use it while driving.

Which is better for traveling?

Either one is fine, but really it depends on the type of trip you are going on. If you are going an all-action adventure, the go-pro might be a stronger choice. Before heading out, we suggest you check out this article about travel camera reviews.  You’ll learn a lot more there!

Which one is the best for sports?

I recommend the Canon EOS if you are planning on recording or taking pictures of sports. This is because it works great whether you are recording it in the day or during the night. Since light changes, this camera has got your back.

Which one is the best camera for YouTube?

The Pentax is a pretty good standard camera that will do a good job with pretty much any YouTube video creation. However, it is good to note that you can make pretty much any video look good with the right lighting and equipment.

Can I use my GoPro camera for drones?

Some drones allow for this, such as a Ghost 2.0. Some others do not have this capability, always check with the drone you are buying to see if it is compatible.

How to reduce camera shake?

Some cameras have built-in video stabilization, but if you need more, you can always buy a tripod. This is a surefire way to help keep the camera still.

How to charge DSLR camera without the charger?

I recommend that you never attempt doing this as it can cause an explosion.

Can I take my DSLR camera on a plane?

Yes. Most airports actually recommend that you take your personal electronics with you in order to prevent them from being broken when checked baggage is jostled around.

Should I edit my GoPro video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

You can if you want to. The editing software that you use is completely up to you.

Which DSLR camera is best for wildlife photography?

Any camera that is good not just in MegaPixels, but also for night photography, like the Canon EOS, will be great to use for photographing nature.

How do I choose the perfect lens?

Choosing the best lens depends on the situation. Some allow for long distance photography, such as bird sighting, while others are best for landscapes, or even a fish-lens effect. So choosing the perfect lens fully depends on what you are trying to do with your camera.

What about the GoPro Hero, 3, 4, and 5?

These are earlier versions of the Hero 6. Although they are still good options and are probably cheaper by this point, I chose the Hero 6 because it is the latest model.

What about the Cannon 560 or 70D?

These are great options as well, and work out perfectly if you want a great hobby camera. They can be a little pricey though.

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