Who Makes The Best Suitcase? Delsey vs Samsonite — Updated Review

Everyone can use a proper suitcase, and the question comes down to which brand you should buy. It is agreeable that Delsey and Samsonite are amongst the leaders in providing luggage solutions. That does not help you when browsing through online stores and discovering that both brands offer selections of suitcases.

It never really matters where you are traveling to, for how long, and how you will be visiting; the general rule is that you need a suitcase that fits all your stuff, is easy to carry and one that does not pile on the weight. 

That is where our guide comes in, to help you chose between Delsey and Samsonite and overall figure out which is the right suitcase for you. 

Delsey or Samsonite Comparison

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The Delsey Suitcases

  1. Chatelet Hard 55 cm Trolley Case
  2. Helium Aero 25″ Expandable Spinner
  3. Delsey Comete 20″ Spinner

The Samsonite Suitcases

  1. Samsonite Omni Hardside 20-inch Spinner
  2. Winfield Lightweight 28″
  3. Samsonite Ziplite 28″ Spinner

The Delsey Suitcases

1. Chatelet Hard 55 cm Trolley Case

[amazon fields=”B01N3TZVI1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N3TZVI1?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

What We Like:

  • It comes in a vintage-inspired design.
  • The bag uses the Delsey integrated brakes system.
  • Its dimensions make it suitable as cabin luggage.
  • The suitcase’s empty weight is 6.61 pounds.
  • It comes with a unique identification code.

Our Favorite Pick

The Delsey Slim Cabin Trolley is a hardside that anyone would like to add to their luggage collection. It features a stunning vintage-inspired design, but with all the updated elements you want out of a luggage carrier. The four-wheeled bag uses the Delsey integrated brakes system to prevent the suitcase from rolling away.

Measuring 21.6 by 7.9 by 15.8 inches, it works perfectly as a cabin bag. The Chalet also comes with other added features including a unique identification code, a TSA combination lock, and complimentary linen and shoe bags.

Who Should Buy The Chalet?

Anyone who wants a carry-on suitcase that they can travel with for those occasional weekend trips.


2. Helium Aero 25″ Expandable Spinner

[amazon fields=”B008PSWVD8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008PSWVD8?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

A Few Highlighted Features:

  • It is 100% polycarbonate-made with a glossy finish.
  • The double spinner wheels give it superior maneuverability.
  • It can expand adding to an additional 2 inches.
  • The bag offers two fully-lined storage compartments.
  • Its handle system locks into two positions.
  • The bag’s dimensions are 25 by 17.5 by 11.5 inches.
  • It uses a three-dial TSA-approved combination lock.
  • The travel bag is available in seven color choices.

Best Budget-Friendly Option

The Helium Aero bag comes in a lightweight and durable package. Its 100% polycarbonate construction makes it highly resilient to breaking or cracking. The double spinner wheels provide exceptional maneuverability which removes the strain from your arms. Its expandability offers an additional two inches of packing space whenever needed.

The inside features two fully-lined compartments as well as multiple quick-access pockets. A zippered divider and web straps make it possible to pack items in an organized way. It uses the Delsey recessed one-button handle system which locks the handle into two positions. The bag comes with an integrated TSA-approved three-dial combination lock. Seven color options allow you to make a more personalized purchase.

Who Should Grab One Of These Luggage Bags?

Anyone working with a limited budget but still wants a travel bag that comes with all the bells and whistles will appreciate the Delsey Helium Aero suitcase.


3. Delsey Comete 20″ Spinner

[amazon fields=”B01HIATD1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HIATD1Q?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Notable Features:

  • It features a diamond-shaped grained scratch-resilient texture.
  • The interior offers two fully-lined packing compartments.
  • Its main storage compartment expands providing packing flexibility.
  • Four spinner wheels provide multidirectional mobility.
  • Its 20-inch size makes it a perfect carry-on bag.
  • The bag is available in three color options.

Best 20 Inch Suitcase

The Delsey Comete is a lightweight and durable carry-on bag. It comes with two fully-lined compartments making packing convenient. The suitcase also features tie-down straps and a zippered divider for better organization. Its main compartment expands providing additional packing space when needed.

Four spinner wheels give it multidirectional mobility making it highly maneuverable. Its dimension makes it a suitable carry-on choice when traveling with most domestic airlines. The suitcase is available in fuschia, black, and teal color options.

Who Should Buy This Comete Spinner?

Anyone looking for a compact and relatively affordable suitcase with ample packing space should consider this spinner.


The Samsonite Suitcases

1. Samsonite Omni Hardside 20-inch Spinner

[amazon fields=”B013WFNQJG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013WFNQJG?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

What We Like:

  • Its micro-diamond texture makes it scratch resistant.
  • Lightweight re-engineered spinner wheels offer effortless mobility.
  • It comes with a retractable handle.
  • The suitcase features consumer preferred expansion.
  • It features a full-zip interior with cross-straps and a divider.
  • The suitcase comes with a side-mounted TSA lock.
  • Its dimensi0ns are 19 by 14.5 by 9.5 inches.
  • The bag is available in an impressive selection of eight color 0ptions.

Best Hard Sided Luggage 2018

The Omni comes designed to withstand the hardest of hits thanks to its 100% polycarbonate construction. It is lightweight and rides effortlessly on 360-degree spinner wheels. There is no need to struggle to pull the suitcase because the Omni PC can comfortably roll beside you.

The consumer preferred expansion offers additional packing space according to your needs. It also comes with side-mounted TSA-approved lock makes sure that your items arrive intact. You can also buy the suitcase as a set of three or settle for this cabin-friendly option. It does not hurt that the travel bag is available in eight color choices.

Who Should Buy The Samsonite Omi PC?

The Samsonite Hardside comes built to last making it an ideal investment for the frequent domestic traveler.


2. Winfield Lightweight 28″

[amazon fields=”B00T8L9LFC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T8L9LFC?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Noteworthy Features:

  • It uniquely flexes under pressure to absorb impact.
  • The suitcase comes with a telescopic handle.
  • Four multi-directional spinner wheels offer stress-free mobility.
  • It expands and offers an additional 1.5 inches of packing space.
  • The interior features cross straps and a full-zip divider.
  • It comes with a side-mounted TSA-approved lock.
  • The travel bag is available in seven color choices.

Best For Families

The Winfield comes in a lightweight package and spots a brushed finish. The interior features a full-zip diver, cross tie straps, and storage pockets. A telescopic handle makes it easy to haul along with you

It rides on four multidirectional wheels making it highly maneuverable. A side-mounted TSA-approved lock comes with the suitcase for security.

Who Should Buy The Winfield Suitcase?

The suitcase comes with the option of a three-piece set making it ideal for families. The 28-inch option offers ample packing space for the long-duration traveler.


3. Samsonite Ziplite 28″ Spinner

[amazon fields=”B07BD2HZ3C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_link=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BD2HZ3C?tag=lolw-general-20″ image_class=”ais350″]

Some Notable Features:

  • The bag comes with four multi-directional wheels.
  • It features a textured polycarbonate construction.
  • Interior compression straps help with packing organization.
  • Rubber-coated carry handles provide make it comfortable to handle.
  • It expands to an additional 1.5 inches.
  • The suitcase is available in six color choices.

High-End Garment Bag

One look at the Ziplite, and it seems like the stylishly luxurious travel bag you would like to add to your collection. It features a textured polycarbonate shell which is both abrasion and scratch resistant. Four multidirectional wheels drive the suitcase, and a rubber-coated handle makes it easy to handle.

The interior compression straps keep your clothes securely in place making it the most suitable garment bag on this list. It expands and offers 1.5 inches of additional packing space when needed.

Who Should Grab One Of These Travel Bags?

The Samsonite Ziplite is the most expensive travel bag on this list making it one of the high-end options. It proves a worthwhile investment because of its durable construction and overall functionality.


A Buying Guide For The Perfect Travel Bag

If you thought that planning a trip can be quite stressful, start with trying to find that suitcase that is the Midas standard of the way you should haul your luggage. First of all, you discover that there are different types available including hardside, softside, and garment bag variations. Then there is the matter of choosing whether you are a Samsonite of Delsey person. 

It all sounds like a whole lot to have to go through to buy a luggage carrier, but there are a few elements that you can use to determine whether a suitcase works for you.


One of the initial things that everyone notices when buying anything is that there are a variety of style choices. That includes what we mentioned about the hard and soft shells, under the seat, carry on, and garment bags. The hardside options feature a polycarbonate or ABS plastic exterior making them able to withstand a high level of stress. They also resist scratches, cracking and denting, and absorb shock well. 

On the other hand, the softside bags feature a lightweight construction with nylon and polyester being the typical fabrics used for their exterior. They show fewer signs of wear and tear, and they often also include exterior organizational pockets. The soft shells are the options that usually come in expandable designs offering extra packing space.

The garment bags come in simpler constructions, and they typically hold a single outfit for a special occasion. The tradeoff is that they usually feature much less space, but there are lightweight luggage bags that come in soft and hard shell designs that offer a bit more space. These lightweight luggage options function well as under the seat or carry-on options.

Size and Weight

The first thing that becomes apparent with suitcases is that there is a direct relationship between their size and weight. If you must go for a large-sized luggage carrier because you need the extra space, then you must be ready for it to pack the weight when full. Naturally, you want to keep the overall weight of the suitcase on the lower side.

Therefore, you want to by asking yourself how much space you need and also pay keen attention to the suitcase construction. The material used in constructing the luggage carrier has a hand in determining its overall weight.

Generally, the hardside varieties fall on the heavier side because of their polycarbonate construction. On the other hand, they offer better protection making it an excellent trade-off for the weight. The softside options come in lighter packages and can be more forgiving to the abuse they go through at the airport. 


While the color of the suitcase might seem an insignificant element for most, it does play a role when it comes to making your travel easier in general. On the one hand, is helpful to have a suitcase in an inconspicuous color makes it a more straightforward process to keep track of your bag on the baggage carousel. However, some people prefer to say away from the flashiest of colors.


Credit Samsonite.com, Delsey.com

It does help when a particular suitcase comes in an array of color choices to allow you the option of personalization. The color issue comes down to a matter of preference, and you might perhaps want to get what blends with the suitcases you already own. 


When taking another look at the differences between the hardside and softside variations, the construction plays a vital role in determining the bag’s strength. The hard shells feature a polycarbonate or hard plastic construction making them withstand significant abuse before reaching their breaking point. 

The softside options make use of lightweight material for their construction which also does compromise on their durability. It does not mean that the softside varieties are lesser in quality than the hardside options, but their polyester or nylon construction does not go the mile when pitted against the hard shells. 

Durability goes beyond the construction, and specific protective features such as a reinforced frame contribute towards the bag’s overall performance. The housing should also feature reinforcement because the sides get the hardest impact and need more protection. 


You also want to consider going for a wheeled luggage carrier which allows you to move around with the suitcase with ease. Again, you will come across two and four-wheeled options. Also, the two-wheeled varieties are also commonly referred to as rolling suitcases and the four-wheeled options called spinners. 


Credit Delsey.com

The rolling varieties feature recessed wheels located at the back and beneath the handle. They perform well over uneven terrain as well as curbs and when being pulled upstairs. However, their limitation is their forward-and-backward only trajectory, and they prove cumbersome when maneuvering through busy areas.  Some also fall on the broader side and might not fit comfortably on an airplane aisle.

The four-wheeled varieties prove more stable and maneuverable because they feature 360-degree rotating wheels. Unlike the rolling bags, the spinners allow you o pull them beside you in an upright position which gets rid of back and arm strains. The four-wheeled bags do not come with recessed wheels causing them to stick out more when placed under seas or in overhead bins. 


Some suitcases feature an expandable section which accords you more room whenever you need the extra space. It usually is a wraparound zipper panel which you can unzip to add more packing room when needed. In most suitcases, it offers an additional 2 liters of space or even more.

expandable section

Credit Samsonite.com

The added room can prove quite useful when you have to meet specific luggage dimensions when traveling with different airlines. Also, when coming back from a vacation with souvenirs, it gives you the extra space you need to squeeze them in your suitcase. 

TSA Locker

Travel locks come in diverse styles including cable locks, locks with keys, and 4-dial locks. TSA-accepted locks on suitcases often feature the Travel Sentry logo. The main reason why you want these locks is because in the case that TSA searches your luggage if you are using a non-approved lock they can cut it off.


Credit Samsonite.com

The TSA have special sets of keys that can open the approved locks whenever necessary. After searching through your luggage, they can relock it leaving your luggage intact. Unfortunately, if they cut through non-approved locks, they have to cut through them using bolt cutters and afterward they would have to discard the lock. 


The seasoned traveler who already has a couple of suitcases might want to add a single piece to their collection. Buying a travel bag comes from wanting to have an appropriate way to haul your luggage, and it could be that you perhaps need a smaller or larger-sized suitcase. In that case, your shopping choice must a process driven by your specific need.


For the first time luggage buyer, a set proves a worthwhile investment. Most usually feature four to seven different-sized matching pieces. It also works as a good option for a family looking for several bags for various family members. Also, it accords you a selection of options including carry-on bags to suit your varying baggage needs when traveling. 

The Final Verdict

Our reviews matched up significantly similar suitcases offered by Samsonite and Delsey to pit the two brands against each other. It is quite apparent that both brands offer quality travel bags at a relatively similar price point. Therefore, when buying your next suitcase your needs and preference will largely guide your decision.

However, we are sure that our travel bag buying guide and the reviews of some of the best suitcases offered by both brands should help you settle for the right one.

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