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During my most recent hunting expedition, I had spent most of the day wandering through the woods with a family member without even a sign of a deer. It was supposed to be high season, and we had paid rental fees to get into a great piece of private hunting land where others had told us that we would have our trophy prize within a couple hours at most. Just as the sun was about to dip below the horizon while we were on our way back to the car, a monster nine-point buck wandered out of the thickets right in front of us. I signaled to my hunting partner that this one was mine. I slowly lowered my gun and reached into my hunting fanny pack to try and find the rifle cartridges that I had stored only minutes earlier due to the fact that we were almost back to the car and had given up on finding any deer.

I tried to keep my eyes on the deer as my hands fumbled around the fanny pack, but the cartridges had fallen to the bottom of the pack, and the polyester fabric of the fanny pack was making a lot of noise as I fumbled around looking for the bullets. Finally, I had to put my rifle down and look into the fanny pack for the missing cartridges. By the time I found them, the buck was long gone and my hunting companion and I headed back home empty handed.

While most hunters focus on the rifle, scope, and cartridges as the most important pieces of hunting gear for a successful hunt, a hunting fanny pack can make all the difference between getting a nine-point buck and heading home with nothing more than muddy hunting boots. Below, we offer a complete review of the top hunting fanny packs on the market today.

Best Hunting Fanny Pack Comparison

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Top Features for the Waist Packs For Hunting

Before we jump into the reviews of the top four hunting fanny packs, it is important to have a good idea of what to look for in this piece of gear. The absolutely worst thing you can do is simply use the cheap, polyester fanny pack that your mother used during her most recent vacation. These products will be uncomfortable, will make lots of noise with every step you take through the woods, will not adequately hold the most important gear you plan to bring along, and will most likely not be waterproof.

While what you pack in your hunting fanny pack will obviously depend on where you are heading out to hunt and what you are planning to hunt, there are a few pieces of gear that are indispensable and should never be left at home.

  • Flagging Tape: You never know when inclement weather will force you back to your car and not allow you to bring back your downed game. Flagging tape will help you remember where you left your game (or its blood trail) if you have to leave and come back.
  • Compass and GPS: If you are heading out into the backwoods, it is important to have some way to keep yourself oriented, and a compass and/or GPS is an essential tool that every great hunter should rely on. See our GPS & Altimerer Watches article for more info.
  • Basic First Aid Items: This should be common sense, but it is always helpful to have some first aid items in case of a mishap while out in the woods hunting.
  • Extra cartridges: While you might think yourself to be a sharp eye shooter, it can be frustrating to be down to your last cartridge and still without any game. Make sure you bring along some extra cartridges in case your aim is off during the day.
  • Some comfort food: While you might not be able to carry along a whole kitchen to grill out during a hunting expedition in the wilderness, it can sure be comforting to have some of your favorite snack foods to keep you nourished and energized during the hunt.

So what should you look for in a hunting fanny pack that allows you to safely and comfortably take along this essential gear?

The Right Size

Imagine hiking for hours through the woods with a hunting fanny pack that is either to tight or too loose. An extreme tightness might not only discomfort you but could also lead to blisters. A pack that is too loose will have you holding it up with one hand to keep the belt from falling down to your ankles. Furthermore, while a larger fanny pack will allow you to carry more things with you, the extra bulkiness will most likely get in your way throughout the day. The perfect sized product will usually have a large central pocket where you can store your larger items. Furthermore, several smaller pouches are sewn onto the outside where you can easily access important hunting gear such as your compass, extra cartridges, etc.

The Right Material

The most important aspect of a good hunting fanny pack is the material from which it is made. You absolutely do not want to purchase a fanny pack that makes noise as you walk or when you are attempting to get extra cartridges with the game in sight. Products made from cheap polyester are usually at the bottom of the line. Not only is this material less resistant, it also is known for making that annoying “swishing” sound every time it brushes up against something. Finding packs that are made from canvas, high-quality nylon, or even leather will most likely be much more silent and durable.

Waterproof & Water Resident

When you are out in the middle of the woods and an unpredicted summer thunderstorm drops two inches of rain on you in half an hour, you want to make sure that your most important pieces of vulnerable hunting gear are protected from the water. Your cell phone, GPS, or other electronics need to be protected by some sort of waterproof (or at least water resistant) material and that is another important characteristic to look for when shopping for the best product on the market.

Easily Adjustable Belt Strap

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to search for a pack that comes with a comfortable yet durable adjustable belt strap. Since all of the weight of your fanny pack will be held by the strap around your waist, you want to make sure it is comfortable and that can be accomplished with the inclusion of an easily adjustable belt strap. You want to make sure that the strap does not easily loosen during the day as you walk through the woods in search of game, but rather that it maintains its firmness throughout the day.

Taking into account these four fundamental characteristics of a quality hunting fanny pack, let’s turn now to the reviews of the top seven products on the market today.


While we mentioned above that it is important to find a hunting fanny pack made from a material that does not make a lot of noise while walking, there are other elements of quietness to the best products on the market. For example, inexpensive packs usually come with cheap zippers that make an enormous amount of noise when they are opened or closed. Trying to open one of those zippers to get to your spotting scope will most likely scare off any game that is within earshot.

The top products on the market incorporate improved zipper technology, which not only is more durable but also much more silent as well. The top hunting fanny packs, then, are those that incorporate silent materials such as canvas, leather, or high-quality polyester that is tempered to get rid of the plastic sounds and that also have quiet zippers.


One of the worse things that can happen during a hunting trip is for a piece of gear to break. The whole purpose of a hunting fanny pack is to stay better organized and have a convenient and comfortable pack where you can store and easily access your most essential gear. This allows you to keep your hands free to stay better alert while on the hunt. Cheap fanny packs that are shoddily made, however, run the risk of breaking at the most inopportune time. A broken strap, a zipper that will not close, or a buckle that won’t fasten means that instead of a help, your pack will turn into a hindrance.

Searching for hunting fanny packs that are made from durable materials is a must for the serious hunter. Products that include heavy-duty zippers, strong and durable materials, and double stitching will last longer and also help you avoid a disastrous hunting trip where you end up having to stuff your pant pockets full of all your hunting gear and gadgets because your pack broke down in the middle of the wilderness.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is important to look for a hunting fanny pack that will maximize its usefulness for you. There are dozens of different companies that make and manufacture these types of products, and the best pack for you will ultimately depend on the type of hunting you do, where you plan to go, and what you like to bring with you.

If you are a minimalist who likes the challenge of hunting with nothing more than your gun and a simple scope, a smaller and more lightweight hunting fanny pack will probably be best for you so that you can pack only the essentials. If, however, you like to head into the woods thoroughly prepared of if you plan to be gone a several-day trip into the wilderness, larger fanny packs that include shoulder straps, more storage or cargo space, and more pockets will probably be the best option for you. Fortunately, the seven hunting fanny packs reviewed below come in various styles and sizes so that you can determine which pack is most useful for your own particular needs.

Hunting Fanny Pack Reviews

ArcEnCiel Tactical Waste Pack Review

ArcEnCiel Water Resistant Tactical Waist Pack Bag Military Fanny Packs Hip Belt Bag Pouch for Hiking Climbing Outdoor Bumbag (Coyote Brown)

What We Liked About it

This bad boy makes it to the top of our list because of a great combination of budget price, high-quality materials, and great performance. It is made from high-density 1000D nylon and canvas which is both water resistant and extremely durable. This pack will be with you for many years to come, even though you can find it for less than $20.

Who Should Buy It?

This fanny pack is a great option for an all-around outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) who plans to use the product for a wide range of outdoor activities. Not only is this a great pack for hunters, but it can also be easily adapted for hiking trips, camping trips, backcountry excursions, and even cycling trips. If you love being outside and want a great all-around pack, this is the product for you.

Some Sweet Specs

Some of the top specs of this pack include:

  • Quality ABS buckle
  • Adjustable and even detachable strap for comfort and convenience
  • Great design with a large central pocket and several exterior pockets with separate zippers that allow for easy access to other important pieces of gear.
  • MOLLE system on both sides of the pack that allows hunters to attach water bottles, walkie-talkies, and other important objects

More Notable Features

In addition to the top features mentioned above, the ArcEnCiel hunting fanny pack also incorporates other notable features such as a small interlayer in the main bag pouch. This separate area allows you to safely and securely store your IDs, credit cards, cash, and other items that you want to be concealed and separate from other items. The three separate, exterior pockets are also large enough for mobile phones, keys, cigarettes, and other items that you want to keep separate.

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ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Hunting Pack Review

ArcEnCiel Water Resistant Tactical Waist Pack Bag Military Fanny Packs Hip Belt Bag Pouch for Hiking Climbing Outdoor Bumbag (Coyote Brown)

What We Liked About it

This is one of the only hunting fanny packs that comes complete with a removable shoulder harness, which means that you can comfortably haul heavier objects for longer hunting expeditions. This bad boy even works for hunters who want to head out for a multiple day hunting trips during the summer month, but who do not want to deal with the weight and bulkiness of a backpacking backpack. The padded waistband is also fully removable if you only want to use the product for a short trip. Also, this pack also has several, well-designed pockets including two on the sides, on in the front, and large main pocket. Despite all of the extra room that comes with this great hunting accessory, it only weighs 1.6 pounds.

Who Should Buy It?

This is the best hunting fanny pack for serious hunters who regularly head out on longer, often multi-day hunting trips. The pack holds upwards of eight liters, which is more than enough space for the essential hunting gear along with some space for needed food reserves. The pack is also compatible with ALPS accessory products if you want to add a bit more storage space. If you enjoy being out in the wilderness, this little guy will allow you to pack all you need for a 2-3 day trip without burdening you with excess weight.

Some Sweet Specs

This fanny pack also incorporates some great specs for an all-around fantastic hunting experience.

  • It allows you ample space to organize gear in the four, well-designed pockets.
  • The padded waist belt and shoulder harness are super comfortable and silent. The design limits the movement of the pack, which thus eliminates friction noise while avoiding any discomfort. These can also be removed if you only want the pack without all the straps. 
  • Some of the available ALPS OutdoorZ accessory pockets include a pocket for binoculars (essential for bird hunting) and a pocket specifically designed for a turkey call. You can thus customize this fanny pack for your own hunting needs. 
  • At under $50, it is also a great deal for a quality product that will last you for years.

More Notable Features

Furthermore, this ALPS product is made from durable and silent Brushed Realtree Xtra HD Fabric. If you use a scope for your hunting needs, your rangefinder can easily fit into the front belt pocket for easy and quick access.

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Badlands Monster Fanny Pack Review

Badlands Monster Fanny Hunting Backpacks

What We Liked About it

This is the absolute monster of hunting fanny packs, as its name implies. The two-pound bag easily holds twice as much as the other packs reviewed here. Furthermore, you can even add another liter of hydration. The six large pockets allow for an enormous amount of storage and cargo space, though it still feels like you are hauling a fanny pack and not a full out backpack.

Instead of just two straps, this product comes with three removable and also adjustable shoulder straps. Though it may take a little while to get used to putting the straps on, once you master the art of slipping into this pack you will be able to carry heavy loads with ease. For long trips, overnighters, or even week-long excursions into the mountains, this pack is a great option.

Who Should Buy It?

The most obvious response to this question is that this pack is designed for people who like to carry extra stuff during their hunting expeditions, but do not want to be burdened down by the extra load. This pack is designed with a unique molded foam that included ergonomic features. It also has a Delron flex-frame, which is a fancy way of saying that it will keep the pack upright, instead of sagging down your lower pack. You would be hard-pressed to find a pack that allows you to pack 1,000 cubic inches of space in six pockets while weighing just under three pounds.

Some Sweet Specs

Some of the characteristics of this great product include:

  • It is made from 100% Polyester but is tempered to avoid the ruffling noises so often associated with this material
  • Besides the nice shoulder harness, the waist belt is also superbly padded for extra comfort.
  • The main pocket is surrounded by five, well-placed pockets that will help you to keep your essentials organized during longer trips. 
  • The ergonomic design will naturally mold to the contour of your back and shoulders for added comfort. 

More Notable Features

While the close to $100 price tag with this fanny pack might be slightly higher than other more economic options, Badlands offers a lifetime warranty on this pack meaning that you will most likely be caring this pack with your during hunting trips for years to come.

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Allen Company Crusade Fanny Pack Review

Allen Crusade Camo Hunting Waist Pack, 600 Cubic Inches, Next G

 What We Liked About it

Next, we come to the Allen Company Crusade Fanny Pack. This is one of the most inexpensive products on the market, but it surely does not leave out some fantastic functionality. This bad boy comes with a huge main compartment that can handle most of your essential hunting gear. An outside water bottle pocket comes in handy as do the other exterior pockets that allow for easy storage of other hunting accessories. Allen Company has been making high-performance sports and hunting gear for decades, meaning that they are a name you can trust.

Who Should Buy It?

This is a great beginner hunting pack because of the price. If you are trying to teach your child the art of hunting, you probably do not want to invest in a $100 dollar product right off the bat. This product delivers performance and functionality for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, for young hunters, finding ways to help them not scare off the game is essential. The material in the Allen Company pack is very silent and even the zippers are designed to be pulled open silently.

Some Sweet Specs

Some of the top performance features of this great product include:

  • Four, well-designed exterior pockets, that offer a total of 600 cubic inches of storage and cargo space
  • A zippered interior compartment that allows you to keep the essential gear and personal items safe and secure. 
  • The water bottle pouch is made from high grade elastic, which allows you to carry different size bottles without fear of your water falling out.
  • The adjustable waist belt to goes up to 52-inches, for those hunters who put on a little extra weight during the pre-hunt Thanksgiving meal feast. 

More Notable Features

Even more impressive, this product weighs in at only eleven ounces making it an ideal pack for hunters of all ages who do not want to carry excess weight while staying alert for the game.

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Creator Tactical Waist Pack

CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack with Detachable Water Bottle Holder Pocket Fanny Pack & Outdoor Lumbar Bag for Hiking Travelling Climbing Cycling Camping Shopping Hunting Fishing - Brown

What We Liked About It

The best feature of the CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack is its simple yet functional design. Let’s face it, not every hunter wants a fanny pack that has dozens of pockets and straps and other features. If you are like me, you might have to open up every one of those pockets before you finally remember where you left your compass. This pack, on the other hand, has a simple yet very useful design. It has one, large main pocket, and two external pockets. Furthermore, this product also has a detachable water holder if you feel like you will need to stay hydrated during extended hunting trips.

Also, the adjustable straps offer lumbar support for people who have back problems. Because the straps are so easy to adjust, you can choose how you prefer to use the pack. You can use it as a waist bag, a single shoulder strap bag, or a belt bag without the bottle.

Who Should Buy It?

The high-quality adjustable straps alongside the lightweight and simple design make this a great option for hunters who want extra lumbar support without excess weight. Furthermore, this tactical pack is an excellent product for people who look for multi-functionality in the products they purchase. This bag can easily be used for hunting, fishing, cycling, camping, hiking, and more.

Some Sweet Specs

  • The tactical waist pack is 100% waterproof
  • Made from 600 D Nylon
  • Adjustable waist straps that allow you to adjust between 21 and 35 inches
  • Comes with a one-year warranty as well.

More Notable Features

Another great feature of this pack is its price as you can find it for under $15 dollars on Amazon. Also, the pack comes with high-performance zippers that open and close without a sound.

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BF Systems Extreme Pack

Extreme Pak Invisible Pattern Camo Water Repellent Waist Bag

What We Liked About It

Unless you are planning on heading out to hunt in an area where lots of other hunters are going to be present, you probably do not need those bright orange hunting jumpsuits or bright colored fanny packs. During hunting season, most animals are alert to any disturbance in their environment, and bright colors are certainly something that will alert them that something is out of the ordinary. The hunting fanny pack designed by BF Systems, however, is fully camouflaged and gets the nod for the best-camouflaged product on the market for hunters.

Who Should Buy It?

Obviously, if you are planning to hunt in an area where other hunters are most likely going to be present, then you need to take the extra precautions to alert other hunters of your presence. However, if you have your own hunting grounds or plan to head to a wilderness area where other hunters are a rarity, camouflaged gear is most likely the best option. This pack, then, is best designed for solitary hunters who do not like to share the woods or the mountain with other hunters.

Some Sweet Specs

  • The pack comes with five separate zippered storage pockets
  • Water resistant
  • Green and brown typical camouflage pattern
  • Only weighs 5.6 ounces
  • Easily adjustable waist strap

More Notable Features

Another major benefit of this fanny pack is that the adjustable waist strap expands to 48 inches. When you have on a bulky pair of hunting overalls to stay warm during those winter hunting trips, this extra space can certainly be useful.

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Bodfy Tactical Waist Pack

BODFY Tactical Waist Pack Hiking Military Fanny Pack With Water Bottle Pocket Holder Pouch for Fishing Hunting By (Desert Camouflage)

What We Liked About It

After purchasing a $500 dollar rifle, $200 hunting boots, a $300 dollar hunting scope, while also having to spend several hundred dollars on permits, not everyone is going to want to spend the big bucks on a fancy hunting fanny pack. Fortunately, the Bodfy Tactical Waist Pack gets the award for the cheapest pack out there. Currently priced under $9 dollars, this waist pack delivers simple yet essential performance features for a minimal cost.

Who Should Buy It

This is hands down the best pack for hunters who are on a budget but do not want to settle for the flimsy and noisy vacation fanny pack with a picture of Mickey Mouse that you bought during last years vacation.

Some Sweet Specs

  • Made from 1000D nylon
  • Has an ABS buckle
  • Is extremely lightweight
  • The waist strap is detachable and adjustable
  • Also comes with an extra pocket that can function as a water bottle holder

More Notable Features

Despite the extremely low price with this bad boy, it also managed to incorporate other notable features such as a desert camouflage pattern and a fourteen-day money back guarantee.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best fanny pack will depend on the type of hunting you do, where you plan to go, and your own personal preferences. Nonetheless, there are several features and characteristics that all of the best products incorporate, including comfortable fit, good material that is water resistant and silent, and a comfortable and adjustable belt strap. Any of the four hunting fanny packs reviewed above make for a quality product that will enhance your overall hunting experience.


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