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Suunto Ambit3 vs Garmin Fenix 3: Which is Better?

There are selections of excellent sports watches out there, but some brands stand up against the rest. When it comes to GPS fitness trackers, Garmin is the name you’ve probably heard thrown around as well as Suunto. Buying an activity monitor, whether for fitness or outdoor adventures, often always just comes down to a matter […]

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Best Solar Watches: Top Picks and Ultimate Guide

In the last few years solar energy has skyrocketed in popularity. Prices have dropped, they’ve become more reliable and are now at a point where they’ll probably never run out of battery. But with so many different brands and models to choose from it can be hard to know which ones are the real deal. […]

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The Best Tactical & Military Watches on the Market

With the speed technology is increasing, the amount of things watches can now do is actually insane. With things like weather reports, storm alarms, GPS, and even an inbuilt flashlight, one of these could easily end up saving your life. They go so much further than telling the time and they’re built to be indestructible. […]

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Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS/GLONASS Watch Review

Everyone that has been out in the country hunting, in a huge lake fishing, or in a cabin on the forest enjoying a week off, knows their is nothing worse than getting lost in the woods. Don’t underestimate the power of new generation watches. Nowadays outdoor watches are equipped with great features and tools as […]

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7 Best ABC / Altimeter Watch Reviews — Top Picks

Altimeter & ABC watches can be a great way to reduce the number of items you bring with you when camping, hiking, etc. Hikers should not carry any more than 20% of their total body weight when backpacking or hiking. This is because the extra weight weighs you down, and prevents you from continuing on […]

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