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Best Roof Top Tent Reviews (2018 Edition!)

Roof top tents offer a new way to explore. They are simple gears that fit onto your car’s roof to keep you safe or dry compared to sleeping on the ground. Using this tent is a fast way to set up camp in the wild and is also great for road trips for you can sleep in peace. If you are looking to change the way you camp and you need the best roof top tent that will suit your needs, we’re here to help.Here are our top recommendations.

ARB (ARB3201) Series III Sand Rooftop Tent- Best Value

This is not the cheapest tent in the market, but it gives you your money’s worth as it provides ease and convenience when travelling. Made from high quality cotton and polyester, it offers good ventilation. It includes a built-in rainfly and has screened doors and windows so you won’t have to worry about insects bugging you at night.

The item also includes a bonded, high density foam mattress with removable cover that will ensure your comfort. It is equipped with a retractable ladder that is made of aluminium that never rusts. You can place the tent on either the rear or side of your vehicle. It easily packs away, with the bedding kept inside to save space on your vehicle.

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Camco 51373 Vehicle Roof Top Tent with Annex- Best Bang for your Buck

Enjoy a safe camping experience without spending so much with this innovative tent. It’s the best roof top tent if you are conscious of your budget. It quickly mounts to most load bars or roof racks and includes wrenches and mounting brackets for easy set-up.

You can configure the tent to set up on the right, left or rear side of your vehicle or mount it to a trailer. Durable and comfortable, the high density foam mattress holds up to three persons. Built for all seasons, it has a rainfly raised above it to keep it cooler in warmer climate and reduce condensation during winter. It has screened windows and doors to keep away insects.

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Tepui Autana Sky Tent: 3-Person 4-Season- Awesome for the Price

It’s worth spending a bit more on a tent that will let you enjoy camping in style. This one boasts high quality materials and features that make it an all-season shelter, allowing you to camp anytime of the year without having to worry about warmth or cold. It accommodates 3 persons and has one door.

It’s equipped with two zippered panels on the roof, allowing you to enjoy the stars at night. The tent looks intimidating, but it’s so easy to setup and install. It comes with brackets that attach to almost any roof rack and bars, supported by sturdy aluminium frame that can endure strong winds. Inside, sleep comfortably on a high density foam mattress that feels like you are resting at home. In case the rain pours, the waterproof fabric sheds raindrops satisfactorily.

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Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room- Best in Low Price Point

This one may be low in price, but not in quality so it’s not surprising to see it included in the top rooftop tent reviews. It features an annex room and black driving cover, providing ultimate comfort and convenience when going to your camping location. It unfolds in minutes and takes no tools to install.

It is made of aluminium frame, rack mounts and ladder, so you’re sure that no rust can ruin it after years of use. The high density foam mattress and bedding can be stored inside to free up valuable space in the vehicle. The sleeping space can accommodate up to two persons, while the annex room can fit a queen size mattress, cot or mat. You can even place a small dining table; it’s all up to you.

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Tepui Autana Ruggedized Tent: 3-Person 4-Season- Best in Class

Expect the best roof top tents to come at a higher price range, but this one is worth every dollar. It is made of high quality canopy material with PU coating and taped seams. It fits up to 3 persons and is great for any season.

Designed for dirt roads, it is made with a reinforced construction that handles everything from rocky forests to miles in the desert. It has heavy duty hinges, anti-condensation mats and aluminium diamond plate. It folds open for easy installing and great access.

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Roof top tents are there if you are not the type who can withstand “real” camping adventure. Expect them to be pricier than conventional tents, but for good reason. It can be used for long road travels or even on glamping. Check out roof top tent comparison to avail the one that offers more value for your money.

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