Best Molle Attachments (Complete 2018 Guide!)

After getting a MOLLE backpack the most important thing is to get all the right accessories. So which attachments should you get to make sure your bag has it all?

Different attachments bring with them a whole range of improvements and utility, both of which can really come in handy when you need them most.

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This is what makes MOLLE packs so great, the versatility and ability to add extra modules to them.

Best MOLLE Attachment Reviews & Comparison

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Best 12 Person Tent Reviews (For Family & Friends!)

Anyone looking for a 12-person does so because they want the extra space. It is often not about finding an outdoor abode to accommodate 12 or more people, but the possibility does not hurt either. That is why we did some research and came up with the best 12 person tent reviews.

These larger tents also present the possibility of maintaining some privacy in the great outdoors with the multi-room options. Remember that a camping crib functions as your sleeping quarters, chill out spot, and the place where you store your gear.

We settled for five that meet the space, privacy durability, and quick assembly criteria. Let us get right into it.

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12 Person Camping Tent Comparison and Reviews

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Best 10 Person Tent Reviews (Friends & Family Edition!)

Camping trips have always been a big tradition in my family ever since I was young. Now that I have a family of my own, I decided to keep the tradition alive and regularly take my family out to the great outdoors. However, the family has grown with four young ones, my wife, my brother and his wife, and two beloved Maltese terriers who always tag along. It became apparent that we need to upgrade to a 10-person tent.

We have always used an old 6-man tent that I inherited from my parents, and my brother would come with a 2-man shelter for him and his wife. The old tent is just about giving in, and my brother’s wife always complains that their tent gets too hot at night. With an upcoming camping trip, it only makes sense to invest in a group-size tent to solve our accommodation issues once and for all.

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My research bore fruit, and I was able to narrow down on five of the best 10-person tents out there. I decided to review them to help anyone else who is in a similar situation, and the reviews factor in size, features, and what others had to say about the products. Let us get right into it.

Best 10 Person Camping Tent Comparison & Reviews

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13 Best EDC Backpack for Men (Reviews Updated for 2018!!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for a bag that can go with you anywhere. I know I am. I’ve always got my eyes open for the right bag. I love hiking, I love the solitude, even if I’m hiking with a friend. That said, I tend to go straight from work to hiking with no break in-between. That means that I need the best EDC Backpack that can shift from work to hiking easily.

I can easily believe that you have the same type of schedule as I do. You could be going camping right after you’re done work and you want to be as ready as you can be. The car is packed and ready to go as soon as you walk out those doors.  If that’s you, then you need one of these EDC bags. They are durable, strong, waterproof, and just all around great. You can pack all your gear ahead of time and have it waiting in the car for you.

What about if you don’t hike and you’re just walking around town? These are good for you too. You can stash your laptop computer in one of these beauties, along with anything else you need for your day.

If you like to travel, but travel light, then I would recommend checking out the packs we’ve reviewed, as these backpacks are perfectly suited for weekend travel. You can’t go wrong with one of these bags.

I know that whenever I leave my house, I like to be prepared for whatever happens to come my way, whether it’s bad weather, a spur of the moment hiking trip, or just a visit with friends who live out of town. I can even see myself backpacking across Europe with one of these beauties. They are super functional and you really can’t go wrong to buy one for yourself. Check out the reviews of some Everyday Carry Bags below to see what I mean.

Everyday Carry Backpack Comparison

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The 6 Best Bone Conduction Headset Reviews (2018 Guide!)

A note can be heard by vibrating your skull at the right frequency. Beethoven, in his soundless days, bit on a rod attached to his piano to hear the music. This is what has been coined as bone conduction. While the term might sound new, the experience is more common than you think. It is through conducting sound by bone a recording of your voice rings wildly different than in your head. The shutter of the illusion singing was a talent you possessed happens because your skull conducts lower frequencies of sound more efficiently than air conduction. The military and medical field have been harnessing the benefits of this alternate portal to sound for years. In the past decade, markets have been flooded by commercial bone conduction headsets. The question lingers, then, why should you toss your ear plugs for bonephones?

Bone Conduction Headsets Comparison

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6 Best Tent Air Conditioner Reviews (Stayin’ Cool in 2018)

More than often, you will choose to go out camping during super hot summer days. The weather is always unpredictable, and temperatures may shoot up to high extremes making it unbearable to enjoy your time inside a tent. With a  portable tent air conditioner, you can manage internal temperatures to maintain a comfortable camping experience. 

There are selections upon selections of tent ventilation systems available. The question would be, which A/C is worth your money and would get the job done right?  We decided to help take the heat out of it and compiled a list of 6 best tent air conditioner reviews. 

Camping Air Conditioner Comparison

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Best Rifle Scope Under 200 (For Hunters On A Budget)

While some hunters and sportsmen might prefer the challenge of using open sights when spending a weekend varmint hunting, unless you are professional marksmen, chances are that you will either come home empty handed or lose horribly after a shooting competition and the shooting range. Optical scopes placed on the top of your long gun will certainly increase your ability to focus in on your target.

While some rifle can cost you over thousand dollars, there are other options for hunters who want to improve their marksmanship, but who do not want their gear to end up costing more than the gun itself. Scopes or optical sighting devices have become so popular today, that you can find them not only rifles and long guns but also on some handguns, etc. Below, we look briefly at why you should consider choosing an optical scope for your rifle.

Best Rifle Scope Under 200 Comparison

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Best RV Toilet Reviews (Flush with Ease in 2018!)

Thinking back to the last car trip I took with my family; we were running late to get to a KOA before nightfall. With a three-year-old and five-year-old in tow, we had to make numerous stops along the way every time the kids had to go. All the beverages we were downing were not helping the situation because the kids had to go and when they had to go we had to stop. At that point, I remember thinking that if we had a portable toilet at hand it would have shortened the pitstops we took and we would not have been so late.

That was years ago, and we finally got around to buying a recreational vehicle for your our annual family road trips. Top of the list was making sure that the RV was comfortable enough to see us through those road journeys. I thought back to our past car trips, and I knew that I had to get the best RV toilet aboard.

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Research enlightened me about the various options available, and I believe it could be helpful for someone in the same position looking for an RV toilet.

Best Toilets For RV Comparison

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The 9 Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women

It is an interesting thought to contemplate our ancestors never walked. In the absence of roads, pavements and polished cities they hiked to reach the nearest water supply, or join forces holding spears around a mouthwatering deer. Hiking, though, goes far beyond our ancestral needs and reaches into the very core of our undying need to connect with nature. Now, the idea of breathing in the magnanimity of a clear sky at the trail of Montana’s Rocky Mountains can easily turn toxic if you are unprepared. And, when it comes to planning a long journey hiking underwear, for some reason, are delegated into an afterthought.

Most adventurers tend to empty their wallets on footwear, slick carbon filtering water bottles, multi-purpose tools which can fix a latte, and shy away from spending money on hiking underwear. However, something that comes into direct contact with your skin should earn thoughtful consideration. Why is that?

Hiking Underwear Comparisons

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