Best RV Toilet Reviews (Flush with Ease in 2018!)

Thinking back to the last car trip I took with my family; we were running late to get to a KOA before nightfall. With a three-year-old and five-year-old in tow, we had to make numerous stops along the way every time the kids had to go. All the beverages we were downing were not helping the situation because the kids had to go and when they had to go we had to stop. At that point, I remember thinking that if we had a portable toilet at hand it would have shortened the pitstops we took and we would not have been so late.

That was years ago, and we finally got around to buying a recreational vehicle for your our annual family road trips. Top of the list was making sure that the RV was comfortable enough to see us through those road journeys. I thought back to our past car trips, and I knew that I had to get the best RV toilet aboard. We love to travel, but we also love our privacy… Hence us making an article about this product to help you along your search and make the rigth choice.

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Research enlightened me about the various options available, and I believe it could be helpful for someone in the same position looking for an RV toilet.

Best Toilets For RV Comparison

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Best Camping Chair: How To Relax In Nature

Buying a chair and then it breaking the first time you use it is something that happens way too often.

But it doesn’t need to.

You just need to buy one that’s built well and built to last and I’ve just dedicated the last few days to find ones that do exactly that.

I also decided to show you guys ones with unique extra bits on them, like umbrellas, drink coolers and that kind of fun stuff.

So how to choose the best camping chair for your outdoor adventure?

Just scroll down to the reviews and check these guys out…

Camp Chairs Comparison

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Best Molle Backpack Reviews (Durable & Tough for 2018!)

These days most backpacks break within a year. Either the bottom splits or the zip breaks off and gets stuck. You’re left with a useless bit of canvas and have to buy yourself a new bag, but which one to pick, how about one using the MOLLE system?

Well as with a lot of products the military has led the way in the best, durable, long-lasting and damn good quality packs out there. On top of that, they’ve made a simple but effective webbing system that lets you add on extra modules to the bag.

Our favorite and best MOLLE backpacks tend to be more comfortable to wear than other bags, they’re built to last and have loads of handy separate pockets and hideaways to keep your gear organized.

Molle Backpack Reviews & Comparison

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Suunto Traverse Alpha Review

Everyone that has been out in the country hunting, in a huge lake fishing, or in a cabin on the forest enjoying a week off, knows their is nothing worse than getting lost in the woods.

Don’t underestimate the power of new generation watches. Nowadays outdoor watches are equipped with great features and tools as GPS, barometer, altimeter, sunset and sunrise alarms. Better yet, they are waterproof and made of stainless steel, which makes it extremely water resistant. If that isn’t enough, they have great designs that will complete your daily basis style.

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When shopping for a watch, you need resistance and durability; secondly, it has to be reliable; and third, you need a comfortable watch, that won’t get on the way of your adventures.

Lots of requirements, right? Luckily for us, Suunto launched a line of watches taking all these aspects into account. Let us tell you about our favorite models of the Suunto Traverse Alpha watches.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch Review Comparison

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Hydro Flask Alternative: Are The Knock Offs Better?

Hydro Flasks are incredible right? But they’re so damn expensive.

Well, what if you could get basically the exact same product but for a fraction of the price?

There are different brands that have made some other really great insulating flasks but they’re often overlooked.

So how to choose the best Hydro Flask alternative?

That’s what I’m here to tell you.

I’ve spent the last week researching everything there is to know about cheap alternatives that still work just as well and are just as reliable.

This is what I found…

Hydro Flask knock off Comparison

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6 Best Tent Fan Reviews (For Camping)

Camping is a much better experience in suitable conditions, but you cannot always predict the weather. Summer camping trips are preferable for most of us, but no one wants to get stuck inside an unbearably toasty tent after an unusually hot day. That is why having a tent fan while out camping is essential to your camping experience.

Just because you are outdoors, it does not mean that you will access adequate cooling naturally, and there are several more reasons why you need a  camping fan. If anything, we all need that cooling effect when turning in for the night.

Let us get right into it and figure out which tent fan is worth adding to your camping gear collection.

Camping Tent Fan Comparison

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Nano Puff Vs Thermoball: Which Won The Battle?

Two of the leading outdoor apparel brands The North Face (TNF) and Patagonia offer selections of quality and reliable down jackets. Naturally, each brand has a loyal fanbase, but we decided to put their most popular jackets against the other.

We put TNF’s Thermoball and Patagonia’s Nano Puff on the spotlight to figure out which one is worth your money. Both stand out as excellent jackets in their merit, being well-made, providing a diverse selection of options and offered at reasonable prices. They also both have hundreds of positive consumer reviews, which does not make it any easier to choose one over the other.

With a bulk of the groundwork done, this review should give you more insight on how the Thermoball and Nano Puff jackets hold up against each other.

North Face Thermoball Vs Patagonia Nano Puff Comparison

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RTIC vs Yeti: Who Wins the Cooler Battle???

YETI used to be a cooler brand that surpassed all the others on the market. They are the first that came out with their bear-proof, all-proof ice chests that were meant to survive anything that you threw at it. They were incredibly successful at what they did as well.

However, because of this many competitors sprouted, one of the main competitors being RTIC. In fact, they pretty much stole the design of YETI’s coolers, and as the result of a lawsuit, had to change all of their designs. Albeit the designs to this day look incredibly similar to their competition. As this article will show you, a lot of the same things that YETI uses, such as handles and insulation, are also incredibly similar in the other.

RTIC vs YETI Comparison

Soft Coolers

Hard Coolers

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7 Best Wheeled Cooler Reviewed: Wheels & Handle 2018 Guide!

Their is nothing better then pulling your rolling cooler filled to the brim with snacks (and drinks!) for at day at the beach or friendly outing. Writing this article wasn't easy, we had to put down our beers, put our heads together, and pick out our favorite wheeled cooler. (That was our sad attempt at a joke...) 

Most of these come with sturdy handle that you can simply pull behind yourself, unlike the flimsy stuff you buy from the dollar store. These bad boys are built to last and endure the rugged outdoors. To help you find the best wheeled coolers, we’ve come up with a short list and of our top picks.

Wheeled Coolers Comparison Table 2018

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Model Name


Weight (pounds)

Ice Retention



55 qt.


5 days


Engel Coolers High Performance

60 qt.


24 hours


42 cans


24 hours


28 qt.


48 hours


100 qt.


5 days


80 qt.


10 days


36 cans


24 hours


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Best Daylite Series Backpack (Our Top Travel Picks!)

When a company comes out with an ‘upgraded’ version of one of their already popular products it can be difficult to tell whether the new one is really worth the higher price tag it comes with.

The Osprey Daylite is a wicked bag that has been popular for a long time. It’s super compact, portable and easily attachable to Ospreys bigger packs.

Osprey is one of those companies that’s always trying to improve their products and they did this by coming out with the Daylite plus.

An all-around great new upgrade to an already great bag.

Daylite Series Backpack Comparison

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