What are the Best Waterproof Backpacks?

People these days travel using only a bag to hold their valuables. Be it family vacation or a weekend outdoor adventure, backpacks should be durable and reliable. It should securely keep your items and provide protection even from the rain. Investing in the best waterproof backpack is a smart thing to do especially for adventure seekers and frequent travelers. We will make things easier for you by reviewing five well-rated waterproof packs.

Out Top Picks At A Glance: 

Outlander 20/33-Liter Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack – Best Value

This is the perfect daypack if you have a limited budget for it is low in price, but not in quality. You’ll get high value for your money for this bag is lightweight, compact, roomy and durable.

This minimalist yet stylish and waterproof bag is very light and durable. You can use it every day or for occasional travels. It is compact as it folds into inner pocket that fits anywhere. Do not be fooled by its size, for it has several pockets that store many items and keep your bag organized. Use the spacious main compartment for clothes, the two zipper pockets in front for smaller things and the internal compartment for valuable items. This bag even has side pockets for your umbrella or water bottle. It is durable, for it is made from water resistant, highly rip nylon fabric and comes with built-in stress points with bar tracking.


Outlander Packable 35-Liter Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack – Awesome for the Price

Another waterproof bag from Outlander makes it to the list and it offers more room for your items without making you pay a lot. You’ll only add around $1 if you want your pack bigger and still get the other qualities you need for a reliable bag.

Outlander travel backpack makes it to the list and it offers more room for your items without making you pay a lot. You’ll only add around $1 if you want your bag bigger and still get the other qualities you need for a reliable bag.

This foldable lightweight backpack boasts style and comfort. It is an ideal companion whether you’ll be going to the city or hiking on the mountains. The details tell you how it differs from other hiking backpacks. It is a bag built with a double layer bottom piece and breathable mesh shoulder straps that makes it comfortable to use. The bar tacks at stress points make it durable. The pack's multiple compartments and pockets provide more space for your things and allow you to keep them organized.


Bago Lightweight Waterproof Collapsible Rucksack – Best Bang for your Buck

Another great option if you want a top performing waterproof bag at a low price. This is an all-around bag made with a water resistant material to protect your gear from spills or rain. It has the qualities you would want to see in a travel companion-lightweight, spacious, convertible and durable.

This waterproof bag is designed for convenience each time you’re out to hike or stroll. Weighing only 0.7 pounds and designed with adjustable, wide mesh shoulder straps, this bag is very comfortable to carry. With its multiple pockets, there’s no need to dig for small items. It is foldable, so you can just unfold it and use as a carryon bag to avoid paying for excess baggage. It is made of durable nylon material and has quality, easy to pull zippers, carrying handle and sturdy loop.

Bago Lightweight Waterproof Collapsible Rucksack

Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack – Light in Weight and in the Pocket

A perfect companion for trips, this backpack is for bargain hunters on the lookout for waterproof, compact yet durable pack. It is low in price but high in quality.

The bag is made from water resistant material, abrasion resistant metal zippers and is reinforced with bar tack process. It boasts three zippered pockets for more storage and organization, and two side stretch pockets for your water bottles. It is convenient and easy to use. Just unfold it if you need an airport hero to avoid overweight charges.

Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack – Best in Class

Your search for a reliable, durable yet affordable travel backpack ends with Venture Pal. At a moderate price, you’ll have a stylish yet top performing bag that keeps your items secure.

The durable and waterproof bag is made with tear and water resistant material that makes it strong and long lasting but not heavy. It is capable of carrying more loads with its two-layer bottom piece. There are quality two-way zippers that make it easy to open on each side. You can carry it comfortably because it’s designed with adjustable mesh-padded straps. Multiple pockets give enough space for your items to keep them organized.


Final Thoughts

When searching for the best waterproof backpacks, think about your needs including your activity, destination and the things you want to bring. To decide on the one to buy, the buyer should take the following in consideration:


When buying a bag, look for the one that will last longer and can hold heavier loads without tearing or losing its shape. How will you know if a backpack is durable or not? A bag's durability depends on the materials the backpack is made from. You may look for high denier bags, or bags with a high fiber firmness measurement. 


The buyer must ensure that the bag provides enough comfort before buying it. Some backpacks have padded straps and padded back panel which gives extra comfort during your trip. It's always a good idea to look for those bags when buying a new one.


This one is important especially if you're planning to use your bag for carrying loads of stuff during your trip. Choose the bag which can hold all the valuables you need to bring with you. 

Most backpacks today have lots of compartments and pockets to help you organize your stuff and provide you with great storage. Some bags also feature a padded sleeve specifically for storing your gadgets like laptop or tablet. 


A heavy backpack with nothing in it doesn't sound so good. You should look for lightweight bags so that your gear will acquire most of the weight you will carry.

With that being said, have you thought of the important parameters to pick just the right backpack for your need?

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Best Cooler for ATV (Ultimate Off Road Guide!)

There are hundreds of miles of back country roads crisscrossing the forests and deserts and open plains of this country. While hiking certainly gives you a sense of closeness and intimacy with the natural world, for some of us, there is an insatiable urge to see more and experience as much as we can in the short weekend excursions that allow us to escape the concrete jungles of our Monday to Friday lives. For me, ATVing across the country has long been the best way to see the wonders of the world around me. 

After hundreds of trips everywhere from the northern woods of Maine to the deserts of Nevada, I have learned or trick or two related to how to best prepare for my long, sometimes overnight ATV treks. While there are several top coolers on the market today, your ordinary and everyday cooler simply is not made to withstand the extreme adventure that comes with ATV exploring. More than once, I have settled for an ordinary cooler only to have to stop the ATV to search for the cold drinks, sandwiches, and other survival food gear that were stranded along the trail due to a simple cooler that could not with stand the fall. 

Below, we have the absolute best cooler for ATV exploring and adventure. Each of these coolers is extremely rugged and durable as the thick rotomolded exterior alongside the thick foam insulation make these options virtually indestructible, no matter where you head off to explore. 

Coolers for ATV Comparison Table 2017

All product links will take you to Amazon for updated pricing**


Model Name


Weight (pounds)

Ice Retention



45 qt.


3 days



45 qt.


7-10 days



55 qt.


3-4 days



26 qt.


4 days



26 qt.


7 days



Our Top Pick:

YETI Tundra

This cooler comes in 12 different sizes to meet your needs. They are best sellers for they come in reasonable prices yet warrant durability and lasting performance. It was constructed with the brand’s legendary toughness. Made from roto-molded polyethylene, this cooler is UV-resistant and greatly insulated that it is almost indestructible. It has strong marine-grade rope with textured grips that lets you haul it easily on all your trips.

Tundra is excellent for use by the lake for its non-slip feet can stand as casting platform as well. It also has molded-in-tie-down slots and is built to be bear-proof. It comes with a basket inside and is available in three different colors.

Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler

Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler

The brand is among the top listed manufacturers of reliable coolers that come with paramount insulation. The ProGear series is also constructed through roto molding process. When it comes to ice retention, this one performs the best. It claims 10 days ice retention and you can see that this is very possible.

Constructed with freezer-grade gasket and 2-inch polyurethane insulators on the inner lid, the cooler is a tough one to have off the road. It features dual (molded-in and sliding hinge) handle system that makes it easy to transport. The press and pull latches also add to the user’s convenience for they are wide enough for gloved hands. The raised feet protects it from scratches and prevents sliding.

Igloo Sportsman Cooler

Igloo Sportsman Cooler

This cooler offers the best bang for your buck for it is priced lower than most products in this list, thus giving you a fair option. Igloo is known to produce coolers, and this model is their high-end offering. Good enough, it can keep up with elite brands for when tested, its ice retention property has no noticeable difference with Yeti, Pelican and Grizzly. If you’re looking for a solid yet affordable cooler, this one is a good choice.

Like other brands, it features 2-inches insulation in the cover. It has a 3-point grab handle for your comfort. The T-Grip latches make it highly secure while the fish ruler make it a solid cooler for fishing. If hauled in your truck, the feet wont slide around for it has anti-skid feature. When ice melts, water drains easily thanks to the oversized plug.

Grizzly Cooler

Grizzly Cooler

From hunting to offshore fishing, this cooler is made to perform. Designed with large mold-in handles, hinges with steel pins and EPDM rubber latching system, the product boasts easy yet secure closure. The surface is smooth and sticker-ready, with an embossed ruler and oversized drain. It warrants long ice retention and built to withstand tough use.

The cooler is constructed with double wall molded plastic that maintains consistent thickness for perfection. It retains ice longer for it is made with cell polyurethane insulation and very thick rubber gaskets. It was filled with ice and tested in a 90-degree temperature. It retained ice for 4 days. It was also tested for durability with an 11,000-pound tractor and it fared well. It now has bear proof certification that assures users it is built to last a lifetime.

ORCA Extra Heavy Duty Cooler

ORCA Extra Heavy Duty Cooler

ORCA coolers also come in a range of sizes, and are also among your affordable options. They are sure to hold up against tough outdoor adventures after several tests. It even stood out in ice retention test against popular name brands. It can go for up to 7 days with ice so you won’t have to worry about keeping your beverages cool. You can find 20, 26, 40, 58, 75 and 140-quart ORCA coolers in different colors.

When it comes to durability, this cooler has also received bear proof certification so you can be sure it is almost indestructible regardless of outdoor conditions.

Final Verdict

A well-performing cooler is worth the money for it is built for tough use to last a lifetime. With the wealth of choices, the price can count a lot. You can check out side-by-side comparisons to see how your top two choices work. In the end, your choice depend on your budget and personal preference based on your needs.

Best Cooler for Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a great way to relax, especially if you love the waters. Aside from the kayak that you use and the pole to use for fishing, another important consideration for outdoor activity is the cooler where to place the fishes you catch. It is vital that you get the best cooler for kayak fishing so you can keep your fishes fresh until you are done fishing.

Choosing the best cooler for kayak fishing can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to this. There are several options out there, which can make the process of making the decision more overwhelming. We want to make it easier for you to find the best option that’s why we enlisted five of the best coolers for kayak fishing that we found in the market. With this, you can just focus on this short list to determine which will work best for you.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Note: The links above & below will take you to more information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

KINLIFE 26 Quart Portable Rotomolded Cooler

KINLIFE 26 Quart Portable Rotomolded Cooler

This product may be a bit heavier than the other items on the list at 21.2 pounds, but if you want a classic cooler that you can use not just for kayak fishing, but for other activities too, such as camping and picnic, this is a great option. It has a dimension of 23.4 x 15.3 x 15.1 inches, which is still convenient to bring on a kayak. It is made from sturdy material, so you can be sure it will last long. This cooler has rubber handle latches, keeping the content secured, and also making it easy for you to open. It has rubbers at the bottom, preventing it from sliding. What’s even great about this product is that it can keep ice for up to seven days, which is a long time. The only downside is that it is on the pricier end, compared to the other products on the list. It’s over $100, although the quality and features are worth the price.

Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler

Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler

This cooler is on the more affordable range. You can get one between $40 to $76. It is available in two sizes, which are 20 inches and 30 inches, so you can choose the size depending on your needs. You can be sure that it’s sturdy as it has 3-roll top closure and RF welded seams. Its dual layer insulation also ensures that the fishes that you catch remain fresh. The insulation can be removed for your convenience.

Insulated Fish Cooler II 42" for Kayak or Canoe Offshore Angler

Insulated Fish Cooler II 42" for Kayak or Canoe Offshore Angler

This cooler is almost on the same price range as the cooler from Seattle Sports, as you can get it for around $82. It was specially designed for kayak fishing and it has an insulated system keeping the fishes fresh. Aside from the insulation, other features that ensure the freshness of the fishes caught are its 420D/PU ripstop polyester material, which also a reflective thermal material. It comes with heavy duty locking system to keep your catches secure.

IceMule Coolers Pro Catch Coolers

IceMule Coolers Pro Catch Coolers

This is a simple yet effective cooler that you can bring on your kayak fishing trip. It’s compact, making it a great option even for smaller kayaks or spaces. The price range varies, which can be from $89 to $160. It secures ice and the catches, and can effectively keep fishes fresh for 24 hours. This may not be the best option if you need to keep fishes in the cooler for several days, but if it’s just within a day, then this is an effective choice. It’s insulated and it has dry bag feature, so you can be sure that it wouldn’t get wet. The cooler comes with padded carrying straps, making it comfortable to carry.

42" Yakcatch Insulated Fishing Cooler for Kayak/Canoe Angler

42" Yakcatch Insulated Fishing Cooler for Kayak/Canoe Angler

The dimension of this kayak fishing cooler is 15.75 x 9.75 x 42 inches and it is the same price as most of the given options on the list, which is at $82. It’s also fully insulated so the freshness of your catch is guaranteed. The polyester material where it is made from has closed-cell foam padding, with reflective thermal material lining, ensuring that the coldness stay inside. It also has a big lid on the end that is secured with Velcro, which is a more convenient option of accessing huge fishes.


Choosing the best cooler for kayak fishing is important to keep your catches fresh all day or until you are done fishing. It should be insulated, convenient to place in your kayak, and within your budget. Go through the five products that we listed above and select the best one that meets your specific needs.

Soft Coolers As Good as Yeti (And Better!)

When you and your family, loved ones, or friends go out to the beach, it would be great to bring your own food and drinks. To keep your drinks and beverages cold, the best partner to have is a durable and cold-retaining cooler. However, some coolers have a great ability to retain their cold temperature for days. These coolers are usually made with roto-molded construction with two or three inches of polyurethane wall. Fortunately, there are so-called soft-coolers that can provide the same kind of keeping your drinks and beverages cool for days of adventure and best of all, lightweight. YETI is one of the trusted brands when it comes to coolers, soft coolers included, but they usually come at a steep price tag.

Here are some soft coolers that are as good as YETI, but can be better and of course, more affordable:

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Note: The links above & below will take you to more information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

AO Canvas Soft Cooler

AO Canvas Soft Cooler

The AO Coolers Soft Cooler is an ideal companion to have when you go out on your adventure trips. Take it with you fishing, boating, sporting events, hunting, picnic, parties and many more! Aside from keeping your drinks at an ideal temperature, it can also keep the food you have warm and ready to eat any time. This cooler is designed to meet the airplane carry-on requirements. It features a removable shoulder strap, side pocket for dry items and clip-down ends. AO Coolers are guaranteed to never sweat and leak thanks to its TPU liner which makes it resilient to wear and tear, abrasions, impacts and more. The inner insulation of this soft cooler is ¾ inch thick with closed cell foam and is high-density. This combination then makes this cooler capable of 24 hour cooling retention even in 120 degree Fahrenheit heat. Even if this cooler has a soft exterior, it will not get scratches or tear up. This soft cooler has models that can accommodate 12 to 48 cans. There are also models which you can get which are under $100.

Pelican Elite Soft Cooler

Pelican Elite Soft Cooler

The Pelican Elite Soft Cooler is designed to accommodate up to 24 cans of beer or soda. It has a high density closed cell technology as its insulation capable of retaining the cold temperature for more than a day. It is also 55% lighter that its hard cooler counterparts. It also features fully leak proof zipper that has quick access dual lock buckle system. The liner of this soft cooler is food grade and is FDA approved. It is made to be durable with its double-coated TPU outer fabric with bottle opener and s/s tie-down. These soft coolers are on the pricey range of about $300, which is relatively close to YETI. Get this soft cooler and you will also receive warranty for this product for three years.

RTIC Soft Pack

RTIC Soft Pack

The RTIC soft cooler is part of the RTIC’s midsize cooler range. It is constructed to be an ideal multipurpose cooler, which you can bring anywhere you want to go. It is designed to be puncture-resistant and 100% leak proof. It features an antimicrobial liner that works by resisting the growth of mildew. It is made to be tough in which it can keep the ice as well as the cold temperature for up to five days. This particular model can hold up to 30 cans of your favorite carbonated or alcoholic drinks. Of course, even with that amount of cans, it can still accommodate the ice necessary to cool down the temperature.

This soft cooler is wrapped with a heavy duty vinyl shell making it, arguably, stronger than any other soft coolers out in the market. It is also UV protected and even tear resistant making sure that it will not fade. Its closed-cell foam insulation is constructed to be two inches thick in order to keep the contents frosty cold. It has exterior pocket for you to place any dry items. The exterior of this soft cooler will not sweat. This model is on the midrange level when it comes to pricing.


Although YETI is arguably one of the best brands of coolers (whether hard sided or the soft sided), it is still good to look at other brands in the market. There are other brands of soft coolers that have the same or even better features in comparison to YETI with pricing lower than the popular brand. Nevertheless, it is important to get to know the features of the brands you will consider as an alternative. Soft coolers are a good investment to have if you are always on the go exploring or going on adventures or simply hanging out with family and friends.

Best Coolers You Can Stand on

An amazing cooler has the capability of keeping ice solid and intact for several days (if you desire, up to 10 days) and since the ice are retained, the cold temperature is also retained. Therefore, the food and drinks are kept from perishing. A cooler that has been constructed robustly can withstand any kind of beating on the wild, can survive being used as a chair – a person can even stand on top of it! The best coolers out in the market today that will be great investment for your adventure needs may seem on the pricier side but they are worth it.

Here are some of the best coolers you can stand on:

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Note: The links above & below will take you to more information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

YETI Tundra Cooler

YETI Tundra Cooler

YETI is the ideal cooler to bring when you are out in the wild fishing, hunting, or just even enjoying nature as it is. It is also a great cooler to have if you are camping or enjoying a concert outdoors. The best option for the Tundra Coolers from the YETI brand is the one with a 70-quart internal capacity. This cooler comes with amazing features that you will definitely love. It can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of weight on top! It can hold drinks in cans having the 2:1 ice-to-content ratio.

This cooler features PermaFrost insulation and FatWall design, Polyester rope and LipGrip handles which allows for easy carrying around. You will also appreciate the rubber T-Rex lid latches that are heavy duty giving you a secure close. The BearFoot and non-slip feet are there to keep the cooler in place. There is also the Freezer-style ColdLock gasket that works to lock in the cold, while the molded-in AnchorPoint tie-down points work to secure the cooler if you use it with trailer, truck bed or boat. Likewise, users will appreciate the Leakproof Vortex drain system so they can drain the water with ease. It is certified to be bear-resistant when locked, keeping your food and catch safe from nosy wildlife.

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Another great cooler that you can use as a stool aside from being the compartment to keep your drinks cold is the Pelican Elite Cooler. This 70-quart internal capacity cooler has a two-inch thick polyurethane insulation. It also has the freezer-grade gasket so, you can expect days of retaining the ice as well as the cold temperature for up to 10 days. It is constructed with tie-down slots and molded handles. The three-inch locking latches, anti-shear hinge system adds to its durability. Customers also appreciate the stainless steel bottle opener and reinforced lockable hasp. Not to mention, each product comes with lifetime Pelican guarantee.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Yukon coolers are constructed with durability in mind and are designed to withstand the harshest environments. Yukon put premium on the performance on their coolers. This roto-molded cooler can give you the things you look for and more in the most rugged and roughest environments. This cooler is one of the preferred coolers by adventure-seeking enthusiasts because they know that they can rely on it to preserve the fish they caught or even wild game.

This Yukon cooler features a dual reversible pad that is both skid and anti-skid. Additionally, it has a rugged wide grip integrated handle that will accommodate huge gloved hands. Better still, it can double as tie down loops. It can retain ice for one to two weeks at a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This also the same length of time that you can keep your food and drinks, and even catch, in fresh condition. It has the Cool Riser Technology and comes with three inches of polyurethane insulation in the gasket lid. The cooling is improved further thanks to the two-inch thickness of the body. Aside from being durable because of its roto-mold construction, these lockers are virtually indestructible even if you stand on top of it.


Coolers are very important tools to bring on any adventure trip. Whether it is fishing in the open sea, in the lake or rivers, hunting in the wild, or simply enjoying a weekend camping or trekking, it will sure come in handy. Coolers can keep your foods or drinks in the cold state as well as keeping your catch or kill fresh for days on end. Since you will be outdoors for a long time, the best coolers you can stand on should be able to sustain cold temperature for several days. A cooler will be a good investment and you have to pay attention to its ice and cold temperature retention capability.

Best Coolers You Can Sit On

Outdoor coolers are designed to last long with their robust construction. They can survive being dropped, submerged, beaten or in some extreme cases, being attacked by wild animals. This also means that you can sit on any of these coolers. They have extra durable features while still giving you the main functionality of keeping the contents you place in it safe, cold and intact for few days. You need to bring at least one cooler when you do river or ocean fishing, hunting, and going on a white water adventure.

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Great adventure coolers are designed to keep the ice in its solid form for a longer time. The ice will not melt as quickly, and it will allow the cooler to maintain its cold temperature for longer. To fully harness the potential of the cooler, distribute the ice evenly inside so the items inside the cooler will have the same temperature.

Here are some coolers you can consider for your next outdoor adventures that you can sit on.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Note: The links above & below will take you to more information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

ORCA Cooler 58-Quart

ORCA Cooler 58-Quart

This ORCA cooler comes with 58 quart capacity and is designed as a “Root Molded Cooler.” This American-made cooler is constructed as “roto-molded” and it comes fully-lockable. Buy it and you can enjoy the lifetime guarantee that comes with it. It features top-of-the-line insulation while being capable of keeping the food and drinks cold and can make the ice last for up to 10 days. Its carrying handles are padded making it easy to transport this cooler from one place to another. It has a great lid gasket and comes with extendable flex-grip handles for comfort. You will find a flow drainage spout so that you can drain the water inside without having to tilt it. Of course, since it is very sturdy, you can sit on top of it without having to worry that it will break. However, to enjoy all of the above mentioned features, be ready to shell out good money for this. More importantly, if you are concerned about wildlife, you should know that every ORCA cooler sold benefits conservation throughout the United States.

YETI Tundra 75 Cooler

YETI Tundra 75 Cooler

The cooler from YETI is designed to make cold temperatures last longer. This YETI Tundra 75 Cooler has a 75-quart capacity and can retain ice for days on end. It also keeps everything inside cool. Its insulation and lids are the key to achieve such cooling feats. The roto-molded construction makes it virtually indestructible – in fact, you can sit on top of it for a long time! It can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of weight on top. This can hold drinks in cans with a 2:1 ice-to-content ratio. The YETI Tundra Cooler features the PermaFrost insulation and FatWall design, Polyester rope and LipGrip handles. It also boasts of having heavy duty rubber T-Rex lid latches, BearFoot and non-slip feet that keep the cooler in place. More importantly, the freezer style ColdLock gasket works to lock in the cold, while the Molded-in AnchorPoint tie-down points works to secure the cooler if you use it with trailer, truck bed or boat. Another thing that makes it convenient to use is the Leakproof Vortex drain system. And, when it comes to durability, it is certified to be bear-resistant when locked. With all these features, the Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler is an investment that will cost you at the start, but worth it.

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Cooler

Another great cooler that you can sit on and can consider an investment for your adventure needs is the Pelican Elite Cooler. This 70-quart capacity cooler comes with two inches of polyurethane insulation. This is coupled with freezer-grade gasket giving it ice and cold temperature retention for up to 10 days. This cooler was constructed with tie-down slots and molded handles with three inches of locking latches, anti-shear hinge system, and stainless steel bottle opener as well as a reinforced lockable hasp. It comes with a lifetime Pelican guarantee. Just like the other high end coolers, this Pelican Elite is something that can last for a longer time and will be a good investment.


Ice and coldness retention are the main features of coolers. However, the best coolers you can sit on usually come at a price because of the construction and technology used to retain ice for more than a week. It must also be resistant to wear and tear while on adventure. It is worth to have such coolers handy and they’re a good companion while on an adventure.

Best Times to Visit Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a national treasure located within California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. Whether it’s the ancient, tall Sequoia trees or the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite offers a little bit of everything for the adventurous traveler who wants to explore a special part of the American West. The most important thing to keep in mind is when during the calendar year is the best time to visit Yosemite National Park? The answer to that question really depends on your own personal preference but there are both advantages and disadvantages to going during different months to Yosemite.

Spring in Yosemite National Park

Most travelers to Yosemite National Park would consider the spring season to be the best time in which to visit due to the moderate climate and the fact that it’s not the high season for tourism yet.


When it comes to the month of March, it’s important to be aware that certain parts of the national park are going to be closed or unavailable. Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road are usually not accessible to the public during these months due to some winter snow that could be continuing. This means that Tuolumne Meadows and Glacier Point, two of the highlights of Yosemite, won’t be available to be visited starting at the beginning of March.


In April, while daytime temperatures are perfect during this month, it can still get chilly at night so make sure to bring a light jacket or sweater with you.


In May, everything in the national park is usually open, and the waterfalls during this month have their most volume and flow. Wildflowers and other forms of nature are blooming and it’s not as crowded as other times of the year.

Summer in Yosemite National Park

It’s hot, hot, hot during this season for those visitors to Yosemite who are willing to bear the humidity, the long lines, increasingly crowded parts of the park. However, during the summer, the beauty and the scenery at Yosemite is at its’ peak and all parts of the park are open to visitors with no weather restrictions. However, if you plan to go on the weekend, be prepared for traffic jams and vacationing tourists crowding your space. You won’t have to worry about rain or snow, as Yosemite is mostly sunny during June, July, and August.


If you’re looking to go to the waterfalls in June, you may be disappointed as the volume and flow of water decreases rapidly starting in this month.


In July, daytime temperatures can reach peaks into high 90s – low 100s (Fahrenheit) so make sure you bring enough water to keep you and your family hydrated during the day.


While Yosemite Valley may be overly crowded especially during the month of August, to beat the crowds, you should check out Tuolumne Meadows during these months due to the lack of crowds, higher elevation, and beautiful views. In the High Sierra Mountains, there are many cool hiking trails to check out and explore.

Fall in Yosemite National Park

A great time to see the changing colors of the leaves in your town or city is also a perfect season to drop everything and visit Yosemite National Park. Similarly to the spring, you won’t have to worry about large crowds spoiling your plans to visit every nook and crevice in Yosemite during the fall season. Temperatures during the day are also not as hot or humid so you won’t need to carry so much water to hydrate.


Because of the agreeable climate, September is considered to be the best month to go hiking or rock climbing in the park with the stable weather conditions. If you decide to hike higher than Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows is beautiful to visit as well during this time with cooler temperatures than the valley so remember to bring a jacket with you especially for the nighttime.


Unfortunately, in October, services on Tioga Road shut down for the rest of the Fall and all of Winter so that may be a drawback if you plan on visiting during this season.

The first snow to appear at Yosemite usually appears during October or November so be prepared for that possibility. The waterfalls also stop flowing so heavily and begin to trickle less and less during both October and November.


In the month of November, the fall foliage goes into full effect causing the leaves on the oak trees, maples, and dogwoods to show a variety of beautiful and awe-inspiring colors.

Winter in Yosemite National Park

If you’re looking to go to Yosemite in the wintertime, then you are truly a brave traveler. While the winter season isn’t for everybody, there are still a number of advantages to visiting Yosemite during those months. The crowds are almost next to nothing during this time of year and it is very inexpensive to find accommodations there if you’re staying for a couple of days.


There are a number of winter activities to take part in starting in December such as figure skating, and snowshoeing. You can also head over to the Badger Pass ski area where you can take part in snowboarding, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.


Unfortunately, starting in January, road access is completely restricted to popular parts of Yellowstone such as Tioga, Glacier Point, and Mariposa Grove due to the snowy and icy conditions.


You can’t really explore the whole park during the month of February but you can still have a good time in places like Yosemite Valley, Wawona, Hetch Hetchy, etc. Temperatures can reach below freezing during February so it’s important to make sure that you and your family bundle up to stay warm.

One of the best things about Yosemite National Park is that it stays open to the public year-round from the beginning of winter to the end of the fall. The park offers a little bit of everything to the average visitor is a wonder to behold. For more information about the best times of the year to visit Yellowstone, you should check out https://www.smartertravel.com/2008/06/26/yosemites-best-and-worst-in-every-season/ and https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g61000-c167892/Yosemite-National-Park:California:Best.Time.Of.Year.To.Visit.Yosemite.html.


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Places to Stay Yosemite

We orginally posted this on our Yosemite guide, however we felt it was fairly incomplete. To be honest and frank, we didn’t take the time to list the many places to stay and felt the “places to stay” would be better suited to this page.   If you would like your hotel or “place to stay” to be added to the list below, we simply ask you help make our guide about Yosemite better in some, way shape or form. Simply contact us if that interests you.


Here are the folks that requested to be added to the original article:

McCaffrey House Bed & Breakfast Inn
23251 Highway 108 (P.O. Box 67)
Twain Harte, CA 95383

Bear Creek Inn
575 W. North Bear Creek Drive
Merced, CA 95348

Yosemite’s Sierra Mountain Lodge
45046 Fort Nip Trail
Ahwahnee CA 93601
(559) 683-7673

For Joshua Tree:

• Rock Reach House
Instagram: @rockreachhouse

• Homestead Modern No. 1
Instagram: @homesteadmodern

• Shelter: Joshua Tree
Instagram: @shelterjoshuatree

• Cactus Moon Retreat
Instagram: @cactusmoonretreat

• Los Vientos Hideaway
Instagram: @losvientoshideaway

• Black Lava Lodge
Instagram: @blacklavalodge

Where can you find a lot of places to stay?

I would suggest checking out vacasa.com – They list quite a few vacation rentals and is an excellent place to find good deals. If you are having trouble finding a hotel, I’d suggest giving them a try.



What are the Best Hydration Packs?

Hydration packs offer convenience and efficiency to every athlete. It’s cool to have it and mock a bottle-slurping buddy. With so many different products available on the market today, it’s easy to be confused on which one to choose, though it’s supposed to be such a straightforward process.This article aims to help you choose the best hydration pack that will suit your needs and budget.

Our Top Picks At A Glance: 

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2-Liter Hydration Backpack – Best Value

This is the right hydration pack if you are looking for a moderately priced product that has the all features you need. It is ideal for day hikers because it is light, adjustable, and comfortable. It comes with a replaceable hydration bladder and is built to fit all frames.

Light in weight, the pack weighs only two pounds when empty. It is also designed with a bungee cord system for mountain biking helmet. It has a large zippered pocket as well as a medium and small pocket and is made to protect all of your gear from the weather.

This high quality hydration backpack has a 2-liter, FDA-approved water bladder. It can perfectly fit any body frame for it has adjustable straps in an athletic cut. It is made for comfort, brought by taped straps, foam stabilizer, and breathable mesh cover so you can wear it for hours!

TETON offers a limited lifetime warranty to provide you with the best products! The water reservoir, bite valve, and drink tube are covered against defects in materials or workmanship for a one-year period. It also covers your backpack for as long as you own it!

TETON-Sports-Oasis-1100 2-Liter-Hydration-Backpack

Camden Gear 1.5-Liter Hydration Pack for Men and Women – for the Bargain Hunter

This is the ideal bag if you want a less expensive, but high quality option. It is durable, it fits perfectly, has good storage volume and a replaceable 50-ounce hydration bladder.

Additionally, this hydro pack can fit men, women and even kids for it has an adjustable chest strap and shoulder straps. Compartments can store your clothes, gadgets and other items in place.

It also has side pockets that allow more storage. The main compartment is made of a special nylon material that is water and tear resistant. The BPA-free plastic bladder can keep 1.5 liters of water cool and has a wide cap for ice cubes and easy cleaning.

This lightweight hydration pack will get you through a day of hiking, cycling, running, or mountain biking. It's lightweight, has plenty of storage space, and will keep you plenty hydrated in all of your outdoor adventures!


TETON Sports Trailrunner 2-Liter Hydration Backpack – Awesome for the Price

This lightweight hydration pack may be low in price, but not in quality. You’ll be surprised at its features, knowing how affordable it is. It comes with a 2-liter BPA-free plastic water bladder and impressive safety features.

Weighing less than a pound, this hydration pack is light and easy to carry. It allows you to carry the fluid you need without the extra bulk. It is cushioned and made with a breathable mesh back that comes with quick drain hole.

No matter how intense your training is, this backpack stays in place with the help of specially designed loops on the shoulder straps. It boasts some safety features such as a built-in whistle, strap clips, and reflective trim. Men, women, and youth can use it for it has adjustable waist and shoulder straps.


Camelbak HydroBak 50-Ounce Hydration Pack – Best Bang for your Buck

This is one of the best hydration packs for hiking or any other outdoor expeditions for the price and features. It boasts barely there comfort and easy access offered by an antidote reservoir.

This hands free hydration boasts excellent ventilation with its diamond mesh back and harness. It features minimally designed antidote reservoir for stability. It is designed with HydroGuard technology to stop bacterial growth and prolong its life.

The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and while the big bite valve makes it easy to drink your 1.5 liters of water throughout the day. The pack also has essential pockets to carry keys, wallet or multi-tools for easy access.

Camelbak HydroBak 50 oz Hydration Pack

Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack – Best in Class

A newer Camelbak hands free hydration makes it to our top five, and it is definitely one of the best in its class. It is designed with everything that Camelbak is known for, with a bit of revision to perfectly match users’ needs. This super lightweight pack boasts a narrow frame that does not limit your movement with all the features you need.

The 1.5-liter antidote reservoir has a redesigned cap that makes it easy to fill. It boasts the other patented Camelbak features such as the big bite and hydro lock valves that make the pack very easy to use. A reflective rear webbing can be used to attach a light for added safety.

The Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack is the most minimalist bike pack. It has one zippered pocket to carry your essential gear while out adventuring in the great outdoors. You will surely find it comfortable to use because it is made with mesh back panel and shoulder straps.



In selecting the best hydration backpack, consider several factors including your activity, the water reservoir volume, size of the opening, bite valves and sip tubes. Your criteria in choosing a bag should include comfort, stability, ease of drinking and filling, weight, storage space and durability. The best product is the one that best suits your needs and preference.

Have you thought of the features that match your needs?

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Yet Another Europe Packing List: A Geek’s Guide

Packing for a European trip need not be stressful. All it takes is a bit of research on your destination and considering what you would be doing on your trip then you’re ready to pack. To make things easier, we listed our product recommendations for smart packing. These are Europe travel essentials you shouldn’t go without, regardless of where you’re going.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Osprey Farpoint 55 – Best in Value Travel Pack

Before packing anything, you need a bag to fit all your things in. Backpacks are ideal for packing for Europe because you can easily make your way through crowded areas and you never have to worry about cobblestone streets or stairs. You can find a good value for your money with this travel backpack from Osprey.

The unisex bag is lightweight but has a 55-liter capacity, just right to fit all your gear. It features a harness with spacer back panel, hip belt closure and light wire suspension that boasts comfort whether you are touring Italian or English cities. Extra straps are included for carrying other stuff while multiple compartments provide organized storage.

Osprey Farpoint 55

Eagle Creek Pack-It – Affordable Packing Cubes

No Europe packing list is complete without packing cubes. They keep your things organized without spending a fortune, allowing you to buy a durable, more affordable backpack that has fewer compartments. This set includes three cubes of different sizes.

Use the smallest one for your underwear, and the biggest for your sweaters. Of course, you’re free to organize it the way you want to. The cubes are lightweight but the material is ripstop so it’s easy to fit things in. They’re made of translucent material, so it’s easy to see the contents. They’re also 100% waterproof and durable.

Eagle Creek Pack-It

ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs – Awesome Travel Panties for the Price

The right underwear is a must-have in your Europe trip packing list. It makes a huge difference during your travel, and this product allows you to be picky but not indulgent. ExOfficio is known to make the best travel underwear that are breathable, fast drying and has odor control.

Starting at $10, you can have a solid bikini panty made of nylon and lycra spandex. This travel underwear can be washed in the sink or laundry and in a few hours, you get a fresh, dry panty. It is lightweight, breathable and long-lasting.

Under Armour Men’s Original Series Boxerjock – Best Men’s Underwear for Price and Quality

Comfortable underwear makes traveling more enjoyable, and this boxer from Under Armour does the trick, without the need for you to overspend. It’s made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, featuring the HeatGear fabric that is smooth and lightweight.

Men can move easily with its 4-way stretch fabric without worrying about sweat for it has a moisture transport system that wicks sweat and makes it easy to dry.

Under Armour Men’s Original Series Boxerjock

Unisex Waterproof Jacket by DZRZVD – Best in Class

Europe tends to be rainy so it’s smart to have a jacket in your packing list for Europe. This one is low in price but not in quality. It is made of nylon and comes in various sizes and colors.

The jacket protects you from the sun and rain but it is breathable and very light. You can use it during cold days for the elastic sleeve cuff will keep you warm. It is perfect for any outdoor activities you’ll have in Europe.

Unisex Waterproof Jacket by DZRZVD

Micro-Miracle Quick Drying Towel – Best Bang for your Buck

It’s best to bring your own towel for hygienic purpose if you are staying in a hotel, but if you are backpacking or you expect to be outdoors most of your trip, you have no choice but to include a towel in your list. This one is light in your bag and in your pocket. It is designed for travel, for it is compact, fast drying and antibacterial.

This travel towel is highly absorbent but it dries very fast for it is made with microfiber fabric. It absorbs up to 9 times its weight but it quickly dries so you don’t have to worry about putting it in your bag. It is a good buy for you can use it not just on your travel but also on your gym sessions or beach trips.

Micro-Miracle Quick Drying Towel

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering what to pack for Europe, consider the climate of your destination and the activities you would be doing. Bring only what you need. If you are confused, ask yourself if you can survive without it or do you only want it as you start packing.

So, can you survive Europe without any of these?

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