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Best Outdoor Camping Chairs

An essential part of any camping trip is having a quality camping chair to relax in. Unless you have a fully decked out RV, chances are that your set of camping chairs serve multiple purposes. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables to a great spot for an afternoon nap, most campers and outdoor enthusiasts find that the most important piece of camping gear is the indispensable camping chair. While there are hundreds of different pieces of camping gear out there, the camping chair is one thing you won´t want to do without.

But how do you know which camping chair is right for you. There are dozens of companies all offering different styles of camping chairs. From a heavy duty, steel-framed camping chair capable of supporting close to a 1,000 pounds to an ultra-light camping chair that weighs in at only 2 pounds, there truly is a huge variety of camping chairs available on today´s market.

Below we look at five of the best all-around outdoor camping chairs for folks who love camping. While specialized camping chair are available for heavier people and for ultra-light enthusiast backpackers, these five outdoor camping chairs are great options for folks who want to combine comfort, versatility, and economy into one quality product.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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Fully Alive Outdoor Camping Chair

The Fully Alive Outdoor Camping Chair definitely looks different than your average camping chair. The squared design looks like a lounge chair, but can easily be folded down into a compact size that makes it easy for you to transport this chair from one place to the next. This chair can easily be set up in under a minute as it simply pops into place. A lifetime guarantee offered by the company is another great plus for this durable, quality product.

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Chair is a stylish and practical outdoor camping chair. The dual lock system on the leg support system offers extra protection from unexpected falls. Furthermore, this chair has two mesh cup holders, a cell phone holder, and a zip pocket so that you can comfortably carry along all of the camping accessories that you can´t do without. The carry strap and bag make it easy to carry this outdoor chair with you wherever you are headed.

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair

Another great outdoor camping chair is offered by ALPS Mountaineering. The powdered coated steel frame provides extra strength that can easily support 300 pounds of weight. Furthermore, at under 7 pounds, this chair perfectly combines a lightweight design with long term durability. The khaki or red colors are also stylish so that your campsite will stand out from the rest.

Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Chair

Coleman is one of the most trusted and recognized names in the camping product industry. From coolers to tents and everything in between, people have been using Coleman products for their camping trips for decades. The Coleman Mesh Quad Chair is a quality outdoor camping chair that incorporates a nylon mesh backing for optimum ventilation. At under $20 dollars, this is one of the most affordable camping chairs out there and you can buy four of these chairs for the whole family for the price of only one of the other chairs. A built-in arm rest cup holder will allow you a spot to put your morning coffee while enjoying the sunrise from the comfort of your campsite.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

While the vast majority of outdoor camping chairs are stationary, GCI Outdoor Products offers a product that is quite different from the rest. The Freestyle Rocker Chair will make you feel like you´re on the front porch of your grandma´s house while rocking away in front of the campfire. Whether you have brought along the newborn and want to gently rock her to sleep, or prefer to rock yourself to sleep, this quality outdoor rocker chair is a great option. The spring-action rocking technology that this chair incorporates allows for a smooth rocking motion that will quickly leave your eyelids feeling heavy. At just over 12 pounds, you would be hard pressed to find a more lightweight rocking chair anywhere. This chair can also be conveniently folded up with carry handles for easy transport.


If you are in the midst of planning your next camping trip, be sure to bring along one of the most necessary and loved of all camping supplies: a quality outdoor camping chair. Any of the five outdoor camping chair reviewed above is a great addition to your camping gear arsenal.