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Coon Hunting: The Best Time, Bait and Other Tricks [Full Guide]

The North American raccoon is a vicious creature. Albeit small, this masked scavenger can weigh up to fifty pounds, has incredibly sharp claws, and razor-like teeth. In other words: any hunter, seasoned or otherwise, should not underestimate them. Noted for their intelligence, raccoons are as savvy as they are fierce, and a general sense of […]

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The Best Rifle Scopes Under $200

While some hunters and sportsmen might prefer the challenge of using open sights when spending a weekend varmint hunting, unless you are professional marksmen, chances are that you will either come home empty handed or lose horribly after a shooting competition and the shooting range. Optical scopes placed on the top of your long gun […]

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The Best Rubber Hunting Boots Reviews & Buying Guide

Alright, when you think of hunting gear, the best rubber hunting boots aren’t exactly at the top of your list. Think of it this way, nothing is worse than a cold day, then clunk, you stepped into a cold patch of water. Even worse, you hit a rough or slippery patch of terrain, how do […]

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7 Best Hunting Watches Reviewed [Rough & Tough]

If you are like me, it is pretty much impossible to keep track of time when out hunting. Besides the relaxing feel of being out in nature, I also typically get pretty involved in tracking animals, staying alert, and waiting for the perfect moment to bring home that long-awaited trophy prize. The only problem is […]

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Absolute Best Scope for a 22-250 Reviews — Updated Guide!

For many experienced hunters, there is nothing more satisfying than spending a day out in the woods searching for a rabbit, squirrel, prairie dog, or other small mammals. While deer hunting is certainly one of the most popular types of hunting, experienced hunters like the challenge that small mammals pose. A good day of hunting […]

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