Chacos vs Tevas: The Best Sandal for Outdoor Adventures [Review]

When it comes to having some warm summer fun in the sun, one of the things that you may be forgetting is proper footwear. While an average pair of tennis shoes will work for most activities, sometimes, you may just want to let your feet breath. One of the best ways to do that is by getting a pair of sandals. But which one to get?

When you are getting a pair for yourself or a friend, the last thing that you want is to get a cheap or uncomfortable pair. You are going to be wearing these for many hours, so finding one that is well known for their quality is essential. So what are some of the great brands on the market that you can buy for a more relaxing summer?

Chacos Vs Tevas Comparison

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Features to Consider

Getting a pair of sandals might seem like a walk in the park. However, it is always good to have a plan when you are going out and buying a pair.


A great way to do this is to look for specific features that will make the cost more of an investment than just a shopping trip for shoes. Here are some great features to consider when you are out looking for a great hiking sandal.




While focusing on weight might be something that most people should not worry too much about, for campers and hikers, weight definitely matters. Since you will be wearing or carrying them with you all the time, having a pair of shoes that do not add to much weight is always a plus.


If you are hiking or camping, these will add to the weight of everything else that you are bringing with you. So finding one that is lightweight yet still durable is best. The last thing that you are going to want to do is add too much weight on your back simply for a pair of sandals.


If you are planning on spending a significant amount of money on a product, it is probably best to make sure that the product lasts as long as possible. Nobody wants a product failing or breaking on them in the middle of nowhere or at an inopportune time. So making sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck is of utmost importance.



Consider buying a strong yet lightweight pair of shoes an investment. Getting as many uses as you can out of them will help immensely when it comes to a good hiking shoe.


Now just because a shoe is in your size does not in any way means that it fits you. This is especially true if the shoe that you are buying has built-in grooves for your toes. Since everyone’s feet are built differently, finding a shoe that conforms to your foot is definitely a positive.


Another thing that you should take into consideration is if the shoe has adjustable straps. This might sound surprising to some, but most sandals do not allow for their shoe straps to be adjustable.

Both the Chaco and the Teva both have adjustable straps for that very purpose, and it is important to check for these to ensure the best fit for your foot.


So why do you want to buy these sandals? Is it simply to walk on the beach or around town with, or are you planning on using them for hiking or camping. Knowing what you want in these shoes can be a lifesaver for your feet. As you do not want to buy a shoe that does not fit the terrain that you are going to be on.


For instance, Teva is better for flat services like sidewalks and beach sand, while a Chaco is much better for rocky services like a hiking trail. This helps a lot in making sure that your feet are comfortable, regardless of what you plan to do with them.


Now not everyone can really afford to spend a lot of money on a pair of brand named sandals. However, for those that can, making sure that you get your money’s worth is essential. You want to make sure that the money that you are spending turns out to be a great investment in the long run.

One thing that you should avoid is getting one of these for too cheap. Since being cheap often relates to cheaper quality, it is probably best to invest some more money into one that is going to last you for potentially years. Also, these two brands might be expensive compared to some others, but they are more comfortable as well. Since you are going to be wearing these all the time, comfort is a major thing to consider.


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Chaco Review

Chaco Women's Zvolv 2 Sport Sandal, swell Nickel, 7 Medium US

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Chacos is a very high-end and extremely durable shoe. It is mainly used by people who hike and camp but can be used in a variety of setting and conditions. Due to its design, it is made to be able to withstand water and other wet conditions.  It is also the best shoe out there for camping and hiking.

Is it adjustable to my foot?

One of the things that many people like about this shoe is that it forms to your foot over time. This is better than those other shoes that have toe slots that may or may not actually fit the shape of your foot. However, it takes a fairly long time for the Chaco to fully form to your foot, which can be seen as a negative. The shoe can be irritating as the wearer has to wait for the shoe to conform to them.

People claim it can take well over a month in order to break these shoes in. This is a very long time, stating as the competition only takes about a week or less for the same results. This can make the shoe higher uncomfortable in the meantime.

The sandal straps are adjustable as well. They work on a looping function all the way around the shoe, which allows you to pull from the front to the back to fully adjust them to your foot width.

Is it durable?

It does stay on the foot rather well, having a nice firm grip. This helps makes it the better shoe for hikers, campers, and anyone who works close to work. And if you are looking for a highly durable shoe to last through the ages, then this one is for you. Chacos are much thicker shoes, so they last longer.

However, due to being much thicker, they can be far heavier as well. The average Chaco can weigh upwards of 2 pounds. This may not seem like much, but it can become a serious issue when you are out camping or hiking. Since every small amount of weight matters, it is good to take something like this into consideration.

Because the shoe is higher quality, also means that it is more expensive as well. Although not by much and depending on the type of shoe you are buying, it is always good to be sure that the shoe you plan on buying is in your budget.

Teva Review

Teva Men's M Original Universal Premier Sport Sandal, Beach Break Grey, 10 M US

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Teva is a far more comfortable brand of shoe. They work well for anyone who plans on walking around the town or going to the beach. Although they can still be used when going for a like hike or a camping trip. Since they are not as durable of a shoe, it would probably be best not to wear these in strong conditions. However, if you are a city person, or just want to walk around the beach for awhile, then these shoes are right for you!

For those of us who do not like stinky shoes, the Teva has a feature that works out. They have an antimicrobial footbed which helps to eliminate awful and foul odors. This is important to have because the longer you wear shoes, the more bacterial buildup it has, and that is what causes it to become smelly.

Also, although they are not made to be around water, if you happen to get them wet, then there is no need to worry because they dry fairly quickly. Yet, it might be best to keep them away from the beach, or in heavy rain conditions.

 Is it adjustable to my foot?

Yes, the straps of the sandal are fairly adjustable and work similarly to the Chaco shoe design. That way, you can tighten the straps to be able to conform to your foot. However, some people have complained that the sizing of the shoe is a bit off, so be wary of getting a shoe that you believe is exactly your size, as it might be bigger or smaller, depending.

Another complaint that many people have is the edges of the shoe are elevated. While some people might not find this much of an issue, it can become fairly irritating over time. It also adapts to your feet fairly quickly. It only takes about a week to do this, while it can take the competition well over a month to achieve the same results. This makes the shoe become far more comfortable in a relatively short amount of time.

But what about durability?

Also, when it comes to durability, the Chaco wins over the Teva hands down. Along with the lowering of the durability means that this shoe is thinner than its competitors. Although that can come with a good side as well, as a thinner shoe means a lighter shoe. A Teva is generally about 1 pound per pair as opposed to the Chacos 2 pounds, making it ideal to bring with you hiking or camping if you are trying to watch your weight load.

People also tend to like the design and the colors of this brand over the others, but that is more of an aesthetic difference. If color and design is something that does not fascinate you, then it is best not to even take this into consideration when buying a sandal.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to which one of these is better, the answer lies on what you would want in a shoe. If you are doing more tedious camping and hiking, it might be best to get the Chaco, mainly due to the fact that it is much more durable. It also fits your foot over time, and can better handle the elements. Since it is designed to be around water, you do not have to worry about too much damage on the shoe when it rains or if you step in a puddle.

However, this shoe is generally more expensive and is heavier. You have to decide if the positives justify the added weight, or if you could go with a different, lighter brand of shoe. They are also much more suited for a more rocky terrain, as opposed to the competition, which is far more suited for flat services, like a sidewalk.

The Teva might be a better option for you if you plan on just using them to walk around on a daily basis. For instance, people who live in the city or near a beach might want to have a pair of sandals just lying around. Because of this, these shoes might be great.

Although they are less durable, they are a lighter shoe and feels more comfortable in your foot. Like the other, this shoe is adjustable to your foot, allowing it to fit your specific shoe size. You can even use these for light hiking or camping, but it might be best not to keep these exposed to the elements for too long.

So making sure that your shoe not only fits your particular lifestyle but also is comfortable and is a good investment for your money is vital. So which one do you think fits your way of life better?


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