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Let´s face it: not all camping gear, hiking gear, or outdoors gear is made the same. The cheap, ten dollar cooler you buy at Walmart or Target simply doesn´t stand the test of time as does some of the other, higher quality options on the market. But how do you know which pieces of gear and which companies offer the top production on the market that will offer both durability and practical usefulness while not emptying your wallet?

In this section of our leading outdoors blog, we will give you several, detailed reviews of the top camping gear and outdoors gear on the market today. From the best tent and backpack, to the top coolers and travel bags, with the information we provide here you will be able to find the best options for you. Just as all gear is not made the same, every person has different needs and desires while exploring the Great Outdoors, and these in depth reviews will help you find the best piece of gear for whatever adventure you are planning.

5 Top Rated Camping Tents For Every Ocassion! -2019 Buyers Guide

The best pop up tent for camping or any other activity should be hassle-free. Remember the last time you went camping and spent hours tediously stitching together your ridge tent? On the other hand, Pop-up tents are perfect for those who do not want to sweat setting up a conventional tent and just want to but rather take it out of its bag and have it set itself up on its own. There are a lot of pop-up tents you can choose from, even a few with a built-in cot, and they range all ranging in price and features. These pop-up tent reviews will give you an advantage when picking which one to purchase 

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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10 Best Rated Backpacks for Europe (Updated for 2019!)

In search of the best backpack for traveling Europe? There are so many options out there, but choosing doesn’t have to be confusing. Expect to walk in a lot of stairs in Europe, so it is best to consider an easy to carry and comfortable backpack. Surely, there is no one-bag-fits-all pack, so where do you start? We have compiled a list of the best products to choose from. Let’s dive right into it.

Best Backpack for Europe Reviews:

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What Does MOLLE Stand For? The Big Question

If you’ve ever watched an action-packed movie, you more than likely saw actors sporting lightweight, tactical vests and backpacks. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably seen real-life military personnel with camouflage backpacks that have pouches and compartments in every crevice. This equipment has a very crucial purpose, and there’s a name for it: MOLLE, Modular Lightweight Load-carrying equipment. Many NATO forces, including the United States Army, use MOLLE. The reason the MOLLE system is so popular is because it’s based off the Pouch Attachment System (PALS), rows of webbing that support pouches used for storing weaponry, equipment, and various other devices that are vital to combat.

History of the MOLLE System / What is it?

Although soldiers have been using leather straps to carry their weapons and equipment since the early 20th century, the MOLLE system wasn’t introduced until 1997. What did soldiers use pre-1997? The answer to that is ALICE, standing for All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. After it was adopted by the United States Army in 1973, ALICE became the go-to gear carrying system around the world because of its ability to hold multiple items in a single large compartment. On the other hand, MOLLE stores items in multiple pouches using zippers, whereas ALICE uses straps to close its pouches. While ALICE is still used today, MOLLE has definitely become the preferred gear storage system for both soldiers and outdoorsmen.

Types of MOLLE Products

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Top Packable Backpack of 2019 [Gear Review For Travelers] – Our Best Picks

Have you ever gone to the store, or gone shopping, and wished that you had a second bag to help carry all that extra stuff that you bought? Well, that is what a packable backpack is meant to help you with.

This is a small and thin backpack that is supposed to be there to help you if you need it but also isn’t too bulky or heavy as to hinder you while you are out and about. So having one of these just tossed in your bag can be a lifesaver if you need any extra space.

So, knowing this, what are the best ones, and what makes a good packable bag?

Best Foldable Backpack Comparison

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Suunto Ambit3 vs Garmin Fenix 3

There are selections of excellent sports watches out there, but some brands stand up against the rest. When it comes to GPS fitness trackers, Garmin is the name you’ve probably heard thrown around as well as Suunto. Buying an activity monitor, whether for fitness or outdoor adventures, it often always just comes down to a matter of personal preference. Either way, we decided to put together this guide on how to choose between Suunto and Garmin timepieces to help you figure out which one is worth your dime.

Garmin vs Suunto Comparison

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Suunto Traverse Or Traverse Alpha Or Ambit3 Sports Watches: Which One?

Since 2012, Suunto has released twelve GPS sports watches starting with the original Ambit. In addition to these distinct watches, they also have additional color, bezel, and glass configurations choices. Anyone looking to add one of these watches to their collection often has a tough time deciding which one to pick.

However, we will focus on three of their outdoor sports watches the Suunto Traverse, Traverse Alpha, and Ambit3. It does help to start by figuring out what each watch has to offer and their differences to possibly make a sound purchase decision.

Best Suunto Traverse Military Watch Comparison

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Top Rated Solar Watches: Our Picks For 2019! -The Ultimate Guide

The last few years solar energy has skyrocketed in popularity.

Prices have dropped, they’ve become more reliable and are now at a point where they’ll probably never run out of battery.

But with so many different brands and models to choose from it can be hard to know which ones are the real deal.

You need to consider how well they convert power, how well they store power, their battery life, durability, and of course how much they cost.

To help you out, I’ve dedicated the last 5 days finding out everything there is to know about solar watches and am here to share what I’ve learned.

By considering price, style, reliability, and durability, I’ve narrowed it down to these five as being without a doubt the best ones out there…

Solar Powered Watches Comparison

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Takeya vs Hydro Flask: Which is Better?

When you are going to the gym, playing a sport on a nice day out, or simply going for a walk around the park, having a good water bottle is vital. You want to make sure you get one that is a good price, durable, and fits your lifestyle and what you need it for.

Hydro Flask and Takeya are both water bottle brand that is well known and highly durable. However, just because they are both great does not mean that they are equal in each and every way. So when you are considering a water bottle to bring with you hiking, camping, or even just for your weekly exercises, which one of these would be better to bring with you?

Takeya vs Hydro Flask Comparison

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We Reviewed The Best Rated Tactical & Military Watches On The Market -Buyer Guide

With the speed technology is increasing, the amount of things watches can now do is actually insane.

With things like weather reports, storm alarms, GPS, and even an inbuilt flashlight, one of these could easily end up saving your life.

They go so much further than telling the time and they’re built to be indestructible.

But with them varying so much in their price, design, durability and what they can and can’t do, how do you choose the best military watch?

Well, I’ve spent the last week researching the hell out of them and made this list of the five best ones that are out there at the moment.

Check these guys out and you’ll definitely find one which is right for you…

Military Style Watches Comparison

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Best 40L Backpack Reviews: Our Top Pick

When backpacking, camping, or hiking, you don’t always need a backpack you can fit your vehicle in.  Sometimes, especially if you’re a productive and effective packer, you can bring everything you need and not worry about packing all the extras and the kitchen sink.  I know, all the women are thinking ‘But, what if I need my heels, and then there happens to be a swanky, little restaurant there, and I’ve just got to look cute.’  Well, I’m sure you already do, and all the gents I know can make do with a pair of tube socks, their toothbrush, and a pocket knife.  Unless you’re planning on getting lost, then normally you won’t need anything bigger than a 40L pack.  Even students, from elementary to college, can make use of a 40L.

40L Backpack Comparison

There are tons of backpacks on the market, and their price ranges vary as much as their designs do.  With all the products available, a question that is commonly asked is “Which backpack is THE RIGHT backpack.”  We sympathize with you.  Here are the 3 packs we discuss and comparisons of each one.  Hopefully, this will make finding the pack you need a more manageable affair.

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  • Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack – Made from Nylon.  Hip-belt, back panel, and harness that has a stowaway capability.  Has 1 interior slip pocket, 1 interior zip pocket, 1 exterior pocket, and 6 ID windows.  Has a padded shoulder strap and is carry-on compatible.  Dimensions = 22″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D.


  • G4Free Military Backpack – Made from 600D Nylon.  Adjustable and removable chest belt, and hip-belt.  2 front pockets, 3 spacious compartments with smaller inner pouches, a large main compartment with zip around closure.  Dimensions = 17.72″ H x 10.24″ W x 11.81″ D.


  • Osprey Tempest 40 Backpack – 70D x 100D nylon mini shadow check, 210D nylon dobby.  AirScape back panel, Talon BioStretch shoulder straps, and a waist belt.  Main zippered, top-loaded pocket and smaller, zippered, bottom pouch.  Dimensions = 26 ” H x 15″ W x 5″ D.

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