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Let´s face it: not all camping gear, hiking gear, or outdoors gear is made the same. The cheap, ten dollar cooler you buy at Walmart or Target simply doesn´t stand the test of time as does some of the other, higher quality options on the market. But how do you know which pieces of gear and which companies offer the top production on the market that will offer both durability and practical usefulness while not emptying your wallet?

In this section of our leading outdoors blog, we will give you several, detailed reviews of the top camping gear and outdoors gear on the market today. From the best tent and backpack, to the top coolers and travel bags, with the information we provide here you will be able to find the best options for you. Just as all gear is not made the same, every person has different needs and desires while exploring the Great Outdoors, and these in depth reviews will help you find the best piece of gear for whatever adventure you are planning.

8 Best Waterproof Backpacks Reviews (2018 Buyers Guide)

We all know that carrying your laptop in your backpack can be risky if it rains. If you’re anything at all like me, you’ve been caught in a few rainstorms, risking everything you carried. For me, rain generally resulted in the destruction of most of the textbooks I happened to be carrying at the time. I didn’t have a water-proof bag then, although I’ve since graduated to one. I didn’t dare take my computer with me when I left the house unless I had it wrapped up in plastic to help keep it safe from the elements. More often than not, my computer would stay home, unless I really needed it.

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It wasn’t just my laptop or textbooks at risk though, it was anything I chose to carry, which usually involved a change of clothes, snacks, pretty much anything that I would need for school and for work. I needed to protect my stuff somehow, so I was always using plastic bags to keep everything separate and dry. I can tell you, plastic bags do not work as well as I would have liked. Even a small hole meant the water was getting in, no matter what I did.

Thankfully, now I have a water-proof bag, making it so much easier to go where I need to without having to worry about getting my belongings soaked if there’s a sudden downpour. Read on to find out which bags have made our list.

Best Water-Resistant Backpacks and Rucksacks Comparison

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Best Bushcraft Backpack Reviews (Our Top 2018 Picks!)

Looking for a bushcraft backpack can be a daunting task. You don’t want to get ripped off or end up with a crappy pack, but how do you know which really is the best?

There are hundreds on the market and most are cheaply made, mass produced and end up coming apart much too quickly.

I’ve spent the past week researching everything there is to know about these packs. I prioritized durability, quality, and cost and found six that really stood out from the rest.

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If you want the best one that’s currently for sale, one of these will probably be the best for you to go for…

Best Bushcraft Packs Comparison

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Coolers like Yeti, but Cheaper (and Better)

The first refrigerators made their appearance in the late 1900’s. Half a century later, in 1951, the first patent was processed that condensed the power of the fridge into a portable icebox. Since then, the technology of the cooler has been refined to a point we can pull out an ice cold beer from a box after 7 days on a boat. These resilient ice chests have been coined with the term rotomolded. And, the company called Yeti had for years turned into the stable for reliability in this new order of the faithful icebox. Naturally, coolers like Yeti soon made their appearance. However, the competition on occasions followed the deceptive path of knock-off brands. That brings up the question, similarly with every product flooding the consumerism of our cities, how can you avoid the pitfalls of buying a knock-off brand its unreliability will make your writhe and raise your hands in the sky seeking validation you haven’t committed a crime in your past life?

Yeti Competitors Comparisons Table

Rotomolded Coolers

Soft Coolers

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Best Premade Bug Out Bags & Reviews (Outdoor Survivalist Guide!)

With the current situation in the world and the crazy hurricanes and storms, it is essential you are prepared for an emergency.

After a disaster strikes what you do and what you have in the first 72 hours is what will decide whether you live or die.

There could be no power, your house could be ripped away, you could be stranded with no assistance for days. You need to be ready for when one of these disastrous situations happens.

Bug out Bags (BOBs) are perfect as they save you having to spend hours shopping around for individual items and tend to be cheaper than if you bought all the kit separately.

Pre Made Bug Out Bags For Sale Comparison

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Best Molle Backpack Reviews (Durable & Tough for 2018!)

These days most backpacks break within a year. Either the bottom splits or the zip breaks off and gets stuck. You’re left with a useless bit of canvas and have to buy yourself a new bag, but which one to pick?

Well as with a lot of products the military has led the way in the best, durable, long-lasting and damn good quality packs out there. On top of that, they’ve made a simple but effective webbing system that lets you add on extra modules to the bag.

The best MOLLE backpacks tend to be more comfortable to wear than other bags, they’re built to last and have loads of handy separate pockets and hideaways to keep your gear organized.

Molle Backpack Reviews & Comparison

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Best Molle Attachments (Complete 2018 Guide!)

After getting a MOLLE backpack the most important thing is to get all the right accessories. So which attachments should you get to make sure your bag has it all?

Different attachments bring with them a whole range of improvements and utility, both of which can really come in handy when you need them most.

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This is what makes MOLLE packs so great, the versatility and ability to add extra modules to them.

Best MOLLE Attachment Reviews & Comparison

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13 Best EDC Backpack for Men (Reviews Updated for 2018!!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for a bag that can go with you anywhere. I know I am. I’ve always got my eyes open for the right bag. I love hiking, I love the solitude, even if I’m hiking with a friend. That said, I tend to go straight from work to hiking with no break in-between. That means that I need the best EDC Backpack that can shift from work to hiking easily.

I can easily believe that you have the same type of schedule as I do. You could be going camping right after you’re done work and you want to be as ready as you can be. The car is packed and ready to go as soon as you walk out those doors.  If that’s you, then you need one of these EDC bags. They are durable, strong, waterproof, and just all around great. You can pack all your gear ahead of time and have it waiting in the car for you.

What about if you don’t hike and you’re just walking around town? These are good for you too. You can stash your laptop computer in one of these beauties, along with anything else you need for your day.

If you like to travel, but travel light, then I would recommend checking out the packs we’ve reviewed, as these backpacks are perfectly suited for weekend travel. You can’t go wrong with one of these bags.

I know that whenever I leave my house, I like to be prepared for whatever happens to come my way, whether it’s bad weather, a spur of the moment hiking trip, or just a visit with friends who live out of town. I can even see myself backpacking across Europe with one of these beauties. They are super functional and you really can’t go wrong to buy one for yourself. Check out the reviews of some Everyday Carry Bags below to see what I mean.

Everyday Carry Backpack Comparison

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The 6 Best Bone Conduction Headset Reviews (2018 Guide!)

A note can be heard by vibrating your skull at the right frequency. Beethoven, in his soundless days, bit on a rod attached to his piano to hear the music. This is what has been coined as bone conduction. While the term might sound new, the experience is more common than you think. It is through conducting sound by bone a recording of your voice rings wildly different than in your head. The shutter of the illusion singing was a talent you possessed happens because your skull conducts lower frequencies of sound more efficiently than air conduction. The military and medical field have been harnessing the benefits of this alternate portal to sound for years. In the past decade, markets have been flooded by commercial bone conduction headsets. The question lingers, then, why should you toss your ear plugs for bonephones?

Bone Conduction Headsets Comparison

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YETI Tundra 50 vs 65 vs 45 (Which Is Better?!?)

Did you know that not all coolers are made the same? If you are going out for a long trip, keeping your food and drinks ice cold for as long as possible saves you from spending unneeded money on something that is otherwise free, yet frozen.

Some name brand coolers don’t hold a candle… I mean ice cube, for as long as YETI coolers do. In order to avoid issues with melted ice, I always go the extra mile and spend a little more money on the best of the best.

This cooler needs to not only keep ice frozen even during the hottest summer months but also to withstand the tough elements when I am out hunting. As well as not take up that much space.

So read on for our complete review of three YETI coolers that are on the market.

YETI Tundra Cooler Comparison

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7 Best ABC / Altimeter Watch Reviews (Top Picks of 2018!)

Altimeter & ABC watches can be a great way to reduce the number of items you bring with you when camping, hiking, etc. Hikers should not carry any more than 20% of their total body weight when backpacking or hiking. This is because the extra weight weighs you down, and prevents you from continuing on for longer.

Because of this, many hikers might want to find a way to lower the amount of stuff they carry with them. This includes a compass, a map, shelter, tools, etc. Any way that you can reduce the amount of stuff that you drag along with you, the better.

This is why an ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass watch) is a great replacement for potentially tons of stuff. This will allow you to better prepare for your upcoming grizzly bear fight.

Best Altimeter Watch Comparison

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