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Materials, Style: The Best Tents For Hunting In Every Condition

Imagine that you’ve set up your newly bought tent, prepped your gear and with a smile on your face laced your boots to begin the hunt. Suddenly, the skies rubble and a cloud bursts for you to realize your tent isn’t water repellent. As your stuff soak to their untimely death, you raise your hands in the air and curse unkindly your bad luck. Was it, though, a case of sheer bad luck? It is a usual thing to be emotionally and financially scarred by a tent that’s not fit for purpose (I see you, Outwell!). In fact, initiated by rain is the venerable right of passage for any hunting tent newbie. And, in that moment of trying to salvage anything you can with your own body, the question of what actually makes a good hunting tent enters your mind.

Best Hunting Tents for Sale Comparison Table

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We Tracked Down The Best / Top Fanny Pack For Your Next Hunting Trip

During my most recent hunting expedition, I had spent most of the day wandering through the woods with a family member without even a sign of a deer. It was supposed to be high season, and we had paid rental fees to get into a great piece of private hunting land where others had told us that we would have our trophy prize within a couple hours at most. Just as the sun was about to dip below the horizon while we were on our way back to the car, a monster nine-point buck wandered out of the thickets right in front of us. I signaled to my hunting partner that this one was mine. I slowly lowered my gun and reached into my hunting fanny pack to try and find the rifle cartridges that I had stored only minutes earlier due to the fact that we were almost back to the car and had given up on finding any deer.

I tried to keep my eyes on the deer as my hands fumbled around the fanny pack, but the cartridges had fallen to the bottom of the pack, and the polyester fabric of the fanny pack was making a lot of noise as I fumbled around looking for the bullets. Finally, I had to put my rifle down and look into the fanny pack for the missing cartridges. By the time I found them, the buck was long gone and my hunting companion and I headed back home empty handed.

While most hunters focus on the rifle, scope, and cartridges as the most important pieces of hunting gear for a successful hunt, a hunting fanny pack can make all the difference between getting a nine-point buck and heading home with nothing more than muddy hunting boots. Below, we offer a complete review of the top hunting fanny packs on the market today.

Best Hunting Fanny Pack Comparison

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Hunting Gear: Top Scar 17 Scopes – Complete Review And Guide

When your out hunting the last thing you want is to have to head home because it’s getting too dark.

Even worse is if you think you’ve spotted your prey, take your shot and then realize you’ve been mistaken and actually have shot another person.

An optic is one of the most necessary attachments any serious hunter can buy for better shooting, especially long range hunting. They address two key issues when hunting: safety and accuracy.

These accessories allow you to hunt at optimum times, keep your shots on target and increases the safety involved with hunting sports.

In this particular case I will help you choose optics for your Scar 17, which is one of the most widely-used rifles in the US Military and NATO. Scar 17s has many advantages over its brother, the Scar 16s. Mainly, they are much lighter and accurate than the 16s.

This rifle has a mag capacity of 10 or 20 rounds (though its round capacity can be expanded to a bigger magazine). With its standard 16-inch barrel, it can shoot nicely up to 600 yards. With a long barrel (a 20-inches barrel) you can get closer to the 1000 yard mark, as it can reach the 800 yards. You can use it at fully auto, or semi auto. Its semi-auto option is great for hunting.

But which one to buy?

The terminology around optics can be confusing and with the variety of options out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But they provide many necessary improvements for our pistol or battle rifle. I’ll help you to start your search and learn to choose the best optics for you to have an excellent hunting experience.

To make it easier I’ve given a brief overview of what sights do and what to look for when buying one for your arms.

In this blog post I’ve also reviewed the top 5 riflescopes for your FN SCAR 17 assault rifle that are currently on the market to help you pick the best one for you.

This choice will depend on what type of hunting you do, the guns you use and your own personal preference but I have to say I’ve slightly fallen in love with the Vortex Razor HD Gen II which for me, today, is the best optic for a Scar 17.

Scar 17 Optics Comparison

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Check The Best Rifle Scopes For The Money In 2019 -Buyers Guide

While some hunters and sportsmen might prefer the challenge of using open sights when spending a weekend varmint hunting, unless you are professional marksmen, chances are that you will either come home empty handed or lose horribly after a shooting competition and the shooting range. Optical scopes placed on the top of your long gun will certainly increase your ability to focus in on your target.

While some rifle can cost you over thousand dollars, there are other options for hunters who want to improve their marksmanship, but who do not want their gear to end up costing more than the gun itself. Scopes or optical sighting devices have become so popular today, that you can find them not only rifles and long guns but also on some handguns, etc. Below, we look briefly at why you should consider choosing an optical scope for your rifle.

Best Rifle Scope Under 200 Comparison

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Top Picks for Walkie Talkies for The Best Hunting Trip -Full Guide

You’re out hunting in the woodlands and a storm hits. You don’t know where your buddy is and you’re all alone. You go to call him but your phone has no cell receptionl. You have no other way to get in touch with him. Tough day.

This is a life-threatening situation anyone can end up in all too easily. In the past this was a risk in the outdoor that couldn’t be avoided, luckily now it can be.

Two-way radios are key accessories that help you to have peace of mind, knowing that in any situation you’ll be just one press of a button away from talking to your bud.

Two-way radios and walkie talkies for hunting are essentially the same. They have their own antenna so don’t need a signal tower which makes them damn handy for when your off hunting in the woods.

The range of abilities these bad boys now have is almost endless. Animal sounds, distress signals, and flashlights are just a few of the features some of these have.

But be careful!

Not all models have the same capabilities and the list of cheap substandard walkie talkies is endless.

Here’s our guide on why to use a two-way radio when hunting

Best Walkie Talkies For Hunting Comparison

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These Boots Were Made For Hunting (And Fishing) [Buyers Guide]

Alright, when you think of hunting gear, the best rubber hunting boots aren’t exactly at the top of your list. Think of it this way, nothing is worse than a cold day, then clunk, you stepped into a cold patch of water. Even worse, you hit a rough or slippery patch of terrain, how do you feel falling on your ass? No thank you, rolling in mud is not for me.

Another thing I can’t stand, buying a pair of uncomfortable boots (perhaps even worse,) boots that won’t hold up and break after a season. Fear not fellow hunter, in this post we deep dive into the top of boots you should consider picking up for your next hunting trip.

Best Hunting Boot Comparison At A Glance:


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7 Best Hunting Watches Reviewed (Rough & Tough)

If you are like me, it is pretty much impossible to keep track of time when out hunting. Besides the relaxing feel of being out in nature, I also typically get pretty involved in tracking animals, staying alert, and waiting for the perfect moment to bring home that long-awaited trophy prize. The only problem is that I usually do not become aware of the time until the sun is dipping below the horizon. When my family was expecting me home for lunch at midday, this usually causes some friction.

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To avoid this problem, I have tried to bring my everyday work watch along with me, but after a brief rainstorm, or getting muddied up by some dirt, those cheap watches eventually end up in the garbage. The best hunting watches on the market are not only stylish and designed for the hunter, but also offer quality durability that can withstand even the toughest hunting conditions. Read on for our complete review of the top hunting watches on the market today.

Best Watch For Hunting Comparison

Top Features Hunters Shoot For:

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Absolute Best Scope for a 22-250 Reviews (Updated 2018 Guide!)

For many experienced hunters, there is nothing more satisfying than spending a day out in the woods searching for a rabbit, squirrel, prairie dog, or other small mammals. While deer hunting is certainly one of the most popular types of hunting, experienced hunters like the challenge that small mammals pose. A good day of hunting can quickly go bad, however, when you miss your aim time after time due to a faulty scope.

One of the most commonly used rifles for hunting small animals is the .22-250, and we have reviewed the best .22-250 scopes on the market so that you will never again have to return home empty-handed.

Best Scope For 22 250 varmint rifle Comparison & Reviews

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