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Camping Food Ideas [How to Plan and What To Bring – Full Guide]

When you’re going out on a camping adventure you want to be able to still eat yummy, nutritious food. But bringing all the ingredients and utensils with you that are needed for cooking isn’t always possible.

So how to choose the best camping meal?

Dehydrated meals to go are a real lifesaver for these trips. They allow you to easily make a full meal just as if you were at home, but without any of the effort.

What better way to keep the outdoor spirit inside you then whacking out a ready to eat beef stroganoff.

I’ve listed below a bunch of healthy ideas, quick recipes, and the best instant meals to put on your backpacking food list. I’ve also snuck in a few essential camping tips and tricks to help you guys out…

Food To Bring Camping Comparison

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Our 7 Best SUV Tent Reviews: Camp Anywhere

An SUV tent allows you the liberty of convenience, efficiency, and functionality. With one of these portable shelters onboard you can create a sleeping area at virtually any location. Best still, squirmy campers can rest peacefully because these outdoor abodes offer an elevated sleeping area off the ground. 

These types of tents comes in different models, makes, and designs, but most of the selection of these tents can fit several of these vehicles. You still have to wonder what elements collectively make the best SUV tent. That is what this guide is all about, and it can help you find your next portable vehicle tent. 

Best SUV Tents For Camping Comparison

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4-Season Tents: Our Favorites For Snow And Mountaineering -Review

Who said that freezing weather should stop you from enjoying an outdoor camping trip? A cold weather tent provides an easy solution to camp out whenever you please.

The primary difference between these outdoor shelters and regular tents is their reinforced insulation. Also called the mountaineering or 4-season tents, they come with sturdier constructions to withstand extreme cold and heavy snow.

Settling for the right winter tent depends on a combination of your specific needs and budget. We put together this cold-weather tent guide that should help you buy the best one possible.

Best Winter Tent Comparison

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Gear Review: The 8 Best Canvas Tents (For All Seasons!) In 2019

During a multi-family camping trip a couple of months ago, a friend of mine brought along his old trusty nylon tent that he and his family had recently bought for a trip out West. He had raved about that tent claiming it to be spacious and roomy while also holding up to just about any weather condition. Because the camping trip was for a week, I decided to purchase a canvas tent because I had read that they were way more spacious. The thought of spending seven days cooped up inside a tiny tent with my wife and kids did not exactly feel like a great way to bond as a family.

Once we got the campground and got set up, I had to endure the jokes of my buddy who laughed at our canvas tent and claimed it looked like a Boy Scout tent from the 1960s. The next two days, however, it rained mercilessly without end. We canceled our planned hiking trips and spent most of the time between the tent and the nearby camping ground lodge that offered decent meals. By the end of the second day of rain, my buddy and his two kids came “knocking” at our canvas tent door. Once inside, they marveled that they could actually stand up straight instead of sitting in a crunched position while their heads touched the moist ceiling of their suddenly not-so-waterproof Nylon Tent.

Once the rain finally shut off, they went back to their classic nylon tent and enjoyed the rest of the week, but the lesson was well learned from my buddy: for long and extended camping trips, canvas tents offer numerous advantages over the lighter (and much smaller) nylon tents that have become much more popular in today’s camping world. Below, we offer a complete breakdown of the benefits of canvas tents. We also offer full reviews of the top canvas camping tents on the market today.

Canvas Tents for Camping Comparison

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Camping Gear: Top Rated Tents For Trucks – Full Buying Guide

Not everyone who loves camping is thrilled with the idea of having to pitch a tent and technically sleep on the ground. That is where a truck tent and bed come into play because they convert your vehicle into a mini motorhome. There are varieties of truck bed tents that can set you up to camp anywhere at any time.

The best thing about truck tents is the fact that they create an elevated space to sleep off of the ground. They do not feel as cold and do not require staking or guy lines. In fact, some models fit at the back of the truck and set up in a matter of minutes.

With all that said, you must be looking around for a suitable portable outdoor shelter for your truck and this review can help you out.

Best Truck Tents For Camping Comparison

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Dome Tent Vs. Cabin Tent: The Big Discussion

Choosing the right tent goes beyond just finding the right sized one that comes with all the bells and whistles. There is the issue of the shape and figuring out if a dome or cabin suits you best. 

The shape of a tent equally matters because it affects other aspects such as the amount of floor space available for use, and in turn, the amount of gear you can fit inside. The hard truth is that the perfect tent does not exist, but the right one sure does. It falls to your intended use and specific needs. 

It does not quite put the matter to rest, should you go for a dome or cabin tent?

Dome Tent Vs. Cabin Tent Comparison

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Best Big Group 8 Person Tents For Camping And Outdoors -Comparison Review

8 person tents are great. They’re huge and you can fit all your buddies and your entire family into them. Great for when it starts raining so you don’t have to all split up and end the night.

I do know, however, that it can be hard to find the best one to buy with so many options out there.

There are lots of different factors that come into play that you need to consider and I’ve listed the most important ones below.

I’ve also made a list of 6 of the market leaders that are for sale at the moment. They’ve been picked for their value for money, reliability and market-leading quality. Enjoy…

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8 Person Camping Tent Reviews & Comparison

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7 Top-Notch & Best Rain Poncho for 2018 Reviewed

Coming from a semi-nomad family, wondering the world is practically written in my DNA. I have checked outdoor camping, long rucksack mountain hikes, climbing, city tours and countryside bike rides off my “must do list“.

Packing and unpacking is a matter of minutes for me because I always travel light. Plus, I take only items that have multiple uses. Thus, although “chique”, my umbrella stays at home. To avoid getting soaked or beaten by the wind, my best rain poncho comes with me all the time.

I have also used it instead of a picnic blanket, to get shelter from the sun or to cover my sleeping bag. I even turned it into a small tent when my friends and I lost our midnight train to Ljubljana (that’s in Slovenia) and we had to rest under the summer sky.

A diva-like mantle is not quite suitable while exploring new places unless you are on a shopping spree in New York, Paris or any other fancy metropolis. What you need is something that looks good on you but it also durable, waterproof and has a hood.

Since dedicated excursionists help each other all the time, we have hit the stores, looked for the highest rated trip cloaks and made a complete review for you.

Best Rain Poncho For Backpacking & Travel Comparison

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Top Picks For Best Teepee Style Tents -Camping And Outdoor Gear Review

Owning a tent allows you the liberty to escape to the great outdoors or even camp in your backyard. Many folks are choosing teepees over regular walled tents for several reasons, and it might just be the outdoor shelter you need.

Teepees come with a center pole and feature a pyramid/round look. They also tend to build taller and roomier tents, adding to their appeal for larger groups of campers. However, it is never a simple matter deciding whether to go for a teepee or traditional tent. That is why we took it upon ourselves and did some research into teepees to determine if they are right for you.

We came up with a list of the five of the best teepee tents based on their quality, features, and reviews from existing users.

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Teepee Tents for Camping Comparison

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