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Best Camping Chair With Back Support

Nothing is worse than coming back to camp after a long day out in the wilderness and not being able to relax the way you want to. You´re physically tired, but still too wired from that recent cup of coffee to try and snuggle into your sleeping bag, and the crisp, cool night air has left the clear sky pierced with thousands of twinkling stars. It´s a great night for lounging in front of the camp fire with a group of friends, enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer while sharing stories about the day´s adventures.

Unfortunately, you brought your grandpa´s old camp chair, which though it is considered a family relic, has the unfortunate attribute of not having quality back support. If you lean just a bit too far backwards, there is a fairly good chance you might end up with your legs in the air. After an hour or two of uncomfortably squirming in your back-less chair, you decide to retire for the night, missing out on hundreds of shooting stars, a warm fire, and great conversation.

To avoid this rather depressing turn of events on your next camping trip, you might want to consider retiring the old, backless camping chair and trade it in for a quality camping chair with fantastic back support. The new models of camping chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one of the most unique aspects of all of them is that offer fantastic back support. Below we offer our top four suggestions.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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King Camp Moon Saucer Camping Chair Steel Frame Folding Padded Round Portable Stable with Carry Bag

At first glance, this camping chair might look like more the papasan chair that you have in your living room. Circular in design, this unique camping chair has fantastic, padded cushioning on all sides meaning that you can even comfortably pull your feet up and snuggle into fetal position while you warm yourself by the fire. The difference between your papasan chair and the Moon Saucer Chair is that you folk up this chair in seconds and pack it into the included carry bag for easy transport. Not only is this chair super comfortable with a unique back support system, it also has a cool pocket on the bag of the chair where you can put your books, magazines, trail guides, and other papers that you don´t make it into the bonfire.

Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Padded Folding Chair

The Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Padded Folding Chair is another great option if you are looking for a quality chair that doesn’t cheat you on back support. The foam padded seat will keep you comfortable for long nights of star gazing. Even the armrests are similarly padded so that you can relax in comfort without having to deal with the feel of cold steel on your arms. This chair is also heavy duty, with a quality steel stable frame that is guaranteed to support 300 pounds minimum. A swivel cup holder on the side is an added bonus that will allow you to keep your drink off the ground while not sacrificing space on your armrest.

King Camp Folding Chair

Another great camping chair offered by King Camp is this folding chair that doesn´t only offer quality back support, but even comes with a comfortable head rest. This camping chair is a great option if you are planning camping out in some place where the summer evenings can stay pretty warm and muggy. The breathable wicking mesh will allow you to stay cool and ventilated and avoid the dreaded “sweaty back” condition that comes with so many other camping chairs. Additionally, this King Camp Folding Chair comes with durable polyester fabric and strong steel supports that allow people up to 330 pounds to comfortably and safely enjoy the chair.

Browning Camping Fireside Chair

Another great camping chair with fantastic back support is offered by Browning. It also comes with a mesh center along the back line which allows for maximum breathability and coolness. The extremely compact, foldable design means that you can comfortably pack several of these chairs into the trunk of your car and still have plenty of room for the cooler, tent, and other camping essentials.


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