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The Best Backpacking Chairs for Camping and Traveling

Choosing the best backpacking chair shouldn’t be difficult, whether it’s for hiking and it is light and easy to carry on the trails, has a mesh back to make a cool chair with optimized airflow, or just a small and ultralight seat that fits into your carry-on. The best of the best are a mix […]

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Best Portable Folding Chairs: Guide!

For those of us who love hiking and experiencing the deep wilderness that takes us far away from the binds of civilization, it can always be a bit of a letdown to come back to our campsite to find a new set of neighbors in their noisy RV with music blaring, kids screaming, and even […]

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Best Camping Chair With Back Support

Nothing is worse than coming back to camp after a long day out in the wilderness and not being able to relax the way you want to. You´re physically tired, but still too wired from that recent cup of coffee to try and snuggle into your sleeping bag, and the crisp, cool night air has […]

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6 Awesome Camping Chairs for Big Guys

After long hours of hiking or hitting the road to reach the perfect camping destination, there is no better feeling than relaxing outside your tent, a cup of coffee in your hands, and a crackling fire beside the camp chair you just set up. When buying the perfect camp chair, you don’t want to go […]

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