Best RV Water Pump Reviews: Our Standbys For Portable Plumbing

A water pump is indispensable in an RV’s water system. Most RV’s are already equipped with a water tank system to keep fresh water. It is essential in providing the water you need when venturing out into camping areas where a clean water source is not available. It is also essential when going on a road trip. It prevents you from looking for a place to stop over every time you need water.

Most RV’s already have a water pump installed but over time, this can deteriorate, especially with frequent use. If you are on the lookout for a replacement, you came to the right place. We will help you find the right water pump that will last longer than your previous one and can provide you with all the benefits you are looking for.

Signs You Need to Replace Your RV Water Pump

Before anything else, make sure your RV water pump really needs replacement. Check your water pump right before heading out to your camping site or going on a long road trip. Make sure it is functional as you don’t want to be stuck outdoors with no clean water source.

Here are some indications that there could be something wrong with your water pump and will require it to be replaced:

1. Your current water pump makes a lot of annoying and loud noises.

While water pumps typically produce some noise, it shouldn’t be too disrupting. If the noise is louder than usual or you hear sounds such as banging and clanging that weren’t there before, it could be indicative of a broken water pump. The most common reason behind this is a corroded system. There could be some corrosion or calcification going on in the diaphragm, which will require professional repair or a complete replacement.

2. There are leaks.

Another instance when getting a water pump replacement is necessary is if there are leaks. Just make sure it is really due to a water pump problem by tracing the origin of the leak. It could originate from the connections and if this is the case, it is not the water pump that is the problem.

3. The water pump isn’t turning on.

Check the fuse panel. If it is working but the water pump still isn’t responding, it might require replacement already. If the electrical connections of the pump aren’t operating well, a replacement is necessary.

Best RV Water Pump Reviews

Here are the RV water pumps we recommend getting:

  • Bayite Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump
  • Amarine-made 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump
  • Shurflo 3.0 Revolution Water Pump
  • Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Take a look at the features of these products:

Bayite Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Bayite Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Get this relatively inexpensive water pump designed for the use of recreational vehicles such as RVs, camper vans and boats. With a 5 feet vertical suction lift, a default pressure of 80 PSI and a maximum pressure of 100 PSI, this is a water pump that ensures smooth and consistent flow of water no matter what the road conditions are.

It features a well-made motor that has been designed with optimum balance in mind to ensure that the bearings will last longer. With its thermal breaker, it won’t break down as easily as other water pumps. It also has corrosion-resistant parts but isn’t submersible in water.


This works seamlessly. It does a great job producing a consistent flow of water.

It is corrosion-resistant, and the motor seems to be well-made. It works silently as well. It has a powerful suction system that delivers strong water flow.

You will find this one of the most affordable water pumps out there.

It can be compatible with an RV’s solar power system as well.

It is a small water pump, but it does its job really well.


This might not be ideal for pumping a huge amount of water.


Amarine-made 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Amarine-made 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

This is a 12V water pressure pump that has self-priming features. It can pump as much as 1.1 gallons per minute and has a water pressure level of 35 PSI. It doesn’t use up a lot of energy but works efficiently when it comes to pumping out water. It comes complete with everything you might need in a water pump such as thermal overload feature, soft rubber mounts to muffle out vibrations and excess sounds, pressure switch built in the system and silent functions.


This is a strong water pressure system. It can provide more water in just one minute than many of its competitors.

It runs efficiently. It won’t be a burden to your RV’s electrical system.

The features all make this a safe water pressure to use. It has a thermal overload function, which ensures this water pressure won’t overhead and has an automatic turn on and off function that responds to how you use the nozzle.

Although not completely noise-free, it does function without producing excessive sounds. Many people also liked how easy it was to install. They liked how affordable it was as well.

Many were amazed at how fast this work. Its suction system is truly powerful and reliable.


Some people wanted the barbed fittings to be longer than they are now.


Shurflo 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

Shurflo 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

This is a mid-range water pump that runs on 12V of power and has powerful PSI of 55 and 3.0 GPM. It boasts of quiet operations, self-priming features internal bypass-low cycling functionality and a pump that can be run even when dry without inflicting damage to the motor.

This product has a unique design. With its one-piece diaphragm, it functions well in delivering the water you need. The internal bypass ensures this product will last for a long time, even with frequent use. The pump design also ensures faster delivery of water. It can pump up to 3 gallons of water in just a minute and can deliver water to all your plumbing fixtures in your RV.


It is one of the most efficient out there and is capable of pumping out more water than an average water pump. It has 3 gallons of water per minute capacity, which makes this more ideal for RV users that tend to have more water demand.

Even though it is more powerful, it is still efficient Its 7.5 amps of energy consumption is modest.

It features a Flow Reaction Technology, which is convenient when it comes to minimizing vibrations and excessive noise whenever the pump is working.

It is easy to find a spot for it in your RV as it doesn’t require a specific mounting position. Any will do. Furthermore, it boasts of a thermal protection that keeps it working efficiently no matter the conditions. It can run dry as well.

It comes with a 2-year warranty as well.


If you don’t install it correctly and tighten the screws properly, it won’t automatically shut off. This is why installation is crucial to its performance.


Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Here is another mid-range water pump for RV you will love. It has a powerful GPM flow capacity of 3.3 and works on .75 amps of power. You can rely on its self-priming features that has a maximum vertical range of 6 feet.

What makes it different from others is its 3-chamber design. This allows it to produce a high volume of water. It also has been incorporated with a durable motor system that ensures more water is delivered to your RV. Like the others, it can also run dry without taxing the motor. It also comes with an electrical cord, making installation to an outlet so easy.


It is an industrial-grade water pump for RVs and other recreational vehicles. Expect this to have a strong volume output.

Unlike others that might need to be fitted in your RV’s existing connections, this one has a plug, which you can just connect to an outlet, making installation a cinch.

It has self-priming functions that is a maximum of 6 vertical feet. The inside also has a pressure switch.

You can run this dry without damaging the motor. It is also protected against problems like ignition.

It comes with a 4-year warranty, longer than nearly all of the RV water pumps out there. A lot of people also commented on how silently this operates.


You might need to get an adapter for the connecting hose. Also make sure there are no loose connections, or this might not work as efficiently as you want.


Which One Should You Get?

Get the Bayite Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump if you are looking for a water pump that is comparatively inexpensive and has straightforward functions. It doesn’t have an impressive pump system, but it does the job well and has corrosion-resistant properties that will appeal to many RV users. It is also small, making this ideal for installation in those tight spaces.

If you are looking for a powerful water pump with a strong suction system but will not break the bank, look no further than the Amarine-made 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump. It is one of the most reliable out there and it can deliver the amount of water you need in a shorter period of time.

Get the Shurflo 3.0 Revolution Water Pump if you want more water delivered to your RV at a time. It is more capable of pumping more water compared to its competitors, making this a more ideal choice for families with higher demands of water. It is also slightly more expensive but shouldn’t be too hard on the budget.

The Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump is another great option for those looking for a more powerful volume of water. It is similar to the previous one in features and in price but this one comes with a 4-year warranty. If you want more peace of mind with what you are purchasing, you can consider getting this one.

Buying Guide for RV Water Pump

Buying a water pump for your RV can feel overwhelming because there are so many things to consider and so many products to choose from. Use the following as a guide to ensure that you are getting the best choices:

Make sure the water pump you are choosing fits the water specifications of your RV.

It’s important to check the manual of your RV first to know more about its water specifications. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can always contact the dealer or the manufacturing company or an expert in RVs to learn more about this.

Decide how many gallons of water per minute you will need in your RV.

It might not be a problem if only 2 people are using the RV but if you are sharing it with the rest of your family, you might need one that can produce more than 1 gallon of water per minute. Something with a stronger suction power and PSI would be better.

Check the water pressure recommendations of your RV.

If you use a stronger water pump with a higher water pressure, it might not be ideal for the water system fittings that is in your RV and you could end up inflicting more damage.

Check the specifications of the old water pump you are replacing.

That will let you know more about which one you should buy. Check how many gallons per minute it is capable of producing. You can also get a water pressure gauge to determine the ideal water pressure that your RV’s plumbing system needs.

It is also a good idea to look for safety features in a water pump such as automatic shut off, features that let it run dry and anti-corrosion features to ensure that your pump will last for a long time.

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