Best RV Washer/Dryer Combo Reviews: Top Laundry Units For Motorhomes

No need to pack lots of clothes when you can do your laundry in your RV washer dryer combo. It’s nice to have one in your RV just to ensure that you always have fresh clothes to wear. It also reduces the hassle of packing clothes, especially when you are bringing along younger kids.

We looked for the best washer and dryer combos out there that have the efficiency and compact features necessary for RV life. We chose the best ones based from features and reviews. Read on to find out which products we discovered.

Types of RV Washer Dryer and Combo

There are different types of washer and dryer combos out there. The most common one is in the form of a top loader where there are two separate tubs for the washing cycle and a spin-drying cycle. These are compact enough for RVs and should accommodate all sorts of clothes washing needs. They are efficient, and they make a quick work of washing your clothes. Perhaps the downside to this is that it doesn’t completely dry up your clothes. It spin-dries the clothes only, which can help wring out excess water but still damp enough that you will need to hang it to dry up completely.

Another type is the front load washer and dryer combo. It is one machine only that has a washing function that effectively tumble washes your clothes. After the washing cycle is done, set it up to go into the drying mode. It is typically more expensive, and it tends to use up more energy, but it gets the job done. You can get freshly-washed and dried clothes in a short amount of time.

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo Reviews

Here are the best RV washer and dryer combos you can get:

  • Sekido All in One Front Load Compact Combo Washer Dryer
  • Westland Splendide Vented Combo Washer Dryer
  • LG WM3997HWA Ventless Washer Dryer
  • Do Mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer and Dryer

Take a look at the individual features of these machines:

Sekido All in One Front Load Compact Combo Washer Dryer

Sekido All in One Front Load Compact Combo Washer Dryer

This washing machine and dryer in one is a front load type of washer and dryer that has been equipped with a venting booster fan. This allows you to dry up your clothes effectively. It works quietly, perfect for small RV spaces and has adjustable leg settings to find the most stable one.

It is quite slim, which means it won’t stick out too much in your RV. With only 22 inches of depth, you can get some clothes cleaning and drying done without the washer and dryer taking up all the space. It has convertible venting features, so you can set it up to be vented or ventless.

Plenty of useful features are integrated in this product such as a self-cleaning option to prevent the machine from getting musty or moldy, delay cycle, child safety lock, energy saving features and LED display.


It is one of the easiest washers and dryers around to use. Even with its compact features, it still has a good capacity. You can wash large loads of clothing and even bedding with this.

There are compartments for the fabric softener, bleach and detergent.

It uses up energy modestly, perfect for an RV where energy source might be limited.

It is also ideal for RV use because it doesn’t require a drain pump if you don’t have one. There is a button you can push to allow the machine to exhaust air outside.

It comes with a weight sensor. It will determine how much water is needed, thereby preventing excessive use of water.

It comes with a wrinkle guard feature. Don’t worry if you forgot you have clothes in the washer as it will turn the drum every 5 minutes for a maximum of 8 hours to ensure wrinkles don’t settle in.

It comes with a vented or a ventless option.


There was a customer that said the dryer takes too long to vent as they used a vented system.


Westland Splendide Vented Combo Washer Dryer

Westland Splendide Vented Combo Washer Dryer

With its 15 pounds of washing capacity and 11 pounds of drying capacity, this is a washer and dryer combo that will surely fit the needs of small to medium-sized families living in an RV. It comes complete with silent features, great for washing in small spaces as it is not noisy. This also has a nice automatic level control that allows the machine to determine the best water level that should be used instead of you manually choosing the water level.


This washing machine and dryer works so silently. You can do your laundry even while someone is asleep in the RV.

It has been equipped with an AC motor that is brushless and has the ability to perform optimally. The door opens wide enough, so you can load your laundry without problems.

The knobs are soft to the touch and are easy to program. There is a display that will let you know how long until the cycle finishes.

It keeps your laundry wrinkle-free, thanks to its bi-directional drum rotation that ensures your clothes are fluffed up. This technology also enhances the washing and drying cycle, so you can get cleaner and dryer clothes.

It also comes with a self-cleaning feature, perfect for RV use as you don’t need to manually clean the drum anymore.

It is durable enough for RV use as the shock absorbers and springs incorporated prevent the machine from getting damaged by the excessive movements.


There were isolated cases of parts not working and the fabric softener dispenser sometimes wonky.


LG WM3997HWA Ventless Washer Dryer

LG WM3997HWA Ventless Washer Dryer

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, this is one of your best options. With a big 4.3 cubic foot tub capacity, you can wash and dry your laundry faster. What makes this a fitting choice in an RV is its TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system that eliminates unnecessary movement of the tub and ensures a seamless cycle even while you are on the road.

It has an innovative TurboWash technology that ensures faster cleaning cycle. Every large load can save you up to 20 minutes, great for families who need fresh laundry fast.


It does a great job in thoroughly cleaning and drying clothes. You won’t have to wait for a long time to finish each cycle as well because the TurboWash feature ensures faster cycles.

It features a direct drive motor that also comes with a 10-year warranty. It also boasts of NeverRust stainless steel drum that ensures it will stay corrosion-free for a long time.

It comes with 5 different temperature settings. You can choose the best ones for the type of clothes you are washing.

The door is large enough to ensure more effortless loading of laundry.


It will require external venting. It’s also more expensive than others.


Do Mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer and Dryer

Do Mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer and Dryer

For those who only have small laundry needs, this is an ideal choice. It is a portable washer that comes with a spin dryer. With 8.3 pounds wash capacity, you can seamlessly wash smaller articles of clothes. You can wash while spin drying washed clothes. It is very compact, so it will easily fit in small spaces like an RV. It is also easier to install since there is no venting needed.


This product is portable. It is small, making this so easy to fit corners. It also has a small capacity, which might be just right for small laundry needs.

It is inexpensive. If you are looking for something cheap but gets the job done, this should be a good choice.

It is easy to carry and move around if you need to change its location.

It does have a powerful washing cycle. It really gets the dirt out of clothes. Many also said the spin-drying cycle works seamlessly. It dries up clothes well.


Some said the plastic tube used to fill it with water isn’t that well-made. There are some customers who had to manually fill it with water. But since it is small, it isn’t really too much of a trouble.


Which One Should You Get?

The Sekido All in One Front Load Compact Combo Washer Dryer is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to choose between vented and ventless washer and dryer combos. It can be used for both. So, if you prefer a ventless machine in your RV, this can be a good choice for you. It offers a lot of useful features as well and has a compact footprint that will work in smaller spaces.

The Westland Splendide Vented Combo Washer Dryer is another great RV washer and dryer combo. It can withstand the vibrations of a moving RV and provides quiet features that will make this a joy to use when you are on the go.

You absolutely can’t go wrong with the LG WM3997HWA Ventless Washer Dryer. If you are looking for a washer and dryer combo with all the nifty features that will make doing your laundry effortless, this is the best option. It finishes cycles fast, perfect for families who need to wash a lot of clothes.

Get the Do Mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer and Dryer if you only have small laundry needs. This is a very compact machine that can easily be moved into an RV and installed there. Don’t underestimate it though because it has good cleaning prowess. The spin dryer also gets rid of excess water effectively.

Buying Guide for RV Washer Dryer Combo

When it comes to buying the best RV washer dryer combo, here are a few factors you need to keep in mind:

Loading Type. Some people prefer front loaders because it is easier to unload clothes. However, if you have issues with bending down, you might want to consider getting a top loader instead. Front loaders may also require more space as you would want the door to swing open without issues. A top loader doesn’t have such a problem since it loads from the top.

Capacity. Compare drum capacity. What you should choose will depend on your laundry needs. If you do a lot of laundry loads when in your RV, you would want to choose one that is compact but still has a good capacity that can accommodate more clothes in one load.

Drying Specifications. Is it vented or ventless? Again, this will depend on your RV set-up and your current preferences. It should be compatible with what you already have in your RV. Otherwise, you might need to have professionals install it.

Silent Operations. Unless you want a washer and dryer combo that vibrates and produces annoying noise all the time, you would want to choose those that works silently. They should operate without disturbing the people in the RV.

Shock Absorber Features. Since the appliance is in a moving vehicle, you need to make sure it is capable of withstanding the excessive motion and vibrations of an RV. A good RV washer and dryer should have a durable shock absorber system. This will also help keep the washing machine stable and can prevent it from breaking down easily due to the parts frequently being subjected to wear and tear.

Efficiency. Also compare efficiency. Make sure it doesn’t take a long time to finish cycles, so it will not use up a lot of energy in your RV. Also choose those that have an automatic water level function. The machine will choose the right water level setting by simply measuring the weight of the load.

Price. If you don’t mind paying for something more high-end, go for those front loaders with more features. These extra features can help make your life on the road a lot easier and they can also contribute to the efficiency of the machine.

What to Do Next?

You can read more reviews on products that you can add to your RV. From compact refrigerators to portable heaters, there are many other products that can increase your comfort while you are living in an RV.

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