Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reviews: Our Top Picks For Your Tubes

We often subject our RV to a lot of wear and tear. Driving for extended hours, traversing uneven camping grounds – all these things can have an impact to our RV’s tires. When you are enjoying your break or heading to your camping site, the last thing you would probably want to deal with is a tire blowout. This is not only dangerous, it is also inconvenient especially when it happens in a place where roadside assistance might not be readily available.

That said, you need to always keep an eye out on your RV tires’ pressure. You need tools like a tire air compressor and a tire pressure monitoring system to ensure that your RV’s tires are not underinflated or overinflated. We checked out for some of the best tire pressure monitoring systems today and found those that you can buy for your RV. Check out the products we recommend below.

Signs Your RV Has a Poor Tire Pressure

When driving your RV, you need to watch out for certain signs that you could have under inflated tires. Here are those signs:

1. There is a “spongy” feel to your driving.

You can tell right off the bat that something is wrong with your tires the moment you get behind the wheels and drive your RV. It doesn’t feel solid like it used to be. There is also that spongy feeling to the wheels getting in contact with the ground or pavement. That could indicate that your tires are not inflated to the recommended pressure.

2. Your driving seems harsher than usual.

It’s actually more difficult to drive a car that has poor tire pressure. And when you are driving a vehicle that is bigger such as an RV, this problem becomes more evident. If you are driving over those bumps and hitting those corners harshly, but nothing about your driving is different, it can be due to your RV having poorly-inflated tires.

3. Your RV feels like it is leaning more to one side.

Unequal pressure in tires can cause one side of the vehicle to lean more towards the area where there is poor tire pressure. With a heavier vehicle like an RV, the weight will not get distributed properly.

4. You are consuming more gas than usual.

One of the side effects of having poor tire pressure is an RV that uses up more gas. Because your RV is making up for the loss of tire pressure, it tends to use more gas to maneuver the vehicle like usual.

There are many reasons why tires can lose pressure fast. It can be due to a damage to the tires. A small puncture can make your tires lose pressure. It is also normal for tires to lose pressure, especially if it isn’t used all the time as with the case with RVs. You need to check your RV while in storage to make sure the tires don’t deplete. During the summer season, it’s also normal for tires to lose a lot of pressure because of the heat.

Best Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reviews

Here are the tire pressure monitoring systems we recommend getting for RVs:

EEZTire-TPMS Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters
Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire-Safeguard 6 Tire Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Check out what these products have to offer:

EEZTire-TPMS Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System

EEZTire-TPMS Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This is a high-end tire pressure monitoring system that is ideal for the use of RVs and other big and recreational vehicles. It does not just let you see the pressure in your tires. It can also be relied on to check the temperature of each tire. This way, you can detect an impending tire blowout, especially during hot summer days.

It boasts of easy installation. The system is also simple to use. The large LCD display can be installed on your dashboard with ease. A built-in lithium battery is used to keep it running. It has an automatic backlight to ensure that you can see pertinent information even at night.


This is a completely configurable tire monitoring system. You can monitor up to 22 wheels, which makes this great not just for RVs but for bigger trucks as well. It comes with a set of sensors that you place on the wheels. They are battery operated and can be replaced when needed.

The LCD screen is large. It isn’t difficult to navigate and is simple to understand.

You can also configure how it will give off warnings on high or low pressure as well as the temperature of tires. You can choose audible warning alert or a visual one.

This monitoring system also seems to have a good range. It might not need a booster but if you think your RV needs it, it shouldn’t be too difficult finding a compatible repeater or booster.

It doesn’t use up battery life fast. It is efficient, which means it will take years before you need to replace the batteries.


There is a customer who experienced an intermittent connection with tires at the rear but this nothing a range extender can’t fix.


TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters

TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters

This is one of the most advanced tire pressure monitoring systems you will get as it is compatible with smartphones and tablets. If you own an Android or an iPhone and an iPad with IOS 7+ or an Android 4.3+ that also includes a Bluetooth 4.0+, this product should work well for you. It comes with fittings that will allow you to monitor as many as 22 tires and a maximum of 232 tire pressure. The system will let you determine high or low pressure as well as gradual and rapid leaks, tire blowouts and high temperatures.

It is one of the easiest tire pressure monitoring systems to use out there as it has an auto search function. It comes with a rhino signal booster to ensure that you are getting the best connection to the sensors and a Bluetooth adapter.


You can connect this tire pressure monitoring system to your smartphone. This feature gives you endless benefits such as the ability to easily check tire pressure, temperature and leaks. It checks the pressure of your tires every 6 seconds, ensuring that you get consistent and constant results.

You get both visual and audible warning signs if there are changes or abnormalities in the tire information being presented.

The app is so easy to install and set-up. You don’t have to spend a long time ensuring this is working. It’s also very easy to use and includes features like automatic scrolling to see the information of the tires, automatic data refresher and a 2-part vehicle disconnect.

This kit also comes with anti-theft locking nuts. It indicates if the transmitters are still there.

You will never have to miss any alert about your tires ever again for as long as your smartphone is with you.

The manufacturing company gives a free battery replacement program. If your transmitter batteries need replacement, you can have one changed all with no additional costs.


Some said they had delays in readings and problems with accuracy but could be isolated cases only.


Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This is a mid-range tire pressure monitoring system that will not fail you. It can monitor up to 34 tires at a time, perfect even for those who own bigger trucks. You need only to configure the sensors to make it work for your needs.

It offers real time tire pressure and temperature information. With its commercial grade parts, it will surely work for you for a long time. It even has anti-corrosion sensor caps that prevent air from leaking.


This has a higher tire capacity than others although that might not be necessary if you are only using it for your RV.

The sensors seem to be reliable. They provide real time results that are accurate.

You are also getting a tire pressure monitoring system that will last for a long time, thanks to its durable construction, anti-corrosion features and a waterproof function. The sensors can actually be submerged in water for up to 3 feet only, which might be good if you are driving on muddy roads or flooded streets.

It seems to have a strong signal as well as it doesn’t require a repeater.

The pressure monitor comes with convenient backlighting, which makes checking your tire pressure at night a lot easier.


The screen is not the biggest but should suffice if you need something that will accurately check tire pressure.

Tire-Safeguard 6 Tire Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire-Safeguard 6 Tire Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This handy device powered by a battery lets you check tire pressure up to 199 PSI. It also helps you monitor your tires’ temperature as well as catch slow leaks. You can adjust the monitoring system to your preferences. The sensors can be secured, great for preventing theft or loss. You can also be assured that the sensors will deliver strong signals as they have one of the best ranges today.


It provides accurate information even without the need for a repeater or a booster. Many of those who used it for their motorhomes did not have to use an extra signal-boosting device to get accurate results.

It has an automatic scroll function that stays there for a few seconds before moving to the next one to let you know the pressure and temperature of each tire.

It sits on an RV dashboard without issues. It didn’t seem to require fastening or extra clamps to keep it in place. Installation is a cinch.

Many customers had this for years and did not have issues with it. It proves just how durable it is.

It is also backed by a good customer service.


Some had issues with false alerts.


Which One Should You Get?

Try the EEZTire-TPMS Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System if you are looking for something reliable. It is suitable for bigger cars like an RV and even a long bed truck, so if you think you need more sensors, get this one. It is more expensive than the others listed above but if you are looking for more flexibility, this is an ideal choice.

Get the TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters for something easier to use. It connects through your smartphone or any other device with new IOS or Android and Bluetooth systems. Just use an app and it will display all the things you need to know about the condition of your tires.

The Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a less expensive option but comes with a smaller LCD screen. That shouldn’t be a problem since it does have reliable sensors that can withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

The Tire-Safeguard 6 Tire Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System is another more affordable option. It is ideal for people who don’t like a difficult installation process or those who just want reliable readings. It can last for a long time as well.

Things to Remember When Buying a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When on the lookout for a good tire pressure monitoring system, make sure you keep these tips in mind:

Look for those that can accommodate the number of tires you have. They should include sensors that can be fitted in RV tires.

Pick those that can be secured to your tires. This way, you won’t have to worry about the sensors getting lost or stolen.

Check the accuracy. Always read reviews to find out what people are saying about the product’s accuracy. If there are a lot of reports about inaccurate pressure reports, get something else.

Something weather-proof is ideal. It will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so make sure it is capable of withstanding a lot of damages.

Consider set-up. One that you can easily install on your dashboard and doesn’t require too much programming is a good choice.

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