Best RV Inverter Reviews: The Most Reliable, Consistent Electrical Equipment

Having a power inverter in your RV makes it easier to convert an existing current to alternating one. For instance, if you are operating an appliance that runs on AC power source, but your RV runs on batteries, which usually supplies 12 Volt DC, you will need an RV inverter in order to convert DC into AC.

Luckily, there is no shortage of good RV inverters out there. In fact, you have plenty of options to choose from, making choosing just one a bit more difficult. That’s what this article is here for. We will help you find the best RV inverters and suggest products that might suit your needs and preferences well. Make sure you read until the end of this article to learn more about RV inverters.

Modified Sine versus Pure Sine Inverter: Which One is Better?

When on the hunt for the best RV inverter, you might come across modified sine inverters and pure sine inverters. Most appliances work best with sine waves. Generally, you would want to get a pure sine wave inverter if you are running appliances that have motor systems with variable speed. If you have a microwave oven in your RV, it’s better to get this one. Those that are equipped with brushless motors also tend to function better when using pure sine wave inverter. You are also doing modern appliances like LED televisions and CFL light bulbs a favor by using this type of inverter. Additionally, the behavior of audio devices is better as well.

If you use a pure sine inverter, inductive systems run better and devices like fans, fluorescent lights and television sets not only perform better but also run more quietly. If you are bringing your laptop with you, plugging it in an electrical outlet that runs on pure sine inverter can reduce unwanted crashes as well as unnecessary noise.

The downside to the pure sine inverter is that they tend to be costlier. This is why some people go for modified sine inverters. They are generally more affordable. However, they can inflict some damage to your devices, which is why you would want to go out of your way to find a better modified sine inverter option.

You risk damaging appliances such as a microwave oven, air compressors and refrigerators if you are using this kind of inverter. This often causes a build-up of excess heat, which then taxes the appliances. However, if you have devices that doesn’t run using an AC motor, they should be fine with just a modified sine inverter.

Determine your needs first and find the best one that will provide the most benefits to you.

Best Inverter Reviews

Here are the inverters you might want to get for your RV:

  • VertaMax Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • WZRELB True Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter
  • XYZ Invt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Aims Power 5000 Watt Power Inverter

Check out what these inverters have to offer:

VertaMax Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

VertaMax Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

This pure sine wave inverter gives you everything you need. It includes 2-gauge battery cables with 3 feet length. Lug terminals and a remote switch are also included in the kit. This makes installation easier. With 3 grounded outlets, it works for all household devices. The outlets also come with their individual circuit breakers, promoting safety. You can supply power to demanding appliances like air conditioners, laptops and microwave ovens, to name a few.


The design is solid and reliable. It even comes with a thermal shutdown feature that ensures safety. It protects your RV from reverse polarity as well through the internal fuses integrated. You can avoid short circuit problems as this inverter is designed to prevent it from happening. Additional features include low voltage automatic shut off and protection from overvoltage.

The LED display will tell you how much energy it is consuming, so you can easily monitor the consumption of your appliances in your RV.

Some said the installation is a breeze with this one.

This comes with a 1-year warranty, thereby giving you more peace of mind.


There were customers who wished the cables that came with it were longer. It is also a more expensive option compared to similar products.


WZRELB True Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

WZRELB True Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

This inverter is capable of supplying 2000W of continuous power. At its peak, you can get as much as 4000W of power. It isn’t just great for your RV, it can also be a good power backup for your main residence. This inverter is also capable of transferring 24VDC into 120VAC. The set comes with dual outlets as well.


This is one of the most powerful inverters you can find today. It can supply you with enough power to operate your RV appliances with ease.

There are some nice features in this inverter including an intelligent temperature control for its cooling fan. It also has a clear LCD display that you can use to monitor your energy usage.

Equipped with copper inductance, you can be assured that this will last for a long time. It is also more capable of accepting bigger loads because of its thicker PCB.

There were customers who said this still worked for them even when used in hotter conditions.

Some even run this continuously for 24 hours a day.


Some said they wish the alarm is easier to program. The alarm tends to go off at 20.5V and then completely shuts off when it reaches 20V.


XYZ Invt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

XYZ Invt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

This inverter is capable of converting your 24V DC energy source into 110V to 120V AC. It delivers a continuous output of 3000 watts. At peak conditions, it is capable of delivery 6000W. You can easily monitor how well it is working through its LED display.

Unlike other power inverters, this one is more compact, great for RVs and ideal as a travel ally.

It also comes with a dual fan system that is kept in good condition with its temperature control functions. It is also a safe inverter to use because of its ground connection.


It won’t fail you if you need moderate to high needs for electricity. It can power up common RV appliances.

This product has a lot of safety features such as overvoltage protection, under volt automatic shutdown feature, audible alarm for changes in the voltage and an indicator. You also don’t have to worry about overloading or short-circuiting as this one will shut off the system automatically.

This boasts of an advanced software design. In fact, they take pride in having the most advanced design for both software and hardware.

Interference for this inverter is quite low. You can truly get clean power as if you are being supplied by your electricity provider.

Loss of circuit is avoided with this one, thanks to its low power draw when it is idle. This ensures efficiency in the appliances you are using.

It is easy to install and operate. Connections are relatively easy to do and can be used with solar energy and wind energy systems as well.


There weren’t a lot of problems with this inverter. Some just wished it came with a manual. However, that isn’t really a big problem considering how easy it is to install.


Aims Power 5000 Watt Power Inverter

Aims Power 5000 Watt Power Inverter

This might be the most expensive inverter in this list, but it won’t disappoint you with its vast number of features. With 5000W of continuous power, you can run your RV appliances simultaneously with ease. It comes with a voltmeter at the front portion of the panel. Use this to check your battery voltage. The amp meter also found in the same spot can help you check how much energy you are consuming.


This is noticeably smaller and even lighter than its predecessor and many of its competitors. Its new design also dispenses with the need for a lot of cables and jumpers because there is only one input terminal for DC.

Many customers said this worked seamlessly for them. In fact, they used it to run their RVs and even trucks continuously and it did not buckle under the pressure.

Many also commented on how easy it was to install. It didn’t require special cables or configuration. They also did not have issues using this to run multiple appliances at the same time. This also held up well against the summer heat.


There were issues about longevity but isn’t a common occurrence.


Which One Should You Get?

You will have no problems running high-demand appliances like a microwave and refrigerator in your RV with the VertaMax Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. It might be a bit more expensive but due to its reliability, it is a good option for people who like to go off-the-grid.

Consider getting the WZRELB True Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter if you are looking for something more powerful and is capable of providing continuous energy during days when you demand more energy source. It is even powerful enough to be used as a backup energy source.

The XYZ Invt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is just one of the easiest inverters to install. You won’t have a hard time outfitting your RV with it no matter where you draw your energy from. It is also a durable and safe product to use, thanks to its many features that make this more reliable.

The Aims Power 5000 Watt Power Inverter is another reliable choice for RV owners who have a lot of appliances to run. It can operate even more demanding appliances like an air conditioner. It is a bit more expensive but for its power, it is worth buying.

Buying Guide for an RV Inverter

Choosing an inverter for an RV is different from choosing an inverter for a small car or your home. You typically need one with better capabilities as you will be relying on this to ensure your RV appliances will work seamlessly. That said, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing:

1. Take the size of the inverter into consideration.

By size, we mean the amount of wattage output it can produce. This will depend on how many appliances you are running in your RV. For instance, a typical coffee maker needs 320W of energy, an LCD TV will need 120W of energy and a washing machine will need 260W of washing power and another 140W of energy for spin drying. Add all that up to get the wattage you will need. Of course, you won’t be running all of these appliances at the same time but expect to run multiple appliances in one go when you are out camping or when going off-the-grid. This is why you will need something with a bigger load capacity.

2. Consider getting those with a high initial power.

If you have devices in your RV like an air compressor or a water pump, you will need an inverter with a high initial power in order to support the needs of these devices. These devices typically require a high influx of energy.

3. Make sure it has a pure sine wave output.

This is needed so that the transfer of energy is faster, great for operating electronics that tend to be more sensitive such as laptops and microwave ovens.

4. Check out those with GFCI outlets.

If you are concerned about safety, look for those with this kind of outlet. This ensures that your device is safe to operate even when the environment is a bit humid or wet. This is ideal to use when you are outdoors, and the weather and temperature conditions are unpredictable.

What to Do Next?

You should have the confidence in deciding which RV inverter to get by now. There are plenty of other products, appliances and devices you can get for your RV. Read our reviews so you can be guided on which products to pick.

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