Best RV GPS Reviews: Top Navigation Units For Motorhomes & Campers

Whether you are an experienced RV driver or one just starting out with life on the road with an RV, having a reliable RV GPS is imperative. These devices act like an extra brain and set of eyes, so you know in advance what to expect when it comes to road conditions. And if you are planning to stay on the road for a longer period of time, it definitely feels more comforting to have one in tow.

Don’t worry because there are plenty of reliable RV GPS out there. We checked out those that have the best features and those that are capable of navigating you to your location without issues. Stick around to find out what products we recommend.

Benefits of Having an RV GPS

Have you ever found yourself lost with not a single soul in sight to ask directions from? Well, it happens if you are a serial traveler. When you foray into places you have never been to, it seems inevitable that you will get lost.

This is where having an RV GPS comes handy. You always find your way to your targeted destination and you never have to worry about not having someone to ask directions from. And when it comes to camping out in the wilderness, these GPS products can be relied on to find a good parking spot, which trail to take and get a map view of the area, so you know what is ahead of you.

A GPS also does more than tell directions. It also helps you avoid traffic. It can tell you which roads are congested, so you can find alternative routes that will help you get to your destination faster. This actually conserves your car’s fuel as you aren’t stuck in traffic and you aren’t blindly navigating around shortcuts you aren’t sure of. Additionally, a GPS may also be able to tell you when there are roadworks ahead, so you can prepare to maneuver your RV and avoid getting in a potential accident.

Need to use a restroom or need to gas up? No worries because your GPS will let you know where the nearest bathroom or gas station is.

It is a convenient gadget to ensure that you will always be prepared no matter what you encounter on the road.

Best RV GPS Reviews

After checking out all the RV GPS products out there, here are our top picks:

  • Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS Navigator for Camping Enthusiast
  • Magellan Roadmate Portable GPS Navigator
  • Tomtom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device
  • Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

Now here are the things you need to know about these GPS devices:

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS Navigator for Camping EnthusiastGarmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS Navigator for Camping Enthusiast

This GPS system has been equipped with advanced navigation features that is perfect for camping enthusiasts. It helps RV drivers find the best routes for their vehicles as well as see road warnings to ensure that you find the most conducive roads.

It has a nifty search function that allows you to filter the results to amenities you prefer. It even has a Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to access programs and make updates on its software. You don’t need a computer to update it because it does all the work.


This is a good-sized GPS system. With its 6.95-inch of touchscreen display, this can be a good ally in your RV. It is easy to view and easy to use.

The road warning it present is a nice touch. You can prepare for bad road conditions beforehand. It even has a custom routing feature, which is great if your RV has specifications when it comes to weight. Just key in the weight f your RV and it will find the best route that can accommodate that weight.

You can easily find parking spots for your RV and choose camps with the amenities you need based on the information presented to you by this GPS system.

It can be used in a car as well. It has a car mode for flexibility.

It offers break suggestions and gives you options n where you can park your RV and take a rest.

It has a voice command function and gives audible warnings when there are things you need to be cautious about.


Downloading maps and updating the system could take hours. But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Magellan Roadmate Portable GPS Navigator

Magellan Roadmate Portable GPS Navigator

Another leading producer of RV GPS devices is Magellan. One of their best offerings is this Roadmate device that offers a variety of good features such as a free lifetime map update. It keeps your maps updated without you paying for a subscription fee. You can download and update it 4 times a year to ensure that your RV will always take the best routes.

You will receive traffic camera alerts with this one. It gives off warning through sounds and visual guides, making it easier to gauge road conditions and handle your RV better. The screen also provides accurate and realistic views of the roads as well as signages that you need to guide you.


It has a nice and clear screen that can help you navigate your way with ease. It is compact as well, so it shouldn’t be difficult to store when not used.

The free lifetime map update is a nice feature. You can save money by not having to pay for the updates. Plus, you are assured that your application is not outdated.

It has a landmark guidance feature. This is actually convenient as it helps you find your destination better instead of grappling to see street names.

The visual guidance is superb. You can see arrows pointing to the direction you want to go clearly. You also get alerts if there are speed camera or fixed red lights on the streets.

You have the option of upgrading to a premium content for an extra cost. What this offers you is more information on road conditions such as accident-prone areas or school zones.

It is responsive. It is easy to type your destination. It even comes with a quick spell function.

A lot of customers said this is one of the most durable GPS devices they have had.


There is a customer that said the battery won’t hold its charge long enough.


Tomtom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device

Tomtom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device

Get to your destination faster using the most expedient route with this device. It boasts of real-time traffic update, which helps you determine congested routes and where traffic is, so you can custom create a route that will work better for you. Like the previous brand, it also comes with a free lifetime map update, ensuring that this gets updated all the time.

The 5-inch touchscreen display is clear and makes way for better navigation. It even boasts of a split screen junction view, which will allow you to have a better depiction of the roads ahead. This product also provides an advanced lane guidance, which is what you need to ensure you don’t miss those exits and you can see those intersections in advance.


It has a good price point, great for those on a budget.

It is reliable as well. The updates are regular, and you are assured that you are taking the best routes.

It is a compact device. It is easy to use in your RV or in a car. The touchscreen system is also large and has a good clarity. It seems to be solidly-built as well.


They say that there is no speed limit included in the information presented unless you switch it to a planned route.


Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

This offers a bigger screen display – all 7 inches of glory that will ensure you can see your destination clearly. This is great for different types of vehicles but should come handy in bigger ones like an RV. With its lifetime maps features, you can gain access to more information such as when business establishments are open or closed, if there are new roads built or finding the best roads depending on your preferences.

Like the previous Garmin model, this one also allows customization when it comes to finding the best route for your RV. You can input your RV’s dimensions, which will help you find roads that will accommodate these specifications. That way, you can avoid driving through low bridges.


It has a nice LCD screen size. Get this if you prefer something with a bigger screen. The picture quality is superior and doesn’t seem washed out like some of the others.

It has updated map information. You get all the details you need to find the best route. You can also customize your route based on your RV’s dimensions and weight.

This comes with a wireless backup camera. It captures up to 45 feet of images and transmits that to your GPS wirelessly. It requires professional installation, but it is a nifty feature, so you have extra set of eyes to see possible obstacles and other vehicles.


This is the most expensive option.


Which One Should You Get?

The price for the Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS Navigator for Camping Enthusiast might be a little steep but if you are looking for an RV GPS that has everything you need to stay alert and safe on the road, this is a good choice. It has all the features you need to ensure you are taking the right routes. It is reliable and easy to use. It can also double as a GPS for a smaller car.

If you are looking for a less expensive option, do try the Magellan Roadmate Portable GPS Navigator. It is more affordable, but it isn’t lacking in features that RV users will love. It even comes with a lot of features that will make life on the road easier.

For those who are not keen on spending too much money, the Tomtom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device should work just fine. It can be relied on for basic navigating needs but still offers plenty of perks for RV users.

Invest on the Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera. It is more expensive but with its backup camera function, you can drive your RV safely and not have to worry about backing up against a vehicle, a pedestrian or an object.

Buying Tips for RV GPS

Still need help finding the right RV GPS? Keep these tips in mind:

Look for those that can offer a good map view with audible and visual warnings to give as well.

This makes it easier for you to see the roads you are taking and whether there are signages you can easily miss. Additionally, the audible and visual warnings can prevent you from getting into accidents. Make sure there are clear details such as arrows to guide you in the right direction.

Check out its charging capacity.

How long will a single charge last? If you will be on the road for a long time, pick those that have a long charge life. That way, you don’t have to repeatedly charge the device to make it work.

Find out how often it is updated.

You can take advantage of regular free updates provided by some brands of GPS. Your maps will be updated so that new roads are always included.

Choose those that can withstand some rough handling.

Life on the road often tends to be rough, so make sure it can handle some jostling and vibration from the RV.

What to Do Next?

Looking for more devices to ensure that your RV will run efficiently and in the safest manner? Try checking this out. We have recommendations on products that you should get for your RV. We can also offer valuable advice on how to buy recommended products and which ones are worth your money.

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