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7 Best Hunting Watches Reviewed (Rough & Tough)

If you are like me, it is pretty much impossible to keep track of time when out hunting. Besides the relaxing feel of being out in nature, I also typically get pretty involved in tracking animals, staying alert, and waiting for the perfect moment to bring home that long-awaited trophy prize. The only problem is that I usually do not become aware of the time until the sun is dipping below the horizon. When my family was expecting me home for lunch at midday, this usually causes some friction.

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To avoid this problem, I have tried to bring my everyday work watch along with me, but after a brief rainstorm, or getting muddied up by some dirt, those cheap watches eventually end up in the garbage. The best hunting watches on the market are not only stylish and designed for the hunter, but also offer quality durability that can withstand even the toughest hunting conditions. Read on for our complete review of the top hunting watches on the market today.

Best Watch For Hunting Comparison

Top Features Hunters Shoot For:

Typically, when folks are talking about these types of watches they are really talking about ABC watches (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) with some additional features.  The general concept, one of a handful of tools to help you keep you safe and out of a bad situation.

Compass & GPS

These are always something you should look for. Firstly, its always a good idea to have a second compass. When you lose or your regular compass breaks for whatever reason, you’ll always have a digital back up on your watch.

Clearly, the GPS is an awesome feature to have. Personally, we’d suggest using it as a back up to a larger GPS. As the watch GPS is often a bit small and hard to read.

Battery life

Something that is rarely brought up, how long will your watch last in the wilderness? If you have your GPS and a handful of other features running, your watch WILL run out of battery power. Pick a watch that has a high battery rating.

If you plan on having on this being your main means of navigation, perhaps consider not buying a second-hand watch, as its battery life will be shorter (or at the very least replace the battery right away.)


This should go without saying, but whenever you get something you need to rely on, get something that will last. Often good watches are a blend of stainless steel and similar materials that can take a beating.  If the price seems too good to be true, it often is.

The Band

Surprisingly, this is often an overlooked feature. You want to make sure the band is comfortable and durable. Whenever you buy a watch, make sure it’s a good fit and something you’ll happily wear all day.


Let’s face it, bad things happen. Always be prepared for a bad rain storm.

Although, more realistically, most hunters moonlight as fishermen. If you are buying this as a gift, get something they can “have one too many beers with”  and “accidentally” fall in the water.

Looks Good On Your Wrist

This one might be a little self-serving, but some of these watches cost a pretty penny. Get one you like and will make you feel like you belong in a movie.

Suunto Hunting Watch Review

Our top pick!

What we liked about it:

Who should buy it?

Let’s face it, if you are a serious hunter who needs help getting out of remote areas, don’t play around, this beautiful price of engineering is for you.

Some Sweet Specs:

More Notable Features:

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Casio Path Finder Review

What we Liked about it:

Who is it for?

You might remember your grandparents giving you a Casio as a kid, however, they have since stepped up their game since your pubescence years.  To our delightful surprise, they released quite a few watches targeting the outdoor and adventure market.

Would we said it is the best Casio watch ever made? I’m not too sure we would go that far, however, this smartwatch will not only make your pre-teen self-jealous, its very durable, relatable, and more importantly serve you on your next hunting trip.

Perhaps most importantly (actually not really, but its cool), lots of Amazon reviewers agree the pictures don’t do it justice, it’s a beautiful watch and a workhorse.

Some sweet specs:

Okay thats great, why should you buy this watch?

It comes with a flurry of features, timers, digital compass, all the normal stuff you can expect from a high-quality watch. Unlike many other products on the market, this bad boy comes with an altimeter, barometer and even a thermometer. All great features to keep modern and advanced (and soon to be advanced) hunters safe.

Bonus points, its water resistant and is solar powered.  The battery life is rated to last up to 6 months without exposure to light.


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Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch Review

What We Liked:

Who is it for:

Remember when you were a kid, watching your favorite futurist action movie. Well, that character you fantasied as a youngling, probably wore a watch like this.

For the true gearheads, this is the watch you’ll want if you are planning to start the hunt with analytics. Often this watch is used for fitness, but this bad boy can certainly hang with you on your next hunt.

Some more Sweet specs:

If you are not too familiar with the brand Garmin, they are pretty well known for producing the latest and the greatest.  To put it mildly, they put a lot of engineering. effort into giving us the best possible analytics (and much more) to reach your sports goals.  A very impressive piece of gear.

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Casio G Shock Review

What We Liked:

Who is it for?

Alrighty, this watch is certainly great for its price tag and is perfectly fine if you want a solid piece of gear without too many features. However, compared to the other pieces of gear on this list, you certainly get what you pay for.

Some more sweet features:

No compass or any other features that will get you out of a hairy situation. Get it because its a reliable watch, not much else.

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Luminox 3051 Navy Seal Review

What We Liked:

Who is it for?

Have a family member (or yourself) who is a bit obsessed with both hunting and the military? Well, this watch would make a great gif and would light up (no really, its super bright in the dark) their day.

Some Sweat Features:

Just keep in mind, unlike many of the other watches we listed, it doesn’t have as many features. Rather it is made perform under stress and still look amazing.

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Lad Weather Sports Watch Review

Great work watch that comes with a lot of basic features. Features that will normally run you an arm and a lot, will get done with this bad boy, despite its even-tempered price tag.

What We Liked:

Who is it for?

This ABC watch is not that complex, it has a single button that helps you run through most of the features. Allowing you to flip through the Thermometer, compass, the time, alarm, and whatever else your heart desires.

Some cool features:

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Casio WSD-F20 Review

Okay, we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to add another Casio to the list. This one just looks freaking sweet and we had to check it out. Looking at it made us feel like we were about to embark on an epic adventure.  Can you blame us?

What We liked:

Who is it for:

Okay, first things first:

What is Android Wear?

Not gonna lie, we felt silly and had to look this one up.

Basically, it a series of watches that are compatible with the Android framework. Meaning, its watches powered by Google computer stuffy.

Allowing you to do some cool things like:

To be frank, we got the feeling it is similar to when you put a tablet into a baby’s hands. For some reason, they are just able to figure it out, expect a similar feeling when you play around with this bad boy.

Some sweet specs:

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Apple Watch for Hunting

Okay, we kept getting emails about this one, so we thought we’d tack in a bonus review to this article.

At least at the time, we wrote this article, there are currently no Apple watches that are made specifically for hunting.  Rather, their watches allow you to download a bunch of different apps to improve your outdoor abilities.

Meaning, if you are missing a GPS, you can download, if you need a map, download, need something else? the download button is right around the corner (or we suppose if you swipe left.)

What we liked:

Who is it for:

Some apps ya might wanna download to your watch:


Hunt Predictor

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Final Thoughts

Okay, that wraps up our review. Here are a few quick tips you should take into account before you buy a hunting watch:

Hope you found this article helpful, as always, feel free to email us any questions.