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What are the Best Backpacks for Women?

Ladies today are as active as men are when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities, so gears designed for women come as no surprise. Among these is a backpack that meets their needs. Let this handy guide help you find the for best backpack for women. A good pack is one that can provide comfort and organization options for numerous outdoor trips. These bags are designed with the female form in mind.

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

Bago Lightweight Backpack – for the Bargain Hunter

The right backpack for those with limited budget, for it costs less than 20 bucks. Despite the price, you’ll benefit from its features for it is waterproof, lightweight, convertible and durable.

An all-around backpack for women on the go, this product is well rated by actual customers for it possesses the qualities they would want to have in their travel bag. It is made with waterproof fabric that protects your belongings. It has multiple pockets for more storage and organization option. Fold it and it turns into a handy pouch that saves you from paying excess baggage fees. It is very light, so it won’t strain your back and it is made with breathable mesh material for your comfort.

Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack Rucksack – Best Value

The only canvas bag on the list, this is the perfect choice for women travelers who want to get a good value for their money. This vintage looking bag offers a stylish pack for modern women. It is highly durable, spacious and well designed.

This backpack can be worn on a day-to-day basis or for occasional travels. It can safely hold a 17-inch notebook computer, with several other pockets to carry smaller gadgets or accessories. The main compartment is closed by a button while a zippered internal pocket can keep your valuable items in place. The metal fastenings offer a vintage look while securely holds your items. It comes in two sizes, large and small.

Sunhiker Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack – Awesome for the Price

Active women who love to explore the outdoors will love this moderately priced backpack. At an affordable price, you will have a bag that you can use for hiking, cycling and other extreme activities. It has a reflective stripe for safety and is built for comfort and performance, making it one of the best womens hiking backpacks.

This stylish backpack comes in eight attractive colors and features water and tear resistant nylon material that ensure durability. It is designed for comfort since it has adjustable, breathable mesh shoulder straps that prevent strain. It boasts volume control system that keeps the load easy to carry. You can keep water bottles in place on both sides while there is enough room for other items.

The North Face Women’s Borealis – Best Bang for your Buck

The North Face seems to be consistent with all its product line, that’s why it never fails to offer the best value for your money. It might not be the cheapest backpack you can find, but for good reason. Aside from being stylish, it has a new women-specific suspension system that ensures all-day comfort.

The Borealis is constructed for women. It holds 25-liter volume, with a padded main compartment that features laptop sleeve to hold a 15-inch computer. The front pocket can securely carry a tablet because like the main pocket, it is lined with fleece. You can lash additional gear as it comes with an external cord.

The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack – Best in Class

This backpack from The North Face is for those willing to spend a bit more for a travel backpack, as it is the most expensive product on the list. However, it will certainly not disappoint. It boasts women-specific construction and multiple compartments that allow you to carry even a soccer ball or helmet.

The 31-liter backpack features a main compartment with laptop sleeve that is lined with fleece, protecting the gadget from bumps and falls. It is constructed with a woman’s body frame in mind, making sure it is comfortable enough to carry all travel essentials. It has reflective bike loop, bottle tabs and shoulder straps. A padded haul handle allows you to carry it on top.

Final Thoughts

Searching for the best womens backpack need not be difficult. Truth is, the best one is the one that matches your needs. To pick the right backpack, consider size, comfort and durability aside from the price. Decide based on where or how you want to use it.

Have you figured out your needs and preference?

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