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The Lightest Ultra Light Backpacks for Men

For outdoor adventures, light is right. The lighter your pack, the more you enjoy walking or hiking. The outdoor industry is going light simply because it is more comfortable. After researching different light packs, we’ve narrowed down the list to help you choose the lightest ultra light backpacks for men. This should help you have […]

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Our Favorite Backpack for Survival – Guide For Prepping And Outdoors

A hike in the wilderness cannot match any other experience. It tests your limits, sharpens your senses, and gives you a new perspective on human relationships. My out-of-the-city escapes wouldn’t have been so memorable if I hadn’t had proper survival backpacks. All experienced mountaineers agree it is a demanding task to find the ideal equipment. […]

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7 Best Backpack Rain Covers Reviews

The backpack has become an extension of our shoulders. It is perplexing, then, protecting the gear it holds usually comes in hindsight. One too many hikers have lamented their cameras in hopeful denial being soaked didn’t do them any damage. What makes it even more curious, is that the solution has been there the whole […]

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Frost River vs Duluth Pack (Which is Better!?!)

Did you know that both of these companies were founded in the same town of Duluth, Minnesota? This is because many of the employees that were fired from Duluth decided to make their own company, and that is how Frost River was founded. When it comes to hiking, camping, or any long-term outdoor activity, packs […]

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Kelty Redwing 44 Vs. 50: Which Is Better?

One of the essential must-have gear for outdoor adventures is the right backpack. The Kelty Redwing collection produces some of the best quality and durable, rugged bags. The Kelty Redwing 44 and 50 are some of the brand’s most popular backpacks. However, all the Kelty bags come packed with the necessary functions and features you want out of an […]

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