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Insulated, Stainless steel, Is the S’well Water Bottle Worth it?

If you’re looking for a bottle that’s virtually indestructible, and want the best insulation modern technology will allow, then you need to check out some of these S’well bottles.

Built with aircraft grade steel they’ll keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12.

This is crazy.

It pretty much covers the entire day, so it doesn’t matter when you want your drink, it’ll be piping hot and ready.

Another great thing about S’well is just how much they care, about their products, their customers and their impact on the environment.

All their bottles are backed by a one-year Satisfaction Guarantee and they also support UNICEF and have helped in the planting of more than half a million trees.

I’ve compared S’wells 7 most popular flasks to see how they differ and which one is the best.

If you want a highly effective thermos flask that’s safe and has a positive effect on the environment then check these guys out…

Best S’well water bottle Comparison

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Hydro Flask vs Kleen Kanteen: Which Is Better?

You can’t talk about stainless steel water bottles without mentioning Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask. The two brands offer quality insulated stainless steel bottles cementing their spots at the very top of the market. Anyone who has owned either of these bottles can agree that they offer convenience and an effective way of storing iced water, a hot beverage, or even a frothy smoothie to take with you on the go.

The fact that the two brands offer essentially similar products with practically the same level of quality construction makes it difficult to choose one over the other. We went ahead and pitted them against each other to help you figure out whether your next water bottle should be a Klean Kanteen or Hydro Flask.

Klean Kanteen vs Hydro Flask Comparison

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Stainless Steel vs Plastic Water Bottles: Which Is Better?

We only have one planet to live on, and nowhere else to go when this one is overly polluted. One of the ways in which we can help the environment is by switching out our plastic use for alternatives that are far better for the environment. Stainless steel bottles are awesome, highly reusable, recyclable, durable, and better in almost every way from their plastic counterparts.

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle Comparison

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Best Multi-Room Tent Reviews: Camping Large With Friends & Family

When you want a big enough outdoor shelter for your family or just a spacious one that provides some camping luxury then a multi-room tent is what you need. Going for one of these might sound like giving up on the outdoor spirit of adventure, but it does mean gaining some extra privacy.

Regardless, you cannot go wrong investing in a spacious tent for your future group camping trips. They can fall on the heavier side and tend to be somewhat pricey, but with this guide we have you set up to find nothing short of the best.

Tents With Rooms Comparison

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Top Coffee Tumbler To Keep Your Caffeine Hot! Full 2019 Guide]

To many of us coffee lovers, coffee is the elixir of life itself. Concentrated energy in its purest form. In fact, to most people, even the smell of coffee is enough to wake them up in the morning. So, as a result, you should have a great cup to hold this very important liquid. But, which one should you choose?

Best Coffee Cups Comparison

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Top Rated Insulated Tumblers and Travel Cups: Who Makes The Best One?

Tumblers can vary a lot, and while some are incredible, others break super easily or just simply don’t work.

If they’re high-quality, some can maintain the temperature of a drink for up to 24 hours, but as you can imagine, a lot don’t work nearly as well.

There’s a whole load of options to choose from with different designs, prices and extra features and capabilities, so how to choose the best tumbler?

I’ve spent the last few days in search of the best one out there by comparing the price, durability, insulating properties and style of all the tumblers currently available on the market.

After trawling through literally hundreds, I chose what I thought are the overall best 5 to share with you, so you can check them out.

No matter what you’re looking for, one of these guys will fit the bill.

Best Tumbler Cups Comparison

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Klean Kanteen Tumblers and Travel Mugs, Is it Worth it? Read Our Review

Anyone with an outdoor spirit, or busy work day,  knows that we all need one thing: hydration.  I actually take a bottle of water everywhere I go, water is a “must” in any circumstances.

Nowadays it is not cool to go around with a random plastic bottle, lots of them at some point gunk up the ocean and are just a waste. Plus, many of us want style and functionality (as well as save mother earth!.)  And that’s where our Klean Kanteen review comes to the rescue.

They have designed one of the best-known types of Insulated Tumblers (stainless steel water bottles), which keep your beverage at the right temperature. This line of jags is fabricated with eco-friendly methods and strict user safety standards. Long story short: they are awesome.

On top of this they have a wide variety of styles and models; any shape, size, color… And this actually makes harder to choose the right one. But don’t panic, that’s why we are here for!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Comparison

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Cheaper Alternatives for the Yeti Tumbler -Find The Best Brands

So what exactly is a YETI Tumbler? Well, first of all, this is a brand that is well known for making coolers. However, that is not the only thing that they are known to make. They also make other products, such as bags, and even Tumblers. These are what we are going to be talking about today.

There are plenty of other cups and bottles out there are of high quality and work for just about any occasion. However, not all of them are cups. Some look more like water bottles, but can all be used for the same purpose.

YETI Tumbler Alternative Comparison

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Who Makes The Top Insulated Tumblers? Get The Best For Your Money

A sip of hot chocolate on a frozen lake. A cold refreshing beer sat by a sunny lake.

No matter the season or the temperature it’s damn handy to be able to maintain the temperature of whatever you’re drinking.

With insulating flasksnow becoming super affordable and loads of different types coming out often people get confused about how to choose the best insulated tumbler cup?

First of, don’t get a crappy knock off version from some unknown brand. It won’t work well and it’ll break super quickly.

I’ve literally spent the last week dedicating my life to finding out which are the best ones out there and this is what I’ve found…

Taking into account how well it insulates your drink, its cost and how durable it is I’ve compiled a list of the best 7 insulated flasks that are out there.

How to choose the best insulated tumbler cup?

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Best RV Toilet Reviews (Flush with Ease in 2018!)

Thinking back to the last car trip I took with my family; we were running late to get to a KOA before nightfall. With a three-year-old and five-year-old in tow, we had to make numerous stops along the way every time the kids had to go. All the beverages we were downing were not helping the situation because the kids had to go and when they had to go we had to stop. At that point, I remember thinking that if we had a portable toilet at hand it would have shortened the pitstops we took and we would not have been so late.

That was years ago, and we finally got around to buying a recreational vehicle for your our annual family road trips. Top of the list was making sure that the RV was comfortable enough to see us through those road journeys. I thought back to our past car trips, and I knew that I had to get the best RV toilet aboard. We love to travel, but we also love our privacy… Hence us making an article about this product to help you along your search and make the rigth choice.

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Research enlightened me about the various options available, and I believe it could be helpful for someone in the same position looking for an RV toilet.

Best Toilets For RV Comparison

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