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Nano Puff Vs Thermoball: Which Won The Battle?

Two of the leading outdoor apparel brands The North Face (TNF) and Patagonia offer selections of quality and reliable down jackets. Naturally, each brand has a loyal fanbase, but we decided to put their most popular jackets against the other.

We put TNF’s Thermoball and Patagonia’s Nano Puff on the spotlight to figure out which one is worth your money. Both stand out as excellent jackets in their merit, being well-made, providing a diverse selection of options and offered at reasonable prices. They also both have hundreds of positive consumer reviews, which does not make it any easier to choose one over the other.

With a bulk of the groundwork done, this review should give you more insight on how the Thermoball and Nano Puff jackets hold up against each other.

North Face Thermoball Vs Patagonia Nano Puff Comparison

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