What Are The Best Tent Brands in 2018?

It was supposed to be a memorable, fall camping trip with the family.

And it was. Until the blizzard came, that is. My family and I had been taking yearly, summer camping trips since the time are youngest child was three years old. Between baseball games, dance recitals, and everything in between, however, we didn't have time for the annual escape to the Great Outdoors until mid-October rolled around.

While I thought it would be a great opportunity to enjoy the cooler weather and the brilliant color of the leaves, when the temperatures dropped into the high 20´s and snow began to fall on our first night in the wild, I quickly realized that we were in for a long night.

The Poor Old Tent

The trusty family tent which had been with us for almost a decade held its own during those summer camping trips to the local state park, but as the snow began to pile up on top of the tent and the wind picked up, it wasn´t long before the tent essentially gave out and sent us running to the car where we cranked up the heat and spent the night “camping” in the seats of the Ford Focus.

After that fairly memorable trip, my family promised they would only consent to another camping excursion if I promised to do my research on the best tent brands in 2017. The old family tent was retired to annals of history and the garage closet and I spent hours on the internet searching for a tent that would keep my family prepared for the next unexpected blizzard, deluge, hurricane, or anything else that Mother Nature wanted to throw at us. The results certainly inspire more confidence than a researching on how you make a tent waterproof.

My Search for a New Tent

What follows is a list of the absolutely best tent brands currently on the market as researched by a guy who personally knows the angst of putting his family through a night of relative misery due to a failing tent. While the best tent for you will depend on whether you´re planning to summit Everest or simply heading to the nearest KOA campground, I've got the lowdown on the tent brands that are best for every type of camper and for every budget.

My Top Picks At A Glance:

What is the best camping tent to buy? Here are my top choices:

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Kelty: An Affordable Yet Durable Option

If you are looking for a wide variety of different tents and camping shelter options, Kelty is definitely a great choice. This Boulder, Colorado based company has been manufacturing tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and a host of other outdoor equipment for several decades now. One of the best aspects of Kelty tents is that they offer everything from a basic two-person camping tent for under $50 to high end and high performance tents, which will run you several hundred dollars.

All of their tents, however, are made with durable, waterproof materials and are top quality. For the true minimalist backpacker, Kelty offers high quality tarps that will only add a few ounces to your backpack while keeping you dry even on the wettest summer night on the Appalachian Trail.

Featured Product: Kelty Trail Ridge 6 

For families or larger groups, the Kelty Trail Ridge 6 has an extra roomy interior and steep walls too offer added headroom. This six-person tent is one of the few larger tents that can be packed down into a tent cube that is both lightweight and compact enough that you can take it with you on backpacking excursions with large groups. Furthermore, this tent has a stargazing fly roll, which allows you to quickly and efficiently open and close the rain fly of the tent. There is nothing worse than going to sleep with your tent open on a starry night only to have to wake up at 2 AM and get soaking wet as you struggle to put up the rain flap during an unexpected rainstorm. With this tent you´ll be able to avoid the midnight bath by simply clipping the rain flap in place from inside the tent itself.

Kelty tents truly do offer something for everyone and are one of the few brands that offer tent options for all sorts of adventures, whether it's tents for weekend family camping trips or hardcore hiking tents for those taking on the Continental Divide Trail.  

MSR Tents: Designed by Experts

Even if you only head out camping a couple days out of the year, there is solace and comfort in knowing that the shelter over your head was designed and manufactured by a company whose founder has been dedicated to improving the safety and functionality of equipment for the world´s most extreme mountain climbers. MSR stands for Mountain Safety Research, and since 1969, this Seattle-based company has been bringing industry-changing innovation to the outdoor gear world and is now considered one of the best backpacking tent brands.

By incorporating a team of engineers and scientists (yes, even scientists), this company combines theoretical knowledge on how a tent should work in the wild with the real-life experiences of outdoor enthusiasts who test and try out every product that eventually makes it to market. The MSR brand of tents is a little bit more expensive than some of their competitors, but, as the saying goes, you definitely get what you pay for.

Featured Product: MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 Lightweight Backpacking Tent

One of the top tents offered by MSR is the Hubba Hubba NX2 Lightweight Backpacking Tent. This ain't your granddaddy's canvas tent. Weighing in at around three and a half pounds (with even more lightweight options available), the Hubba Hubba is a backpacker´s dream. There is something strangely comforting knowing that only three pounds of extra weight in your backpack will promise you protection from virtually anything that Mother Nature can throw at you. This tent also comes with two large doors that, get this, even have an adaptable rain gutter to make sure you don´t get wet when opening your tent door after a long night of rain. The cross-ventilating rain fly will allow you to stay fresh and cool even on the muggiest nights.

Coleman Tents: A Trusted, Historic Name in Camping and Outdoor Supplies

Chances are that buried somewhere in your grandparent´s attic or garage, you can find a whole variety of Coleman outdoor products that have been used by the family for generations — it is one of the best tent manufacturers in the world after all.

Where are Coleman products made? Where do they come from? The company has its headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. The Coleman Company was founded way back in 1900 when William Coffin Coleman began selling gasoline pressure lamps. Since that time, it has gradually grown into one of the largest and most well-known and respected outdoor companies on the market. Coleman offers a wide variety of tenting options and is generally considered to be one of the most affordable tent options out there.

Featured Product: ​Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

There's a Coleman instant tent that could fit in 8 people, but the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is the true standard-bearer when it comes to mega-size family camping tents. If you´re like me, a family camping trip is all about spending time together bonding as a family. If every member of the family has his or her own personal pup tent, as soon as the sun goes down everybody retreats into his or her own tent and family time comes to an end. With the Coleman Montana, however, the spaciousness of this monster camping dwelling (it´s more than a tent, really) allows for large families to comfortably spend long nights playing games, telling jokes, and enjoying time together without the infinite interruptions that define our screen-addicted civilization.

This tent has a cabin style design with almost vertical walls, which the typical pop up tent can't give you. And it has not just vents, but windows — angled ones that allow you to keep the windows down for fresh air even when it's raining. This can also come in handy when the smell of wet socks warrants the extra breeze. The large door is hinged (another cabin-like feature) and even has a porch-like awning that acts as a make shift vestibule where you can take your shoes on and off before entering the shared living space. And it bears foul weather pretty well, albeit not as well as the Coleman WeatherMaster series.

Big Agnes: Weather-Proof Camping No Matter Where You Go

A newer company on the market, Big Agnes has quickly made a name for themselves due to the versatility and the variety of the tents that they offer. From car-based campers who bring a trunk full of camping gear to the hardcore, minimalist backpackers who don´t want any “stuff” to get between them and the natural world they explore, Big Agnes offers tenting options for almost everyone.

Their extreme lightweight backpacking tents are unique in that their interior space to weight ratio is easily one of the best you´ll find. The fabrics used for their backpacking tents are both lightweight yet offer extreme protection from the elements. When it comes to car-based camping, Big Agnes tents add on the extra weight to give you the extra comfort and commodities you need. Large vestibules and a slurry of mesh pockets allow for maximum storage and “order” when sharing a living space with the whole family. Additionally, these large tents are oddly easy to set up meaning that you can have all the extra space you need without spending hours bumbling around with tent poles that don´t seem to fit anywhere.

​Featured Product: Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent

The Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent is a cut above the usual dome tents. It looks like something you´d find at the base camp of Mount Everest. There are ten interior mesh pockets designed into this tent meaning that every member of the family can have his or her own “dresser” or personal organizer. Furthermore, this tent also comes with between 68 and 78 inches of headroom (depending on the model you choose). Unless you´re an NBA center, you should be able to comfortably stand up in these tents. The steep wall, house-like design is another addition to the roomy feel of this tent. Lastly, the Big House Deluxe also waterproof as all the seams are taped and the 1500 mm waterproof polyurethane coating is a resistant enough to keep you and yours dry and comfy in your inflatable air beds during the rainiest night.

Eureka! A Solid Reputation for Good Reason

Founded in 1895 and headquartered in Binghamton, New York, Eureka! Tents and outdoor supplies have been a staple of outdoor enthusiasts for well over 100 years. To get an idea of how strong and durable Eureka tents really are, back in the 1960´s, Sir Edmund Hillary and an expedition spent six months living in the Himalayan Mountains. Their lodging option? Nothing more than Eureka Draw-Tite tents that had been proven by the U.S. Navy to withstand temperatures upwards of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you´re not planning on taking up long-term residence in the high Himalayas or Antarctica, Eureka tents are still a great option for all different types of camping options. Their tents are renowned for fast and easy set up no matter in what context you find yourself. Additionally, these tents are designed for all different types and sizes of expeditions.

Featured Product: Eureka Solitaire Tent

If I were going solo, the Eureka! Solitaire Tent would be the perfect option for an individual in need of some needed solitude and alone time in Nature. This hoop and bevy-style tent weighs under three pounds meaning that you can take it virtually anywhere. The hoop style allows it to withstand some serious winds making it a great option for spending the night on top of some mountain summit. The unique flashlight loop on the top of the hoop makes it easy and comfortable to stay up at night reading a book while listening to the sounds of Nature around you.

The Best Tent Brand for Every Type of Nature Outing

At the end of it all, what's best for you will largely depend on what type of camping you're planning on doing. What experts and campers consider the best tents might not be so for you. Attempting to summit Mount Rainier in Washington is a lot different from driving into a campsite with electrical hookups, flush toilets, and hot-water showers a few feet away. Nonetheless, for whatever type of camping you´re planning on doing, knowing the best tent brand names available to you is essential if you want to stay protected and comfortable while enjoying the best that Nature has to offer.

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