What Are The Best Tent Brands in 2017?

Summer is almost here and one of the best activities to do during this time is an adventurous camping in the wild. When you go camping, one of the integral gear to have is the best, reliable, and appropriate camping tent that will serve as your “home” away from home. However, there are so many camping tent brands available in the market that it is often difficult to gauge which are the best camping tent brands of today?

Our Top Picks At A Glance:

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Kelty – an affordable yet durable option

For campers preferring an inexpensive camping experience and don’t mind compromising some comfort of what high-end tents offer, this brand is the go to guy. One of their popular products is the Kelty Grand Mesa 2 that is good for two persons and weighs around four pounds, making it a lightweight tent that you can carry around as you do hiking. For those looking for bigger floor space, this brand has tent for four person capacity.

This tent can be setup within few minutes, even a rooking camper can do the setup by simply following the instruction given. In addition, this tent can also be used during other seasons - except winter.

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MSR Hubba – lightweight but robust

For campers who always bring lightweight camping gear (which is a must if there is some hiking involve), the MSR Hubba is one of the best tent brands. This brand is known to be lightweight and it gives the users the "whole package of weight, liveability, and toughness" according to Switchback Travel. This tent is designed to have a one of a kind pole configuration so that every campers can set it up with ease and it comes with large vestibules and their trademark StayDry technology that keeps the campers dry during the rainy days even if the tent door is open but all of these features comes with a price.

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Coleman Sundome – a brand you can trusted for outdoor activities

Coleman is a known brand producing outdoor camping gears and these items are known to be reliable, durable and suitable for various camping needs. The Sundome line of camping tents can accommodate 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons so you can choose the best variant depending on the occasion. This brand provides you with the necessary things you need in a camping tent without having to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

The design of this camping tent features a dome shape and this makes for a relatively easy setup. In addition, this design gives campers plenty of ventilation from the tent's mesh vents and large rear window.

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Big Agnes – weather proof option

One of the favorite brands of adventurers and survivalists is the Big Agnes because it provides them the materials that are high-end and top quality. Also, this tent is lightweight with carefully thought-out storage consideration that includes the internal mesh pockets that allow the users to put their headphones to their gadgets like smartphone or tablet. This tent is also the better option for those looking for something to bridge the gap between car camping tents and backpacking tents.

There are many variants of Big Agnes that many adventurists and survivalists like and these tents do come cheap. This tent can be used for three seasons except the winter. Its weather proofing capability is what most campers, backpackers and adventurist like the most.

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REI – solid with their reputation

REI – solid with their reputation

If reputation will be the basis for purchasing the top tent brands today, REI will definitely be in the discussion about that. The outdoor gear of this brands has, in general, a pretty solid reputation including the tents. Most of the tents from REI comes with great height superb floor space with storage option and some comes with dividers creating private rooms. Some of the tents comes with customizable rainfly, which can be rolled up on the side for more ventilation during the warmer conditions.

REI tents can accommodate two or more persons comfortably while still being able to give ample space for the camping gears. REI tents comes with a price, but you are ensured to have the highest quality of material in every tent.

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It is hard to determine the best camping tent brand of this year due to various reason, but it is possible to list down some of the well-liked and loved brands based on the volume of sales, market reviews and feedback and the features included in every tent. Also, it is important to align the things you need with a tent in order to have the best value for it.

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