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Best Sling Bags for Travel For Men (2018 Update!)

It can happen to even the most seasoned traveler. You arrive at your gate, scan your passport, and the TSA agent asks you to measure what you thought was a small personal bag.

You now have to pack it away in your carry-on. Suddenly, you become that person on a plane rummaging through their bag in the overhead compartment to find their things.

Small sling bags allow you to keep all your smaller items close at hand in busy airports or train stations. The new breed of sling bag combines minimalism with function, looking stylish for town or the office but durable enough for daylong use on the trail and light enough for travel. The on the go person needs no fuss gear that pulls overtime during work and play.

And with anti-theft technology always improving, today’s sling bag should be ready to protect your cards, passport, and gear whether you’re simply commuting to work or exploring a foreign city.

Highest-Rated Sling Bags For Travel Comparison / Review

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